Telephoto Lens Compression Photography Technique

Telephoto Lens Phenomenon of Compressing Perspective.For more tutorials visit ;

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Author Daniel Rosa (16 hours)
Thank you. Simple and clear enough!

Author Cas Perry (2 years)
Maybe the barn desperately wants those cookies and moves closer. Beware!

Author Youtube TV (2 years)
Thanks for the great visuals and explanation on Telephoto lens. I have one
question..Can these Telephoto lens be use in video camera for movie making?

Author MrUmar786 (4 years)
good tutorial

Author kristonren (2 years)
'Telephoto Lens Compression Photography Technique ' technique, not the
science... Good for noobs like me, to begin with.

Author Seabass8888 (4 years)
Nice, you just gave me inspiration to go out and shoot some with my 250mm!

Author edl003 (3 years)
i really love your videos a lot!!!!

Author whanauli (2 years)
Great tutorial, Can you please tell me what sort the distance you have to
back away the camera on each shot? Thanks again.

Author interstella64 (3 years)
wow, i never new you could do that with a telephoto lens. thanks!

Author hudson marsh (1 year)
Milk and cook

Author LearnMyShot (2 years)
we did explain it in the article that was posted along the video on our
blog. look it up via "browse lessons"

Author britneythao (3 years)
WOWOOWWW...What a good technique. I never knew this before. Maintain the
foreground subject size while changing the background subject's.
NICEEEE.....Thanks a lotttttt.............

Author THE G. (1 year)
Wow. pointless video :)

Author Leona H (4 years)
When you are talking about backing the camera up do you mean move it back?

Author LearnMyShot (4 years)
@factory89 yes actually moving the camera back away from the subject and
increasing focal length on the lens....

Author Bhodisatvas (3 years)

Author BATISTAthebeast (2 years)
That's IT??!! I thought you'd explain the reasons for the compression. :-\

Author Marek M (1 year)
Hello, do you know "photo SFX art" (just do a Google search for it...)?
There you will find a smart free video explaining how to create awesome
photographs. This helped Daniel to make photographs that have a wow-effect
whenever you take a look at them. I hope it will work for you too...

Author Jesse Best (1 year)
this guy would make a great news anchor... lol

Author LearnMyShot (2 years)
@ujayet yes, dslr video and still have the same approach to focal lenght

Author mindbodyexpert (2 years)
That's technically do wrong. It's not any technique as told. People who
know about bokehs and D.o.F already know about it. It's rather optical
limitation of different lenses.

Author Zachary Welington (1 year)
To everyone saying this video was "pointless" is dumb. It was very
informative. I never understood what compression truly was until this
demonstrated it. Thank you!

Author aadiflesher (4 years)
Nice :)

Author Gajendra Ambi (1 year)
learnmyshaaaaaaaawt . com..... :D

Author NebulaChavez (1 year)

Author arun kumar (1 year)
Simple things for beginners.....

Author ONLY1QIAN (2 years)
very cool man ! could i ask you in this video which 70-200 lens have you

Author Sander Johansen (2 years)
Fucking manga rock music.. -.-

Author Diego Lucena (1 year)
When backing the camera, I notice that background "gets" more blurred. If
you would have decrease aperture size, would you have gotten a less blurred
background with the longest focal length and still maintain the

Author chaheti porwal (1 year)
Hi, have you tried "Photo SFXart Tricks" (just google it)? There you can
watch a useful free video explaining the way to shoot fantastic photos. It
made it easier for Daniel to create photos that leave you with a wow-effect
when you look at them. Perhaps it will work for you also.

Author shnsrwr (2 years)
Hey, do you know "PhotoSFXart" (do a Google search for it)? There you can
watch a great free video showing the right way to take brilliant photos.
This made it possible for Daniel to make photographs that have a wow-effect
after you take a look at them. I hope it will work for you also...

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