Peter Green Feeling Good

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Author Farida L (3 months)

Author R Aggie (3 months)
Even though Peter's voice here is not as a young Lad... yet so emotional
... just like the liquid spirit ... chills me from head over heals ..5
stars for the superb sound here... what a guitar man!!!!!

Author Anner Griem (1 day)

Author Elif kazankıran (20 days)

Author Anja Jaworowski (3 months)

Author Nuria Batalla (26 days)

Author myearsloveit (1 month)

Author Maria Parisi (2 months)
heel mooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Author ferdinando pieroni (2 months)

Author Branko Rančić (3 months)

Author Ace Valentine (3 months)

Author Christel Schmidt (2 months)

Author Lasha Khutsishvili (3 months)

Author Daniel Gutierrez (3 months)
Yeah !

Author ❀Lilly❀ (5 months)
:) :) :) :)

Author Kela Se (4 months)

Author GAB GAB (2 years)
They electro shock'd his suicide tendency away though,thats what they did
in 70's with "stars" that got carried away.

Author anonymousrandomtroll (2 years)
Oh I'm soooo glad that there aren't any dislikes for this video.

Author Michael Hamilton Berry (1 year)
who p[played it ?

Author moses wapshot (2 years)
Well I'd like to think they could have made it. But it would have been
dicey if they'd stuck to blues. John Mayall never made it big despite
having had fabulous musicians. Admittedly, they all left as soon as they
established themselves. Poor John!

Author sheila stevens (1 year)
love love peter didn't know until a few yrs back about history....sometimes
history pays off

Author Danny Mack (2 years)
thats hard to say considering they were just getting to their most famous
point when PG quit the band. He was an incredible musician and could have
become so much. People that talented find ways to sell records, especially
when a lot of the people out there are digging blues thanks to the stones
and cream and Hendrix.

Author hotlegs57 (2 years)
Just fab, ty for posting this:)

Author jmj5150 (2 years)
the melody has a karaoke vibe.... but Peter Green is a genius

Author guderian007 (1 year)
woooow what a rememba ;D only say wow !

Author soultrader7380 (2 years)
Yes, despite Rumours selling more, the older Mac is king with no doubt.

Author AbbyNormal777 (2 years)
So beautiful he went insane..

Author Elisa Dalenogare (2 years)
Que música... meu Deus!

Author osakablade1958 (1 year)
Hay Nigel. Thanks for bringing the Green God Back. But you and the splinter
group should step aside for Mr M Fleetwood, Mr J McVie, Mr J Spencer and
perhaps Mr D Kirwin. Its in him and its gotta come out.

Author moses wapshot (2 years)
The older Mac was great but they wouldn't have made it commercially. My
favorite track is Doctor Brown.

Author Tuan Muda (1 year)
* * * * *

Author jackharper1970 (11 months)
Better than ever.Welcom back Peter.

Author eikodai57 (2 years) it

Author Hane vanHane (2 years)
Me like ;)

Author Stuart Langford (2 years)
none of this band apart from peter green played with john mayall or
fleetwood mac.

Author soultrader7380 (2 years)
I really enjoy this music, the younger Peter Green had style, and the older
man has a new one, both are very pleasing to me.

Author vlad cocos (2 years)
Does this sound to you karaoke?

Author soop67 (11 months)
This must be where Eric Clapton got his vocal style???

Author popskix (2 years)
I have to tell you that the photo is an old one of Peter Green taken in
1969 or 1970. Also, the solo guitar on this track is not being played by

Author Mazen Chabib (11 months)
Peter green is the man of the world...

Author fieldfullofthistles (2 years)
Great singing - hes really into this. Good post thanks.

Author BrianBeuken (2 years)
nice to hear this, he's got soul in his voice still... Anyone know the
chords for this?

Author les attridge (1 year)
fantastic song got sub you and put a like great performance les

Author Tevhann Lee (2 years)
did this kinda music inspire Amy Winehouse????????

Author Nikhil Rohatgi (1 year)
beeeeeeyutiful !

Author The HeavyJets (1 year)

Author zippers2 (1 year)
must be....can tell it aint P

Author sigberg1 (1 year)
Peter's back again!

Author bigtone1348 (2 years)
It's so sad that Peter spent such a big part of his life not realising how
important he is in the world of blues music. This guy is the real deal!

Author ChavezRey (2 years)
I'm really impressed at his lyrics and his vocal phrasing, using his mature
voice in a different and very effective way. The guy has always been just
dripping with musicality and his vocals here have a sophistication that
shows it off nicely.

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