Minecraft: Super Mario Bros. w/ SkyDoesMinecraft & Deadlox - Part 1!

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Author Mechasolaris (7 days)
That Music! He gets to make his videos awesome because he can make his own

Author Blaze Hunter (22 days)
This has to be one of sky's best videos

Author TheRealRarity (3 months)
that jeffory in the bottem left corner in the end

Author A Wilson (3 months)

Author ☂Kιττy☂ (2 months)
wario also had a game called wario land they have many versions of it but i
liked the gamecube one the best. Waluigi has no games Just
like Daisy

Author MC Kim (3 months)
congrats dood for 2 million subs! You deserve it dood. and I'm 2 subs away
from getting 50 subs! yay LOLOLOL

Author Rylie Baughn (1 month)
SKY(ADAM) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Mud Kip1 (3 months)
This was back when they used to be funny and original. Now they just repeat
catchphrases and make us think they're cool by living in a big house.

Author Buffalo Man (2 months)
What texture pack are you using?

Author Becket Jones (2 months)

Author Elaine Hudd (2 days)
I fucking loved this vid i almost peed

Author The Random Girl (5 days)
So funny

Author Jogie Sastrillo (4 days)
Oh suk me always mario minecraft universe

Author RubyDoesLotsOfStuff (14 days)
2 DILLION bro! Grats!

Author Roshan Barat (2 months)
i was the 17001st to like lol

Author sheena Hernandez (17 days)
once again deadlox is usess

Author Julian andrade (2 months)
Lol dat pig at the end of the video

Author Captain Seer (3 months)
WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS???? Everyone knows Wario is fat, why isn't
SkythekidRS fat?

Author Evie Searle (2 months)
i liked for dillon

Author Tanner Seaman (16 days)
Does anyone know where to get the texture pack for this?

Author Snowy Tree (24 days)
Sky: oooh but i have to do it like PRINCEEEES!!!!

Author Adrian Gutierrez (1 month)
hey Dillon

Author William Mock (3 months)
This game would be awesome if the mods included the special skills to each
of the brothers, Luigi had a higher jump than Mario, Wario could turn into
anything he wanted I guess and was a serious power house, Mario

Author Samuel Nieves (2 months)
At the end it showed pubic servers and in behind mu was l for Leeeeeeee

Author chris reitz (2 months)
the name that shows next to this comment is my stage name my real name is

Author enriquee leban (1 month)
I like it

Author Alejandro Melara (2 months)
Waluigi ??

Author Ras Kaleb (2 months)
the way how sky says it the prinsess

Author MCAwesomeness (2 months)
i couldnt get the texture pack to work:(

Author Marco Medina (3 months)
Lee in the end the bear

Author Riley Sweeney (1 month)
I was the 30000095 subscriber thank you very much

Author Anna Chung (3 months)
truemu u look like Jc Caylen from 02l!

Author Vea Guevarra (1 month)
and by mario i meant for mario

Author Francesca Warren (3 months)
I loved the music, but most of all I loved Sky's Mario impressions! ...Even
though he was Wario!

Author mark gustafson (2 months)
u guys are great at parkour

Author William Sneyd (3 months)
love your skin guys 

Author penguin2shoez Gamplay (3 months)
my name is dylan so leave a like for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sofia Waleed (29 days)

Author deadly terror 606 (3 months)
Yo jason try the seed 3789452 triple mob spawner 

Author alex madrigal (1 month)
Mario you gay bastard

Author Jackson C. (2 months)
how do you play this and how do you get mario bros stuff

Author jesse lane (3 months)
Deadlox is so funny.

Author Jesus Hernandez (2 months)

Author Alfonso Capone (2 months)
Rascasse,La raja

Author bailey brennan (3 months)
LUIGI stuped

Author Nutty the crazy squirrel (1 month)
Lol sky THE PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE where are you toad?

Author Happy___-____-_______----__The--Red__Chanal (2 months)

Author K Wheeler (3 months)
Hi mu what go why said fuck that

Author Kenny Serow (1 month)
I like all of them

Author Kacee Cooke (24 days)

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