Hulk 3 - Official Trailer 2015 [HD]

Depicting the events after the Gamma Bomb. 'The Incredible Hulk' tells the story of Dr Bruce Banner, who seeks a cure to his unique condition, which causes him to turn into a giant green monster under emotional stress. Whilst on the run from military which seeks his capture, Banner comes close to a cure. But all is lost when a new creature emerges; The Abomination. Written by Graham Kroon

A cure is in reach for the world's most primal force of fury: THE INCREDIBLE HULK. We find scientist Bruce Banner, living in shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote. But the warmongers who dream of abusing his powers won't leave him alone, nor will his need to be with the only woman he has ever loved, Betty Ross. Upon returning to civilization, our brilliant doctor is ruthlessly pursued by The Abomination -- a nightmarish beast of pure adrenaline and aggression whose powers match The Hulk's own. A fight of comic-book proportions ensues as Banner must call upon the hero within to rescue New York City from total destruction. One scientist must make an agonizing final choice -- accept a peaceful life as Bruce Banner or the creature he could permanently become: THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

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Author Frank Morales Sr. (1 month)
Hulk 3 - Official Trailer 2015 [HD]:

Author Eric Cartman (3 days)
superman - DC
hulk- MARVEL
good job

Author Edvinas Sakavicius (1 month)
.... downloaded and uploadet 

Author Corvon Trawick (5 months)
well hulk can actually beat superman just because superman got more power
than him doesn't mean anything and hulk can actually breath under water and
just because he can fly doesn't mean anything thor can fly and hulk beat
thor before if he can beat a god he can beat superman and hulk got super
breath to he has thunder clap and hulk smash and hulk has many hidin powers
and hulk can fly and run fast just not as fast as super man and hulk can
stop his eye beams and you think hulk just going let him take the hulk to
space that's not going be easy.... and let the hulk get super man and use
his gamma power then its over for superman and the hulk will never get
tired but superman can and the hulk can keep fighting him until the sum
goes down and then superman is weak and hulk can kill him ..

Author SuperOmegalpha (9 months)
Just to clarify for some of you fanboy morons, this is not a preview of an
upcoming movie. This is a computer battle simulation mod. 

Author Corvon Trawick (5 months)
the reason hulk will win because hulk has more advantage in strength then
super man and for all you people saying superman can just take him out o
space that's not going be easy and hulk can actually fly and he can
run fast but not as fast as superman and he can blow superman off his feet
and if you think about hulk has unlimited strength superman doesn't and if
hulk gets super mad and use his gamma power then it would be over or
superman soopo.. that's the reason hulk would win

Author Johnny Larionov (8 months)
уже третьего дебила нашёл, который всех наебал!!!

Author ZBdude149 (10 months)
If Wolverine can stand up to the Hulk, is it necessary to question whether
the Man of Steel stands a chance? I didn't think so. Superman wins!

Author Ray Caburnay (11 months)
I don't give two shits about "Supes is better than Green Giant" or any of
that. It's fiction. The winner will be whoever the writer wants to win. All
I've got to say is that the work done on this video is superb!!

Author Lisa Potts (3 months)
this is actuly possible because super man is both marvel and dc

Author andres sanez (3 months)
the video does not end well

Author RizingZero (8 months)
Superman sucks

Author DARCKmoon8891 (4 months)
more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author HerpaDerpPicklez (11 months)
awesome video but unfortunately its fake

Author Jack Scott (9 months)
superman would win, man :)

Author Rozee Candido (1 month)

Author Daniel Pie (3 months)

Author mathew marcus (11 months)
the madder the hulk gets the stronger he gets. if superman is 10 times as
strong all hulk has to do is get 10 times as mad. (or 11 times as mad)

Author Valeriano Canda (10 months)
good movies

Author Королев Сергей (11 months)
Что за хуйня!!!!!!

Author Tora Kuma (8 months)
wtf is this shit!? this is not offical take this shit down or change the
title! it's misleading!

Author OlDirtyBond (11 months)
Hulk is human, Kal-el is not (Superman). Superman can survive in space,
Hulk can't. Superman can breath under water, Hulk can't. Hulk came to be as
a result of a failed experiment, superman was born super. Any thing and
everything hulk can do superman can do better. Hulks got only rage n
strength, superman's got strength, speed, eye-beams, super breath, x-ray
visions, super hearing, need i go on? and let's not forget his dame smarter
than any1 on earth cos his an alien. The dude fly's for God's sake!! I
love both Marvel and DC, but the sad truth is, Hulk's a joke around
superman, no matter how angry he gets.

Author RecordTrance (7 months)
False Advertising, False Information, Misleading and Deceiving ...
Marvel Comics should sue YOU, for claiming that this is their movie or
soon to be release film...

Author Jiimmys187 (9 months)

Author ULTRAC0y0te :0 (9 months)
super man lovers you know hulk can heal is 90 time his as strong and and
can jump high its a tie but if it was dark hulk or war hulk or red hulk wow
that would be a battlee

Author Ehsan Haque (6 months)
hulk is neva beaten

Author Leonid Chepkasov (8 months)
пацаны расходимся, нас ...

Author TheDunceboy (8 months)
Hulk can't breath in space. Simply fly him to the moon Superman. Then it's
game over.

Author Eugene Landa (9 months)
seems legit!!

Author Robert Foster (9 months)

Author B.J M.F (8 months)
yea hulk is super super strong and strong with self HEAL cuz super man has
weakness he doesnt

Author Jamei Spunky (8 months)
hulk have to get kryptonit hahhaaha

Author TonyLL523 (8 months)
Seems legit

Author max perkins (9 months)
first of all superman is DC and Hulk is Marvel and also hulk wouldnt win
dew to the mane fact that he is weak againts humans for other planets

Author jasper booysen (9 months)
LOL, this must be a joke. This is fucking horrible.

Author Dan Extrinsical (9 months)
tough one. but it should be superman who wins i suppose since he could just
send the hulk into outer space and let him float there until he dies or
floats forever...LOL. 

Author SlaidenMC (8 months)
What.....The.....Fudge Superman?

Author Remzi Kunduru (8 months)
woooow ugurcan thats sickkkk bro hecktick

Author Nishan Basnet (8 months)
come on man... make a bit good even if it is fake.... a true shit..

Author Aaron Neel (9 months)
Awesome Video!

Author stas shupik (9 months)
халк и супермен в одном фильме ? автор ты далбоёб !!!!

Author Joe Breeding (9 months)
Unless you have kryptonite, he will not die.. he would beat everybody

Author 6363Francky (10 months)
Official fuck you. 

Author Luis Lopez (10 months)
El mejor

Author Rudolf Kaper (9 months)
Why they dont.make spider man vs hulk

Author Winston Smith (10 months)

Author mohamed ahmed (6 months)

Author Destry z (9 months)
LOL! this is from Porno Movie.

Author Dario Velez (10 months)
Hulk wears kryptonite armor. Period.

Author MrLightSky1234 (10 months)
essaye de faire sa
avant de parlé boulet
UN j'aime 

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