LMAO! Funny Old MMA Fighters Photos

Rare pictures of your favorite fighters in their early years

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Author ninochoholic (4 years)
Overeem is so damn cute!

Author nabeelsteen (3 years)
pj penn looks exactly the same. fucking LOL at brock lesnar. forrest griven
looks old and weird machida wa kissable fucking lmao at brock again.

Author Meszczak1 (3 years)
MegaMass 2000

Author MrEddiepulgas (2 years)
@theedastard the first one looks like Vitor Belfort

Author sheemsheem (4 years)
LOL "overoid"

Author lukeoreilly666 (2 years)
0:52 Dan "Crackhead" Henderson

Author slikdiez1 (2 years)
lol silva!

Author leemeires (3 years)
@Raxilla belfort

Author mharanas (4 years)
Hendo looked pretty gay...Tito looked like an Native American...and Fedor
looked more ripped than he ever has

Author nhelms (3 years)
@RunicAxe In order.... Vitor, Bas, Chuck, CroCop x 2, Dana, BJ, Wandy x 2,
Urijah, Tito, Sylvia, Rampage, Nick Diaz, Nate Marquardt, Minowaman, Matt
Hughes, Brock, Mac Danzig, Lyoto, Bob Sapp???, Koscheck, Hong Man Choi,
Hendo x 2, GSP x 2, Emelianenko brothers x2, Fedor, Diaz brothers, Tank,
Brock, Randleman, Sakuraba, Overeem, Forrest, Nogueira brothers.

Author MMANARCHY (4 years)
minowa!!! awesome. nogs still have there baby faces lol.

Author VinVM (3 years)
so...brock never had a neck lol oh my god my friends were right....I do
look like nick diaz

Author Young Achilles (3 years)
Lol 29 seconds Tims got a little stub arm with the Thummbbbsss UuPpPP

Author psychick99 (2 years)
@MrEddiepulgas i thought the same thing too, is that really him???!!!

Author zane gonzalez (2 years)
Haha back when hendo had real front teeth

Author Roy Pones (2 years)
wtf why is all the text so freakin small

Author Big LOBOski (3 years)
@jackmehoff31 the forrest face! he grew up havin that expression on his
face lmao

Author mustafa bidani (4 years)
@lsoneblood1 yeah sow was 90% of the ufc fighters ...... they all did roids

Author lisenyoudontknowme (3 years)
@ninochoholic lmao fag hes ugly

Author johnnyh6946 (2 years)

Author theedastard (4 years)
who is the first one and the one at :23?

Author mustafa bidani (4 years)
@StackLoc5O5 diaz brothers

Author deathbatgirlxxx (2 years)
wow fedor and alex were really good-looking

Author deathbatgirlxxx (4 years)
@FIGHTFANNERD3 hey whats wrong with modeling?

Author sivko23 (3 years)
You coudl tell matt hughes gonna be a monster :)

Author Lou Regal (3 years)

Author sergio sobral (2 years)
0:19 muy parecido com marikon

Author Patrick Duarte (3 years)
1:20 Forrest Griffin

Author Oscar Padilla (3 years)
Who is that in the first picture. Didn't recognize him.

Author Jesus Fawgifs (2 years)
@Protectereli Thanks lol

Author domandcaro (3 years)
dana white is NOT a fighter

Author nhelms (3 years)
@theedastard the first one is Vitor.

Author deathbatgirlxxx (4 years)
fedor & alex were cute. they should've started modeling instead hahaha

Author Yiannis Kobatsiaris (4 years)
Some bleedin' names on the pictures would be nice...

Author Jesus Fawgifs (3 years)
We didn't see Wand and And Silva =(

Author zyad nouh (4 years)
dana is dana just cut his hair :D

Author bizzle187 (3 years)
lol diaz with a fist in the air. theres a pic of chuck doing this too. whys
dana white there?

Author ninochoholic (4 years)

Author usaftanapicka (3 years)
litlle tito ortiz looks like litlle clay guida

Author MLRUSHone (3 years)
@nhelms Not bab sapp, but kimbo slice lol

Author minime360 (3 years)
1:21 lol

Author Sebastien Boudreau (3 years)
@PotetoCheken wasnt he a huge baby !? wtf ... lol

Author Protectereli (2 years)
@MrDoable Thats wand at 0:19 =)

Author Izmisterr (3 years)
lol overoid

Author lsoneblood1 (4 years)
its funny overeem was so skinny look at him now

Author xenox941 (1 year)
ahahahahhahahaha overoid LLLLLOL

Author Lucas Chagas Gadelha (2 years)
wanderley silva!?!?!?!? WTF!!!!! look at 00:20!!

Author TheIrishRon (3 years)
Love hendo's mullet!!!

Author StackLoc5O5 (4 years)
1:10 who is that Paulo Thiago?

Author metalhead33 (3 years)
machida was ripped even as a kid

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