WCAU-TV Jim O'Brien Remembered

Radio and TV personality, Jim O'Brien was so loved in Philadelphia, even the competing newscast on WCAU-TV devoted ten minutes to his passing on September 25, 1983.

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Author Rod Johnson (8 months)
Was that Howard Eskin at 4:25?

Author atcj0611 (1 year)
Is that sheila allen-stephens at 0:46?

Author lush89 (3 years)
One of the saddest days in Philadelphia news broadcasting history...a
memorable personality taken in his prime...

Author nanlisa (2 years)
I was Los Angeles when this happened. My mother called me up at 7 o'clock
(Los Angeles time) the next morning to tell me this.

Author Stefan Cassadee (2 years)
Was that the CBS Enforcer to open? Didn't think the package was THAT old. :(

Author deliciousmorton (1 year)
Now we know how Don Pollock got his job.

Author pajmf (2 years)
Very sad day, indeed. On a lighter note, when they mention the "packed
house" on opening day at The Vet, it might have been smarter to cut to
shots where the upper deck doesn't look totally empty :)

Author drobinson220 (1 year)
A wonderful tribute to Jim's memory! Thanks for posting!!

Author M Azara (1 year)
30 Years ago today, I remember it like it was yesterday!!

Author toncuz (1 year)
He was loved because he made you laugh your butt off doing the weather.
Once he did the entire report with no pants. No one knew as he was shown
from the waist up.

Author Chuck Rowe (3 years)
Wow. What an amazing thing to watch, after all these years. I never watched
channel 10's coverage, only channel 6. Thanks for this post. It really
reminded me what a pro Jim was.

Author stevieboy247 (2 years)
@redoctober90 That was actually the WBBM I Love Chicago News Theme by Dick
Marx. The CBS Enforcer package (which was composed by Frank Gari) was more
of a follow up to the original package.

Author Joe Scanlon (2 years)
Wow, brings back memories. Very sad! Lots of people loved him in the
Delaware Valley! He was larger than life.

Author dvlaries (1 year)
It was a hell of shock, and most of us remember him as a pop AM DJ even
before the television work.

Author Erik Stone (3 years)
In This Clip, From 0:00 To 0:24, It Was WCAU-TV's The Channel 10 News Live
At 11's Weekend Edition Video Open From Sunday Night, September 25, 1983

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