House Of 1000 Corpses: Doctor Satan's Office (Full scene)

From House Of 1000 Corpses(2003) by Rob Zombie. Doctor Satan played by Walter Phelan, known for many other small though ghoulishly amazing roles.
Copyright Lionsgate. I created nothing except the video file.

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Author Daemon Winger (6 days)

Author tylertoulon (1 month)
What or who is that holding an axe

Author PrisonOfMinD85 (9 days)
but then who knows.. maybe he lives next door to you

Author Taketheshot56 (20 days)
The worst part about this is that this shit probally happens not undead but
vivesectomys scary shit man 

Author jb2einziger (1 month)
I wish they kept the scene where doctors satan rips out the nurses throat
in devils rejects, I'd love to see him make a return 😝

Author Gamechatfun (5 months)
Anyone else think that doctor satan looks like scarecrow from batman arkham
asylum? Or is it just me?

Author Alan Newnham (5 months)
rob zombie is an actual god

Author José Moreno (6 months)
I Got 10 things to say 1 the axe.guy looks a liltle bit like kratos 2 dr
satan looks just like a.more sadistic vulture the spiderman bird read the
comics if you dont know him 3 i look just like the black guy on that scene
4 this clan should make a movie of their own and the devil rejects should
be about still.that movie still kicksass 5 this is the greatest 2nd debut
directing ever i say 2nd because,quentin tarantino 6 there is,a song that
fits perfectly in this scene 7 rob zombie sing with his band that song 8
the band is called white zombie kick ass band.if you don,t know that band
9 the song is in another movie i think is called beavis and
america but i remember the song very well is called ratfinks cannibal girls
and suicide tanks this is the part thats fits in this movie "it,s alive
ohhh ohhh. It,s alive creepers call me these guys are the creepers and hell
yeah they fucking call me like peggy hill says oh yeah and finally but not
least 10 this is.where rob Zombie earns his money and it,s really original
that the character that plays his girlfriend or wife i dont know is called
baby.its so easy to direct when your wife is in a movie to call her baby

Author Jasidei Umot Ha Olam (2 months)

Author GanjaManSE16 (7 months)
I think all the other people she sees down there are the 'superhumans' dr
satan created in his experiments. ..i think that's also why they were able
to rip the coffin open with there bare hands they've got super - human

Author ohmygoodurmomisabitc (7 months)
looks same like the doctor on the game outlast 

Author Mr. beelzespy (9 months)
wat the dr is saying ?

Author a7x4eva97 (10 months)
Now that's genuine horror right there. nowadays everythings all pussy.

Author TheJennyShow1 (3 years)
This needs to be one of those haunted house attractions that they open
around Halloween, I would definitely go to one of those

Author 981Darlene (2 years)
when i seen this movie i decided i wanted to be dr.satan for halloween this

Author cascist (2 years)
1:25 was epic, but 1:51 to 1:54 was just simply BADASS

Author Gogeta3374 (1 year)
2:46 is better >:D

Author tuiuta (1 year)

Author Gabe hash (1 year)

Author bigdaddycool28716 (2 years)
what is Doctor Satan saying

Author cassiebaby35 . (2 years)
I'm really hating these damn commercials.

Author bernisweltredsun (2 years)
cme on,house of 1000 corpses and devils rejects are the products of a brain
desease...ppl watching this shit are in my opinion patients of a rubber
room. this doesnt have much to do with horrormovies guy and americans are
wondering why schoolboys are running with guns at school...but even this
doesnt matter in the USA,all what counts and the only question which is
asked ist,how much money do we earn with this shit. sad thing is,ppl really
watching this :)

Author Travis Walsh (2 years)
so that's doctor satan...hmmm...I've seen worse

Author skaterboyask (3 years)
@WhoreGotShot it is

Author RunFromUs519 (3 years)
@juggalojack13 Any particular meaning to that or is it just gibberish?

Author lucas2718 (3 years)
I would gladly pledge my allegiance to Dr. Satan.

Author Krinsky (3 years)
@LTopomcFly hahaha that explanation leaves me satisfied sr.!

Author Mafia FiftyOne (3 years)
caution: do not watch at four in the fucking morning

Author Min Chn (2 years)
Can anyone explain the background of these creatures to me? They were not
mentioned anymore in Devils' reject....

Author Pamela Buckley (2 years)
the boogieman is real!!

Author mhinecou003 (3 years)
thats from the movie holloween the myers chronicles

Author lurch321 (1 year)
Dr. Satan kind of looks like the Predator.

Author x3kadijo (2 years)

Author aSlimyJim (1 year)
hell i saw this shit when i was 9 \m/

Author sampson7858 (2 years)
this is where Zombie lost me in this one.. I'm still gald this all was made
because it set up on of the best horror movies of the last decade in the
devils rejects

Author Tato Zananashvili (1 year)

Author Abby Harrold (2 years)
@pricofilipinaamerica he's just taunting her with his foreign

Author truthIsStranger (2 years)
I think Captain Spaulding's murder ride said enough about him, being
acquainted with a sane Dr. Satan would ruin the whole mystique. The point
was to build him up to be something impossibly, obscenely wicked, something
too sadistic to be even by horror film standards. You get to know all the
typical hillbilly killers very well during the first 90% of the film, not
thinking anything worse than them could be at the heart of it, that he is
only a delusion of theirs.

Author Caleb Te Rangi (3 years)
1:58 hu is that

Author RunFromUs519 (3 years)
@juggalojack13 Google Translator detected it was German but couldn't
actually give me a full translation. I'll ask Mr. Phelan next time he comes
over for a Turkey Dinner

Author SevenTwelve (3 years)
@rangerus No clue. Sounds like an Asian language.

Author actorben (2 years)
This might be a little twisted, but the Firefly clan should have their own
video game! Up to 4 players could each control a family member, and it
should be based more on, "The Devil's Rejects," than, "House of a 1000
Corpses." Rockstar Games would be all over that idea!

Author Nigra Fist (2 years)
That doctor sucks ass, don't hire him as your primary care doctor, he'll
just make you retarded.

Author GIGGEDandBLADED (1 year)
aka The Professor.

Author SevenTwelve (3 years)
@nigahigarules12345 Earl.

Author XxShadowvalkyriexX (1 year)
I could never tell either lol.... it also sounded like he said "Awooga!"
when tiny came out...but he must have said "Little guy!"

Author justhammond3 (3 years)
lol this aint tootie fuckin frutie whoop whoop mmfwcl

Author truthIsStranger (2 years)
Besides, isn't this what we all know will happen the minute we check into

Author Biocreeper1411 (3 years)
@juggalojack13 Ah I see thankyou :)

Author MMAFIREFIGHTER (3 years)
the big dude with the axe is BAD ASS

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