West Coast Swing - Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann "Viva La Vida"

World Cup 2009 in Moscow, Kremlin

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Author Paulo Froes (4 years)
Veja os videos de Gilberto Thiganá, e copie alguns movimentos

Author Amy Russell (3 years)
nobody spins like Tatiana!

Author Nadja Maria (1 year)

Author sujan mazhi (3 years)
love her spin,,,

Author Lee Perrott (2 years)
@VaporificLilo 2:03 The whole section is made to suit the new, repetitive
sounding part of the song. 2:36 A single move to suit the singers: "ohhh"
It's even in Jordan's face! So I have picked out simply a couple of the
easier musicality bits for your tiny brain to digest. As for a 'Serious'
Swing dancer, they have won the US Swing Open Championships (arguably THE
most prestigious competition in the world) like 6 / 7 times? If anyone's
serious, I would call J+T serious...

Author barthday5615641465 (2 years)
■□■□■ 宝くじ200,000,000円当選してしまいました…。 ■□■□■
ブログサイト /

Author papiwief (3 years)
You guys inspire me!

Author Justin Donais (1 year)
These two are my favorite dancers, I want to dance like him and with her!

Author Andrew Stone (2 years)
Anyone can beat their musicality - they have none. It's extraordinarily
technical dancing, but the choice of music itself tells you everything.
There's nothing to dance to in it. It's just a beat. Very simple, like
ballroom strict tempo music, no syncopation, no breaks, no pauses, no
changes of temp. It's about the last track on earth serious swing dancer
would choose to dance to.

Author RaRwSpencee09 (2 years)
This is amazing!

Author Mariah Laudicina (1 year)
what song is this could some one tell me

Author LyPiNhO I Belong To Jesus (1 year)
1:44 LOL u.u

Author Es Mo (4 years)

Author OceanMinded1024 (4 years)
@Paperingasmile agreed! we're looking at two of the best no question about

Author SuperhosS (1 year)
Viva la vida by Coldplay.

Author rafuli11 (1 year)
no doubt the best of the best. each one of them with an othe is a very good
dancer. together as a couple they are the best.

Author Blu 〈3 (3 years)
Tatiana's facial expressions kill me :-)

Author Redaspen1000 (4 years)
Awesome video!! I just LOVE this couple!

Author jeko36 (1 year)
aucun doute ,les meilleurs du monde

Author badluck497 (4 years)
Love the song, the dance, the twists! They're just awesome!

Author CoJaFlow (3 years)
I just watched 3 dances they did at this event and all are TECHNICAL. How
do you memorize so many dances that are so technical? I suppose wcs allows
you to do a lot of leadable moves, which probably helps, and many moves
used on the dance floor socially, but the uber technical moves and keeping
it all straight is impressive. I wonder if any dances just are ad lib with
specific marks needed to be hit for choreography. I've seen them do amazing
things in J&J's so it wouldn't surprise me.

Author Paperingasmile (4 years)
I don't think anyone can beat J&T's musicality in WCS :) What a choice for
a show-case - who'd have thought Coldplay!?!? :) Wonderful

Author salseradecorazon (4 years)
I SAw the other same video with them and the other one is much better ..its
the same coreography and song, but the other performance was tooo tooo
clean and PERFECT! I LOVE THISSS! the dance fabbbbbbb amazing!!!! I love
salsa, but thisss is soooooo gooddd and beutifull! CONGRATULATIONSSSS

Author Lee Perrott (2 years)
@HunterstonB In this statement alone you have proven your naiveity when it
comes to musicality. They are obviously dancing on a level not
comprehensible to you. They pick up on the tiniest sounds, instrument
changes and tones within music. Look at their very first move; in time with
the violin. 1:18 A coincidence they picked up on the word ;fear' in the
music with a death drop? 1:32 "Closed on me" they completely change style
for a split second to hit those words. continued...

Author pobrano (4 years)
the choreo is boring and she is fat

Author Salsa Madrid Centro (8 months)
Un estilo diferente...

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