777 Boeing AA Takeoff take off- SPEAKERS ON MAX - LAX to LHR - THE BEST

A 1st Class video all the way. Listen to the Trent's rev up (SPEAKERS ON MAX!) as we taxi, hold, take off and then spool down and commence the powerful and long LOOP4 SIDS turn towards London from Los Angeles on a beautiful day. You can see LAX, the beach - Playa Del Rey (no smog!), the turn into the sun over the (few) clouds back over Hermosa Beach and then LA County as we go from west to east towards the Great Lakes and then Greenland and finally to Scotland then England.

If you watch carefully during take off, you can see the "AirBUST" A380 aka Flying Junker (Qantas) parked at the satellite terminal because it cannot park at the main terminal. This is one of the best films of a 777 take off. You only get sound (AWESOME ENGINE SOUND) and a view like this from "The Bridge" - that is seat 4J - FIRST CLASS. Also, I dont show you my feet or make you dizzy like other vid's.

As we climb, you can hear the Pursar making her announcements as we pass the beach and turn away from the sun and head towards "Blighty". I tried to hold the camera perfectly still for your benefit, but the power was just too much. Still an excellent video. After 10 minutes I started to become tired. So I turned off the camera, pressed recline (to bed position) and took a snooze for a while before my first (of many) scotch and soda's.

Please enjoy and post your comments.

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Author DeltaTraveler (1 month)
takeoff at 1:32

Author nothingleftbuttime (17 days)
I saw this about a year before my own flight to London from Denver....which
happened to also be on a 777. I was on British Air. Great flight. I was
thinking of this video on take off. Think I had 7 Johnnie Walker/Coke on
that flight. Good Stuff!

Author DeltaTraveler (12 days)
Why does rr say they have quiet engines when their loud he is the winner I
my opinion

Author Jerry Diaz (5 months)
Wow, that looks like one huge effing city from way up there.

Author President Oxford (3 months)
Everything is impressive , not least the wing flex. Love it. Is salient to
reflect that some pax on MH 370 experienced the same w'out a who knows
what resolution.

Author Airkeukenrol (4 months)

Author hect190-909 (5 months)
Pursar? Trent's? Soda's? Then you praise your video like there's no
tomorrow. Such class.

Author Jak Kinsella (5 months)
Oh, the Trent 800, love the 777. I prefer the GE-90 but the Trent still
sounds awesome.

Author Через Николай (9 months)
power-saw bench

Author Jo Gaz (5 months)
Gorgeous sound

Author 38911bytefree (5 months)
sounds like a Civic on the red line ... for a good time.

Author R Martin (6 months)
I retired from AA (Former TWA..went to AA 2001) 2004 and flew on a 777 from
Paris (CDG) to JFK on my retirement flight...this baby packs a punch on
take off! :)

Author drugjail (7 months)
why is it that as the plane gets higher everything outside looks smaller?

Author yamahonkawazuki (8 months)
Ahh the airgasm Eh"?, just listen to gravity shrieking at the thought of
losing an airplane

Author Kennedy Robert (1 year)
love the 777 twin engine beast love the whine of the GE engines ?

Author Ahmed Adly (1 year)
I always was interested to know why some times engines make that deep
throaty buzzing noise, then on another day the same plane does not make it?
Any pilots who can answer?

Author VeniVidiAjax (1 year)
where're you from?

Author Peter Beedle (1 year)
At 50ft all you would see is a blur, as don't forget, planes cruise at
approx 600mph!

Author jonnyvegas13 (1 year)
Hey I am a yank and I wouldnt ruin a good single malt with anything, esp
soda! Some of us are civilized...

Author RobertsDigital (11 months)
elegant aircraft

Author Dely Susan (1 year)
Lovely, but I'm so afraid of Flying that for me every noise is extrange for
my ears so I start pánic

Author itsantuanp34 (1 year)
Anyone know how loud is it sitting in front of an airplane like this?

Author onecunningfox (1 year)
You need to ask an engineer.

Author MrChaostheory66 (1 year)
3465 rpm at max rated thrust (100.5% LP rotor speed permissible for 5 min
at TO or 10min in case of engine failure)

Author Peter Beedle (1 year)
You're a bundle of joy - wont get you to read me bed time stories.

Author fanmanu1000 (1 year)
I love the turn and the engine spool up ! GREAT VIDEO !

Author vinnieg100 (1 year)
Instead of travelling first class, next time go steerage and with the money
you save, trot of to currys and get a HD video camera so we can all see
these brilliant vids as they should be seen. You'll be doing all us hangers
on a great favour

Author TheSp4294 (1 year)
water vapor due to condensation as the air cools because of the engines

Author Toni Olsen (1 year)
I love Rolls Royce!

Author carpetrug01 (11 months)
Yeah turn the speakers up so you can hear nothing but the low quality
recording of rushing air. Great.

Author travelsonic (1 year)
Speakers? Screw that, noise cancelling headphones for the ultimate
experience. :D

Author nathanater08 (1 year)
You must not be a real human being, cuz real humans don't tear other people

Author Enigma w (10 months)
in early 1900's ... this was a sci fi !!!

Author nathanater08 (1 year)
You're mama's an arrogant piece of shit.

Author Planes123 (1 year)
Love your video, great job!

Author Peter Beedle (1 year)
Me too, always think of the Hindenburg. To me they are just an accident
waiting to happen. I'm not even sure I would even go on a joy ride in one,
never mind any great distance.

Author TOPOFFMAN (1 year)
It sounds just like a Honda 350CL motorcycle at 65 MPH

Author Century25 (1 year)
Nice ! I used to love the sound of the 707 on take-off. Smooth & like a
rocket. These 777's have a different sound.

Author Johnny Ferguson (1 year)
Did you know that the engine was smoking?

Author MrChaostheory66 (1 year)
No, they're not. Rolls-Royce power as countless others have noted.

Author harry burhan (1 year)
nice condensation on the engine

Author sdgirlbebe (1 year)
Whats with that turn? Ive had that twice only. Makes me dizzy. What is the
reason for these turns??

Author MrYankee442 (1 year)
I am not talking to you. Dumbass little kid.

Author Martin St. Hill (1 year)
Sitting in front of the engines makes them appear louder. The newest 777
variants, 787s and A380s are all very quiet.

Author Dean Alt (1 year)
Amazing!! Thanks for posting this, I hope you had a nice trip.

Author Trent Fergus (1 year)
Taking off. Do you taxi in a runway??

Author FirstName LastName (1 year)
What would you estimate to be the altitude at the end of this video??

Author riplstrip (1 year)
Yep, You can tell by the rattling tappets, or is that the fan striking the
shrouds ?

Author onecunningfox (1 year)
send me a private message about using footage. The camera is an ancient
Sony DSC-150 I think. Its obsolete now!

Author saikrishna yimmadi (1 year)
its very amazing

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