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Can u do more I love them!

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It won't let me make a Elite account. Why?

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Yeah. Another thing: It's "Sleight," not "Slight" for your title.

Author Dakota Hutton (1 year)
I cant play without slight of hand!!!!!

Author TheRoss0411 (1 year)
watch all of them

Author mangegnosis yt (1 year)
Awesome post Mikey. Really enjoyed it.

Author dante morrone (1 year)
this seems like an awesome game

Author Ben Ramirez (1 year)
Wtf chuck norris ??

Author youtubedude (1 year)
Yeah, I think so, once Black Ops 2 is out.. that's gonna take up all my
time xD

Author Gavinder Dosanjh (1 year)
thats all right i guess, look at your name -_-

Author lIIIIIlIIIIIIlI (1 year)
Mitt Romney

Author xXSniperXx1231 (1 year)
Who noticed the hanging guy at 4:39 ?

Author TheQsanity (1 year)
Sorry, I'm a little late but this game has quite an interesting story. Keep
going if you may! Go ahead and watch the t.v.'s if you can. I don't mind if
you don't but preferred it if you did.

Author Wester (1 year)

Author Ginge Cast (1 year)
and!,SUBSCIBED! u know plz make more plZ! IM WATEING! FOR U DONT LET ME

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I put a link to the show in desc! Thanks for watching! BTW I just uploaded
a new rage montage! :)

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Author That_Cripple (1 year)
your name must be a bitch to log into everyday

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This is awesome mikey! Love this series

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mikey, you deserve so many more views and likes!

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well today is not call presidents day. its just voteing day

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You should make more

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You should upload this daily! :D Liked & Favorite before it even starts.

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