BNSF 4723 (Microsoft Train Simulator Locomotive)

BNSF 4723 (Microsoft Train Simulator Locomotive) on the point of this stack train races to the east just west of Staples, MN.

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Author Trekfan1001 (5 years)
considering the capabilities of the technology they had in 2001, its close
enough lol

Author Bassoon (4 years)
115 вагон (230 контейнеров) и 2 поезда-тягача, прилично :)

Author catalinaga (4 years)
Wtf long train

Author BritishRail60062 (2 years)
I wish Kato would make a model of this BNSF celebrity!

Author kimosab3 (6 years)
men.. there are more OCL cargo vans on that train...

Author derailluver (6 years)
they dont. they hav a different bnsf loco

Author kcsfan1 (7 years)
The MSTS engine.

Author miked9372 (4 years)
it says Microsoft train simulator on the side :11 easy to see on other

Author Godzillasam (7 years)
The 4723 loco on MSTS sounds different, maybe 4723 got a new horn. Long

Author BRIANamtrak (7 years)
my fault, it it 4723

Author legacy317 (7 years)
Damn! That was one faaaaaaasssssst train!

Author TheThomasSproduction (2 years)
That's true.

Author skarkot (6 years)
MANNNN that train was haulin ass

Author Yoshi33305 (3 years)
Great horn

Author neddiekid (7 years)
bloody hell that was long

Author PChacker131 (6 years)

Author Trainmasterryan (5 years)
the locomotive is the same one is the game

Author Allen Skidmore (4 years)
@theUPman100 -train runs over paper- thanks LOL

Author Dániel lehel Kedves (6 years)
hey i think you saw a rare piec of loco. we often see in msts.

Author magnum789 (6 years)
the driver must be crazy beeping on you so much

Author Lawrence Benoit (5 years)
Love the K3LA

Author 428trapay (3 years)
it couldnt be cooler . i like the horn.

Author amtrakf40 (7 years)
Wow! The MSTS logo is still on the 4723!

Author BoeingNerd (5 years)
i didnt know they still used those 40 48 foot wells

Author five0fan (5 years)
This aint no simulator

Author csxketh1 (5 years)
The horn sounds differnernt in the game.

Author 06MetallicA06 (7 years)
Nice Video. 113 Cars.

Author BRIANamtrak (7 years)
it looks more like 4773

Author ultramanJR (3 years)
If you able to jump on one of the cars you get a free cross country trip.

Author Combat Productions (1 year)
That's how long a freight train gets.

Author Mobius4077 (6 years)
cool. man i hope they keep 4723 in MSTS 2.

Author MSTS898 (7 years)
It has one bell off on the K3LA Horn. No new horn. Just one bell missing.

Author theUPman100 (4 years)

Author CJMThaMan604 (2 years)
Great video! You were lucky to have found MSTS's star locomotive. I live in
MN, shame I didn't see it.

Author derailluver (6 years)
i have a vid with pics of 4723. bnsf 4723 photos is the name if the vid.
watch it and leave comments.

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