Hatzolah of Boro Park is an Army of volunteers always ready to save others in need, Donate now:

Hatzolah of Boro Park, Always Ready, Always There.

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Author Moshe Bree (2 years)
Great production as always! Keep 'em coming!

Author Derech hamelech (2 years)
great vid

Author ryan lee (2 years)
i used to live between 12 and 13av 41st theres a sinogod right there i
lived in 1223 41st i used to go to that ps 131 school

Author Gruntig2008 (2 years)
The yiddisher theater is back.

Author Chanale Greenbaum (2 years)

Author nathan forest (1 year)
i would like to see also Hatzolah Fire and Hatzolah Police too. we need

Author pomaflah (1 year)
Hatzolah saved my little brother's life once.

Author emdee58 (2 years)
I wish I could hit the 'like' button more then once ... (this action isn't

Author joeystreetbike (2 years)
this has showed me completely different perspective of what hatzolah is wow
god bless thank you for working and protecting NYC god bless

Author Chanale Greenbaum (2 years)
great job totty

Author NTproductions (2 years)
Wow just watched it for the 2nd time, now on imac at 1080p . Awesome job!
keep 'em comin!

Author schnukmaister (1 year)
That really moved me. wow, hatzulah really does that kind of work no matter
what time it is.

Author mayer taub (2 years)
Well done job!!!! Keep it coming!!!!

Author fal232 (2 years)
wow this is mind blowing 10 points on video shooting and editing imagine
are word with out hatzolah love the digital opening

Author winnipegfiredep (2 years)
So, is the "Hatzolah of Boro Park" just like a first responder system or do
they provide the whole EMS service in certain areas? Do they get called to
emergencies where a jewish person is hurt?

Author Kevelaerpolizei (1 year)
They are a volunteer EMS service and they respond to anyone...not just
jewish people.

Author emdee58 (2 years)
I wish I could hit the 'like' button more then once ...

Author Chanale Greenbaum (2 years)
great job totty W

Author Ju we (2 years)
Wow it got me to tears!,,,

Author aStone135 (2 years)
Great video and great work Hatzolah! Your hard work and dedication is

Author Shmili Barmi (2 years)
Great job on the video. And thanks to all the hatzolah members who are
there and ready for every call מי כעמך ישראל

Author sruly stein (2 years)
10 4 all the units great job !!

Author Shira Shaw (1 year)
can you put english subtitles? your video's are great!! and amazing job on
this one!

Author Chanale Greenbaum (2 years)
great job totty

Author TheJewishSongs (2 years)
i wont call it theater... rather a hollywood movie

Author themooseisontheloose (2 years)
hatzolah EMS is just exactly what it sounds like, a volunteer EMS squad.
and yes they respond to sick and ill jewish people

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