Battlefield Play4Free - AEK-971 +3 - 134/15 22486 Score @ Sharqi Rush

BFP4F - Battlefield Play4Free: AEK-971 +3 at Sharqi Rush! 134/15 and 22486 score.

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Runtime: 26:35
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My new favorite weapon.


Author LenonsGamer BFP4F (2 months)
Tem coisa estranha aí em Light.. :/
Vejo que, quando vc mata, ou não, um cara, a mira já vai diretamente pra

Author Max Baumfeld (1 month)
NIce gameplay but reniper kills you all the time

Author LeisuresuitAndy (1 month)
LMAO this is not skill. Half of the time you are not even aiming at the
enemy, just somewhere near him, and it registrates the hit anyways.
The +3 weapons should be banned from bfp4f for ever.
Who would want to prove they have better skills anyways with a weapon that
is better then all other weapons...

It's sort of playing a present time game, and then using a weapon from
science fiction game to make your kills.

If you don't understand how foolish you look everytime you kill, it says
you needed the extra +3 to kill the guy. Cause without it you would be
You probably allready noticed in game, you get no respect, or people want
to be your friend so they can play on your account, it's just pathetic. It
is your life.

Author jinux tone (3 months)
attetements ??

Author Misterclem34 (1 month)
gg man ! 

Author J. Ich (1 month)

Author BOOMM.TV (1 month)
OMG nice!

Author Tom Wolf (3 months)
i LUV this weapon i only have the aek not the +3 :D can you add me my bfp4f
name is Deutschrjunge2 :D ps:
good vid

Author williemakeit hedid (2 months)
Lol nice hacked gun. Very little recoil. 

Author LetsPlaysWithSkill 2000 (6 months)

Author Володимер Воевода (2 months)
You re lucky becouse enemy team is complete noobs team )))

Author Gustavo Detonados (3 months)
17:00 wtf ?

Author noam marom (1 month)

Author alex panag (1 month)
he is awesome

Author gabycashy5 (1 month)
2:18 that guy learn how to fly XD

Author Faris Hadzic (5 months)
Are you always tap firing?

Author {error: loading} (6 months)
Do u find that there seems to be a bit more recoil if u use a sight instead
of the ironsights? Btw, awesome gameplay :D

Author Kai-Uwe Pauly (2 months)
whats your attagementes on aek-971 ?

Author gabycashy5 (1 month)
that score o.O i saw hacker with 50/5 but 134/15 

Author GewoonGamers (6 months)
Sooo many kills with that grenade

Author [C.O.P]:AnubiS (8 months)
Hi SirLight, how are u? Fine i hope :D
I want to know what stock do u prefer on AEK.971+3, the Tatical or the
Awesome video as always :D

Author Faris Hadzic (5 months)
you are too good man. If i sometimes reach 70 kills, than i am already
happy. Nice video.

Author Sevenstraixen Biohazard (3 months)
I.. I just wanna be pro like you dude you're awesome, can you add me? I'd
like to play with you, thanks :)


Author Bilal Habib (3 months)
man ur awesome

Author Zeology0 (6 months)
Nice :)

Author max simsom (3 months)
is very easy -_-

Author darrenmuse (7 months)
.L1Gh7-; Cheater/Statpadder
Quite high total K/D ratio
Quite high killstreak
Quite high K/D ratio on a map Karkand (Assault)
Too high K/D ratio on a map Sharqi (Assault)
Quite high K/D ratio on a map Basra (Assault)
Quite high K/D ratio on a map Sharqi (Rush)

Author Dancu Mihai (4 months)
Damn next update needs to be less lag

Author Thalison Silva (4 months)
Sir.Light?? you sell your accont?

Author _KosiMazaki lubie bananki ;D (20 days)
you computer is amazing :_:

Author era stanko (5 months)
pls a me email pls :) :D

Author PlayNowPlayGood (9 months)
ok hax wtf

Author Olaf LP (10 months)
Which atachmants have you on the aek?

Author Mateo Sotrel (7 months)
You are crazy

Author Norbert Blaszczykowski (6 months)
Mumummumulti kill ;D

Author AjSm0ove (10 months)
Sir Light whats the recorder that you used?

Author David Touret - Le Chêne (7 months)
Salut mec ! Super vidéo mais y'a un truc que je comprend pas.. Ton score
dans le tableau est de 16000 environ et le vrai et 22400. T'utilise un
boost ou c'est parce ce que t'as joué l'objectif ? Bonne chance pour la
suite et fait gaffe à mon snipe ;) 

Author ana carolina Gomes (7 months)
You sell this account of his BFP4F

Author Excalibur | Gaming and Design! (10 months)

Author Brennan Edwards (11 months)
im a total noob but how do you get +3 weapons?

Author Martijn van der Elsen (7 months)
Hi Sir Light! You are very good at this game! But I have a question: You
have the
AEK-971 + 3, but how do I get the '+3'?? And I often use funds so which
sight would you prefer? My account btw is: IxOWNxKILLxSNIP
I really would enjoy to play with you!
Hopefully you will keep on making more videos! C:

Author Henri Tokman (8 months)
Lol :D

Author Olkohol (8 months)
P.S. My acc is Olkohol and i always play with my medic like_easy

Author hafizh good (8 months)
Hi. umm, Sir Light, i also have that AEK-971, and it's amazing (i got it
from my first daily draw. what a lucky). now i'm rank 8 in Battlefield play
4 free. i can kill up to 10 guys in one game using that weapon without
attatchments. but, i still really want stabilized stocks and scopes. it's
ok if i only got holographic scope i'm still happy. and just wanna ask.
which scopes are better:
-M145 scope
-or Red dot scope
-or normal scope
Oh yea, for your video, it's a very good video i've subscribed it. keep it
well Sir light.
And, one more question, what rank are you now in battlefield play 4 free?
and please add me as your friend.
My batlefield play 4 free soldier name: verywow12345

Author Douleb Beloud (8 months)
how do you get that + 3 ? 

Author CaptainSectorz (8 months)
You're a killing machine. Great Job!!

Author Olkohol (8 months)
hai, i have just played with u i think. do u have a second acc? ive added
ur first do u accept? :)

Author gfhfmf (9 months)
it's just ugly looking gun

Author israel herrera (9 months)
haha love it when they call people a hacker when they don't know its all
skill cx

Author Trooper Gaimz (9 months)
Nice PRO we got here!

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