Fish Giving Birth

My Dalmation Molly (Poecilia sphenops) giving birth.

The fry that are a little bit more white and bigger and already swimming around were born a week earlier by another female.

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Author Tinwelende (4 years)
Thank you! :) I'm not sure how long they're pregnant, but a couple of
weeks, I'd guess. Try to google it. They usually give birth to 30-50 little
fry, I'd say.

Author Tinwelende (11 months)
I don't know exactly how long they are pregnant, but when the belly starts
looking more square-ish than round, the birth is very close (like a few
days). You should definately put her in a separate fry tank, because most
other fish will try to eat the fry. Good luck! :)

Author Grantuh (3 years)
Oh and my snail died the other day giving birth and it's babys mated today.
is that normal.. I'm not sure they're the size of ur pinky nail sooooo

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
Around 40.

Author FuzzieBuddies (4 years)
i dont know if my mollies are pregnant, could you watch mine please? i made
a video

Author Tobias Karim (3 years)
k i had like 200 fry 1 week ago but every day i see many fry's are missing
problaby couse my big filter suck them up so i try to catch the fry and put
it in a mini seperate box in my guppy breeding tank so i got around 100 in
there they eat alot bloodworms and crushed flakes also have 10 guppy fry in
there there are maybe 20-25 fry's left in the other tank whit there parents
that i cant take will the parents get mad or something? its my first time .

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
First off, it's hard to understand what you mean when you don't use any
puncutaion. Try to write proper sentences. You should use a fishing net or,
if you don't have that, use a normal drinking glass or something and try to
make them swim into there. I think you should use a separate tank for the
guppy fry until they are almost grown, since the female betta will probably
try to eat them if they are not as big as the other grown guppies in there.

Author Tinwelende (4 years)
One day before she gave birth. Right after she was done, I let her out, so
she wouldn't eat the fry.

Author Tinwelende (2 years)
Their belly is getting bigger...

Author Tinwelende (2 years)
She had around 40 and 35 or something like that survived the first 24 hours.

Author Tobias Karim (3 years)
@Tinwelende and now i mean jack dempsey cichlid fry:) but its the same
couse they are at the same size

Author catandfish5 (4 years)
put her in a breeding trap

Author Tinwelende (4 years)
I live in Sweden, so I bought it in a pet shop here, but I'm sure you can
ask any pet store if they know if any of their suppliers have them. Maybe
they could order one in for you. I believe the brand of mine is "Marina",
but I'm not exactly sure if it is... Good luck!

Author Grantuh (3 years)
you rmbr me?????? do you know anything about gourami's i just got one about
3 months ago and it started making a bubble nest 0.0 and its alone unless
it mated with my cherry barbs =/

Author mbrhorse12 (2 years)
the other fish are like FOOD!!

Author wolf loverforever (2 years)
thats cute i have 4 angel fish ant 2 alguea sucker fish so i have 6 fish we
makin a biger tank to have more but how do u know if a fish iz a male or

Author Ricine (3 years)
Thanks for uploading this! I have an orange platy in one of these
containers waiting to give birth. I am hoping it happens today.

Author Tinwelende (2 years)
Ya, they do, if the babies got nothing to hide in.

Author sabrinaandremi (3 years)
wouldnt the mother eat the babys?

Author Mathew Chan Tin (3 years)
@sabrinaandremi it also depends on the mother. ive ehad some that dont eat
them while others did.

Author TLwalshz (3 years)
how hard is it to breed mollies on a scale of 1 to 10

Author Tinwelende (3 years)

Author The BROWN PRANKSTERS (2 years)
did the fish give birth twice? in a span of a week? in ur video u have a
comment which says 1 min old and 1 week old, i have a preg molly which i
preg too, i was wondering after she delivers do i still keep her seperate
expecting more baby fish after few days?

Author Kurt (3 years)
How long does the process of giving birth take?

Author exportbacon (3 years)
She is gorgeous! Good luck with the fry!

Author Tinwelende (2 years)
About 20 of them did. I didn't let them out into the big tank, though. I
gave them to the local pet store once they were big enough, after being
kept in another tank by themselves as they grew.

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
Angel fish.

Author ladygodivachocolates (4 years)
Where did you get that clear container for mom and babies? I only found the
ugly mesh net container but that doesn't have the opening vent where the
babies fall through. I want one like yours!

Author Josh Sterling (3 years)
what are those triangle looking fish called

Author Taylor I (1 year)
I like how the fish are in the back watching.

Author onelasttitan (3 years)
how long do their "yoke" sacks last before you can feed them

Author Tawny Davis (3 years)
Why do u hav to have the mom trapped?

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
A couple of days.

Author MissAnimalLover4ever (3 years)
what?! I thought they gave birth in eggs,,,oh and I love your angle fish, i
have two myself.

Author AliJaeJR (2 years)
How can you tell a fish is pregnant?

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
The parent's will probably eat them if they can, that's all. Though, if you
have a lot of vegetation and stuff to hide in, they might be ok.

Author brian lee LilKidd (2 years)
wats da song called? nicee

Author Tinwelende (1 year)
Make sure the mother gets enough nutrients when she's pregnant, by feeding
her more food than usual (food of good quality and without letting it sink
to the bottom, which pollutes the tank). Then, make sure the water
conditions are good when the fry comes (no nitrates and such). Mollies also
like the fresh water to be a little bit more salty than most other fresh
water fish do, so you should always use a little more aquarium salt than
normal when you keep mollies.

Author yimmieheehee (2 years)
the angel fish are very interested in the babies. haha. how many of them
survived until now?

Author Tobias Karim (3 years)
@Tinwelende think its more safe then putting the jack dempsey fry in whit
there parents that are very big

Author Brandon Ramsunder (1 year)
groce but cool

Author kiesha rose (3 years)

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
A breeding trap.

Author Tropicalfisher9512 (1 year)
@Tinwelende If you put the fry into another tank do you have to get a
heater and a filter for the tank?

Author Estefany Jasso (2 years)
wat do they eat after you take the mom away so she wont eat them???

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
Mollies are live bearers.

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
Yes, so the fry won't be eaten by the other fish.

Author MrPenguin110 (2 years)
Cute babies cangrats to ur fish is that thing she's in so she or the other
fish don't hurt/eat the babies?

Author Tinwelende (3 years)
They're called breeding traps. ;)

Author MegaJavier12345678 (3 years)
its called a fry trap i think something like that :)

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