Just remember what has been done by the Federal government already and you have a pretty good idea of what they intend to do with us. This video is a stark reminder of how far we have fallen since "911." Be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones. Please. (More Below)
If you have the time helias314 highly recommends viewing the material in the Links just below.
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In a riveting interview on TruNews Radio, private investigator Doug Hagmann said high-level, reliable sources told him the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing for "massive civil war" in America.

"We have problems . . . The federal government is preparing for civil uprising," he added, "so every time you hear about troop movements, every time you hear about movements of military equipment, the militarization of the police, the buying of the ammunition, all of this is . . . they (DHS) are preparing for a massive uprising."

Hagmann goes on to say that his sources tell him the concerns of the DHS stem from a collapse of the U.S. dollar and the hyperinflation a collapse in the value of the world's primary reserve currency implies to a nation of 311 million Americans, who, for the significant portion of the population, is armed.

Hagmann, and Host Rick Wiles share their concerns that even our Congressmen, and Senators are afraid to stand up to Barack Obama, and the emerging Police State out of fear "for the safety of their own familes, and Grandchildren as Chicago Style Mob Rule has overtaken the Executive Branch.

FULL Report @

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Author KindaPsychic (4 months)
dont forget people these videos are made to get ratings 1st and information
2nd maybe even 3rd in line keep these videos for entertainment only some
peoples comments on here are crazy....remember the pen is mightier than the
sword keep the peace be happy

Author Louis Foussard (1 year)
Just remember what has been done by the Federal government already and you
have a pretty good idea of what they intend to do with us. This video is a
stark reminder of how far we have fallen since "911." Be prepared to defend
yourself and your loved ones. 

Author Finnian Cornelison (1 year)
What's on your mind? I know how we got here, but it still sickens me.

#liberty #revolution 

Author ricardo luna butler (9 months)
none just me and us army change to american:

Author Gerardo Cervantes (2 months)
Violence is not the option yet ...they are waiting and can't wait to use
deadly force on us ....information is the weapon for now inform as many as
you can ,im doing as much as i can .we can't become like Nkorea ,china
,cuba ,or russia ..don't wait till is too late ..

Author StarSeed (5 months)
Once you know the truth you cannot remain silent.

Author Porfirio Pires (1 year)

Author 1stVARifleman (1 year)
LIBERTY or DEATH! Long Live the Constitutional Republic! Sic Semper
Tyrannis! III

Author craig79792000 (10 months)
I work at a so called fema camp, actually a state mental facility. I have
investigated every supposed camp within 300 miles and they are all legit
businesses. I have yet to see any proof, just people saying the same crap
they have been saying for DECADES. It is soon, it is coming, get ready! You
can spin it anyway you want, nothing is going to happen. How many deadlines
have come and gone with no big bang? When will the kooks face reality? AJ
keeps telling lies and they keep buying it, amazing.

Author konfederate6277144 (1 year)
How in the hell is Ron Paul not our President?!? It is so sad that the
government keeps men like him out of office and Despots like Obama in
office! We have to take the power back NOW!

Author Tony Snodgrass (1 year)
im sorry, no time left to impeach that rascal. somebody sold the government
billions on rounds of bullets, and i have bullseyes on my buttox...

Author craig79792000 (1 year)
So sick of "high level reliable sources". Name names or shut up. It could
be my uncle Rufus for all we know. Anyone can post anything about anything
and pretend they have high level reliable sources. Without verification or
authentication, it is speculation and hearsay, which means it is worthless.
Trying to connect the dots is useless and futile. ANY conclusion based on
this is garbage, ANY CONCLUSION.

Author thegoldenhurricane (1 year)
William you are a complete moron

Author Grim Reaper (1 year)
So I guess that means nothing will ever happen right? *rolls eyes*

Author craig79792000 (1 year)
In other words...."agree with me or else", great message you are sending,
so very tolerant of other opinions. It is the man who refuses to see every
possibility that is truly blind. AKA tunnel vision is a bitch. It distorts
reality and impedes growth. I am willing to accept the possibility that you
are correct, you are not willing to accept the more likely possibility that
you are dead wrong.

Author juan villarreal (5 months)

Author Tony Snodgrass (1 year)
Amen Ra, it's something exceedingly strange...i still have Knowing, ... and
grandchildren, and now im disabled & 60 yrs young... :)

Author digitalsaint2040 (1 year)
stupid, its does not matter who the president is this would still be
possible. the forces at work here don't now care who the president is, they
do not need a president they do not want a president. pretty much the only
reason they use him is to take blame as to devert people like yourself from
the truth.

Author manuel pichardo (10 months)
there using those fucking drones to spy on mexicos weed plantation. cheap

Author Teresa McCullar (6 months)
can u email this video to me. i dont have a downloader. its passionate. its

Author ferretguy1974 (1 year)
Yes william this video is just there to scare you.The drones don't
exist,they don't want the guns,ndaa is a conspiracy theory and plz give all
your rights up and embrace big brother as he will protect you,p.s we would
kindly advise you to get your vaccines,drink your flouride and only buy

Author feartheunknown1988 (1 year)
In 2004 George Bush signed the North American Union Act which basically
made the U.S., Canada, and Mexico one consolidated counrty. It was supposed
to ease business dealings, mainly transportation (FEDEX). Starting around
2001, when privacy really started being invaded, there were about 30 PMCs
(Private Military Companies).Since then it's risen to well over 300 PMCs.
The revolution is coming don't worry. They should know people only take so
much. Don't ask me. Check a history book for proof.

Author musketerr12 (1 year)
When the Iran war comes, this will happen. When Iran stops selling oil to
America for a cheap price, there will be another 9/11 like catastropy to
bring America purposely in war for oil. All Muslims in America will be
rounded up into Fema camps and people that support Americas new Nazi
goverment will be left alone. .

Author Bradley James (7 months)
Great vid . stock up now and she your sherrf to deputize.

Author nascar55547 (1 year)

Author RFIDeez (1 year)
yes go to are those fema camps coming along anyway? What did you
all build yesterday?? More disposable casket liners? Ur right, I know it
would be a damn hard fight against tyranny, But freedom is the ONLY thing
worth fighting for, Its all we have

Author David Bermudez (1 year)
You're so BLIND you can't see soldiers with AR-15's and its artillery build
up out in broad daylight. You either need someone to slap up side the head
or a new brain.

Author Charmain LaReau (1 year)
We are all on edge and waiting for the first bomb to drop. I think it will
start with the economy falling hard very soon. Then Marshall law. I am glad
I live way down south in the middle of a field I can see people coming. God
bless and stay safe if you can...

Author Futurerockstarful (8 months)
As American brothers and sisters... we stand tall and don't let this
happen. Make strategies with friends and even with your family members to
fight against tyranny and fight against Obama's reign of destructible acts.
God Bless You All! Use every God-given right you have to push this evil
tragedy back to where they all belong.

Author donkeytank88 (1 year)

Author kman54211 (1 year)
Good video. It's sad that so mini Americans are a sleep.

Author cmcrumley (1 year)
Do you believe that there are perfect people in this world?

Author plinytheeldest (1 year)

Author xDarkcynx (1 year)
actually we didnt. most of us never had them to begin with. our country is
a lot different to yours. but from your comment it shows clearly why the
rest of the world believe you're uneducated redneck shit. i dont need a gun
to hunt puny animals and i most definitely dont need a gun to hunt idiots
such as yourself. grow up and start acting like a rational human. YOU are
the reason your country has fallen

Author Leonarda Lawes (1 year)
Everyone seems to keep overlQQking the obvious! Do you honestly believe it
was the PPl who caused the uprisings in the Arab Spring? NO! It was
orchestrated! Ppl keep insisting we won't rise up & they may be right as we
are currently so dumbed down we are likely unable to do so effectively!
NEWS FLASH! WE don't have to! Like everything else for our "own good", THEY
are willing to do this for us! They just needed to create the facade that
we had probable cause. Perp w/ same boots as THEM!

Author Amber Crystal (1 year)
I seen something about a new drone that is being researched and made right
now by Penn State college. It has the ability to lift a person in the air,
they got the ideal from the claws of eagles. Are they planning on using
this on American citizens? I highly think so. Don't believe me google it.

Author nascar55547 (1 year)

Author Ashley Abercrombie (1 year)
We do not deserve to be put under martial law. & we don't NEED it. Just
because other humans decide to murder each other doesn't mean everyone is
like that. America is not even America anymore. He's going against
everything this country was built on and supported with. Anonymous has been
trying to show us how corrupt the government is. Look at all the things we
have been through in the past few years. You know normally I don't throw my
religious views in on this kinda thing but in the bible it

Author LilTigerette K (10 months)
David Rockefeller~ ""We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York
Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have
attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost
forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for
the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during
those years. ~

Author GAMER4LIFE (1 year)

Author A PATRIOT (1 year)

Author TheDayGameTV (8 months)
this seems a rather biased presentation of the facts and pushy….don't like

Author RFIDeez (1 year)
great info as usual man, does u tube automatically add commercials to
certain vids? they are starting to drive me nuts, i stopped watchin tv cuz
of the damn commercials, now it seems every u tube vid has a
commercial...not a big deal i know, but they still suck. dont remember them
always being there

Author Pablo Escobar (9 months)
Craig maybe ur right.but what if your wrong will u stand up later to say
your wrong teach correctly w ur heart or will u say its not my

Author hereiam (1 year)
im glad some people are not blind you really think obama care about you
people he can care less he want power he the only president making big
change gay making the dream act he want people to trust him we not getting
better were worst then we have ever been before people some people claim he
god you really think north korea wants to attack us fake he dont want you
to focus on what really going on your tv your phone they were all meant for
you not to see want really going on

Author juan villarreal (5 months)

Author helias314 (1 year)
There is no excuse for you, sorry, bye, bye.

Author Birdkillersteve (1 year)
the patriot act laws were actually implemented when the japanese attacked
pearl harbor they just had different names because of the level of
technology possessed by the average person....this will blow over
especially since we are bringing our troops home...Stop watching Youtube!
Think about this....What is illegal is very different from whats

Author crystalidx (1 year)

Author cmcrumley (1 year)
How can anyone not see that Republicans and Democrats BOTH want to
establish an American gestapo. Bush signed the Patriot Act into law and
Obama has not only extended that but added the NDAA to it. And if their
projections about having 30,000 drones over the U.S. by 2020 is accurate,
and their is no reason it wouldnt be, we have VERY little time to turn this
around before this thing goes hot.

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