Raphael Saadiq - Prius Commercial song + mp3 download

love this track! hope Raphael releases it ASAP!!!

here is a DL link for the mp3 I made of it:

hey everyone! wow i guess i wasn't the only person who likes this track! :)
here is some background info as a lot of the comments want more on the song.

- as of right now there isn't a full song. the jingle was written by RS for Toyota
- the advertising group behind this is LA's Saatchi and Saatchi. great work by them. they also did the recent commercials about toyota hauling the shuttle
- again, there is not a full track of this. i know a lot of comments want the full song, but this is the best that i could do

hopefully RS realizes he struck gold here and does something similar to what Chris Brown did with Forever (which originally was a jingle he wrote for Wrigley's gum, but with the extra studio time that was booked but not needed he made the best track of his career).

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Author Emerald Diamond (4 months)
Damn genius song and love him gives me chills and goosebumps. Muah! xoxox

Author tonya fleming (1 year)
he still got it beautiful voice

Author Stephanie Williams (2 years)
I love this!!! Hurry up with the full song!!!

Author dabest2evadoit718 (2 years)
Been looking for this song everywhere, well now I know it has not dropped

Author Keahdb (1 year)
I want this song! Omg

Author Darlene Miller (2 years)
I LOVE this and am hoping that he makes a full track SOON!! :-)

Author C_Double_4 (2 years)

Author Shawn Gooden (2 years)
love love love this song . i hope he releases a full version of it as well.

Author rwalker98 (2 years)
just heard this song/commercial while watching Martin ;)

Author drwill439 (2 years)
This commercial leaves me wanting to hear more. I applaud all the people
involved and would buy a full song!

Author Abare Killer (1 year)
There's still some rare good music. But the BS on the radio these days are
trash for teenagers to follow word for word.

Author nina will (2 years)
Aw man I was hoping to find the whole song. I hope he releases this I would
definetly buy it

Author CeCe Ghee (2 years)
*Raphael *good Grammar Police Bitches

Author 1realblackman27 (2 years)
yes :) who would have thought a commercial made for a car would be so great

Author Jazzy Jordan (2 years)
Now that is my kind of music reminds me of old school music. I don't like
commercials but this is one of my favorites and I don't mind having my
shows interrupted to show this commercial. Who is he I've never heard of
him? He should do an album, he's someone with real talent.

Author R Martell (2 years)
Yes please release a full version!

Author bmentlow (1 year)
Raphael was contracted to write the song or maybe he pulled it from his
stock of songs (??). I'm sure there is a full version recorded, just not
released publicly. Who knows how that contract was written up. Toyota just
paid him for the track and the commercial appearance which in any case
means he doesn't have ownership and couldn't put it out even if he wanted
too. Just my speculation. Maybe Raphael didn't think the song is a big
enough deal to keep for himself. Cool lil ditty tho.

Author Carletta Matlock (1 year)

Author Brooklyn Ⓥegan TRC (1 year)

Author vMASSv (1 year)
Although this is a jingle it is still Platinum Album material!

Author Nyqueen58 (2 years)
Waiting patiently for the full version

Author aurorafrederick (2 years)

Author dncindylu2010 (2 years)
This is a cool song. Gotta put this on my iPod.

Author ZOTACO ZANE (2 years)
My song baby

Author The Proverbial Hater (2 years)
Am I the only person looking for a full version? This guy's music is
brilliant. I must be the only man in America who feels he's the most
underrated song writer. I think he's genius. After I first heard it I was
looking for it thinking it's already on an album of his that I missed.

Author Blaxinmerca (2 years)
I want this song!!

Author oneina million (2 years)
I cant wait for this song to come out! Plz release it NOW!!

Author LeeLeeMarie (2 years)
This sounds like Stevie wonder

Author miss1love (1 year)
i love this song

Author Munassi66 (2 years)
glad you guys all love the upload! thanks for checking it out, and let's
all hope RS makes a full track soon!

Author ladyleo2u (2 years)
Love this song!!! Such a happy ring to matter what mood i'm in!
Would love to purchase!

Author rwalker98 (2 years)

Author synamint (2 years)
This song is so awesome! I'm glad I found out who sings it...thank you

Author The Muzikboxx Theory (1 year)

Author Dymine2009 (2 years)
Thank u soooo much 4 this! I been looking all over for who sings this.

Author ru23bell (2 years)
The 3 people who dosliked this are losers!

Author Sumd3vil (2 years)
This is awesome music. Makes me want to dance even though I can't.

Author Angel Babee (2 years)
Raphael Saadiq strikes again! He was hot back in the day with Tony Toni
Tone and is STILL hot. Love his music!

Author iloveinnovators (2 years)
What's the song he sings with the blue Prius?

Author motts913 (2 years)
This is my song!!

Author Rebecca Rothrock (2 years)
Love it! -

Author Elizabeth Harper (2 years)
This is a bad........ Song. Release the full version

Author Liz601 (2 years)
Please make a full version of this song!!!! I love it!!

Author vMASSv (1 year)
Just made this the ringtone for my Wife! ;)

Author u2becommended (2 years)
please, please, please do a full version!

Author Shaun A. Brown (1 year)
This proves that R&B isn't dead like we thought.

Author Yasira Williams (2 years)
lol thnk u so much!

Author Pocahantas00 (1 year)
Months later and I'm dying to hear this song dude...

Author KarmalBeauty (2 years)
Wow! This joint is RIDICULOUS!

Author Nina McGaughy (2 years)
My husband is going crazy over this song. It is pretty catchy. He replays
it over and over and over and...

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