How to tie Gele, Aso Oke, Head wrap, Head tie, Scarf, Damask, Single

How to tie Gele (Paper-like material used in West Africa and other parts of Africa as a head wrap, Headtie or stole/shawl)

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Author kerushy caroline (6 days)
Lovely and elegant

Author Christine Magiri (18 days)

Author five10queen (10 months)

Author Rosie Nowlin (11 months)
This is so pretty. She makes it looks so easy to do.I like it. 

Author Modupe Banjo (1 year)

Author Dupsie's African Clothing ( (1 year)
How to tie Gele, Aso Oke, Head wrap, Head tie, Scarf, Damask, Single How to
tie Gele, Aso Oke, Head wrap, Head tie, Scarf, Damask, Single

Author oluwasesan1998 (4 years)
you are definately a great teacher,very well tie.thank you

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (1 year)
It is made out of a stiff paper-like material

Author Kudzai Zvenyika (2 years)

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (1 year)
Geles are paper-like fabric. They need to be stiff you give that full look.
Soft fabrics would always fall. Please take a look at our updates for
videos on softer fabrics.

Author ChiBabe Amadi (4 years)
OMG @DupsiesAfricanAttire U really helped me bunches with this thankU ever
so much. Much Love To Ya :)

Author Philtabit49 (3 years)
You, Ma'am are the real McCoy! Thanks to your user-friendly video, i'm a
happy camper! Can't wait to show off my gele tonight!! Many thanks... PS:
You really should consider doing this commercially.

Author vera747 (1 year)

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (2 years)
Thank you.

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (3 years)
@Philtabit49 Thank you.

Author Jenny Pasiaiz (1 year)
woawwwww. looks so easy watching her do it but i get so scared to try. nice
tutorial video. tanx

Author lylacin (2 years)
Aw that was pretty. Its hard to handle the paper but it looked beautiful in
the end. I wanna try it with a scarf I have so much of them but idk what to
do with them.

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (3 years)
@lukcia85 You are most welcome. Visit our website at for your
african clothing needs.

Author bola3083 (2 years)
nice one

Author VEE BEE (1 year)
well done!!

Author delaa6226 (4 years)
wow, thank you. i get it now, that's how the headwrap gets that's the FABRIC! thanx for this informative vid...favorited it
: )

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (4 years)
@preacherswife13 @preacherswife13 Sorry for the late response. We have been
trying to reply for months. YouTube had a problem with comments. Here is my
answer: This head wrap is made out of Gele (A paper like fabric but way
stronger). We have Geles (this type of head wrap) available for sale at:

Author dancingqueens4me (2 years)
am very impress is so beutiful i can tie but not like this but now i can

Author Philtabit49 (3 years)
U, ma'am are the real McCoy. Found your user-friendly video while searching
for a 'how-to tie gele' video. Your easy step by step approach made it
do-able. Thanks a mil I'm a very happy camper now! Can't wait to show off
my gele!

Author wileysboyz (1 year)
I had no idea it was paper. Is that hot on your head? Does the fiber

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (1 year)
Thank you. Practice makes perfect.

Author MsEwuraesi (3 years)
ooh that is really nice

Author ShelliTikar (1 year)
I would love to purchase this from yo as well as attire! where can I get
the Gele?

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (2 years)
@dancingqueens4me Thank you

Author MrTimmi2000 (2 years)
i like this gele. it is beauittiful, don't ypu like it

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (3 years)
@ikerobin Thank you

Author fatma said (4 years)
The fabric's name is Jubilee and she does a fine job demontrating and tying

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (4 years)
@RayvinNyte Thank you for the kind words. It can be cleaned with a damp
cloth. It is not washable.

Author ennykad1 (3 years)
please can you do how to tie aso oke iro

Author lukcia85 (3 years)
thx lady, now i know hahaha. got my first yoruba dress now and i needed to
know how, thx for the tutorial hehe

Author Emmany Buzz (3 years)
that was very good. my mum looked beutiful in it. ty

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (4 years)
@preacherswife13 Please visit our website under African headwraps

Author VEE BEE (1 year)
check my hair channel

Author humu ibrahim (1 year)
pls can u bring the laces u have online at your store in brooklyn as some
of as dont av an account plss

Author Martyemar (2 years)
Thanks for the video. I love ordering clothes from your site,,
I just wish the head wraps that come with outfits were as large as the one
in the video. Perhaps you can upload ways on tying the smaller geles.

Author Gladys Styles (1 year)
what kind of paper is it?

Author TheRahab2009 (4 years)
Thanks a lot I can now make an African head wrap on my own and look wow

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (4 years)
You are all welcome

Author omo31 (3 years)
you are too much dupsy, so beautiful. do yu go for occasion incase yu are
needed to tie for bride & others?

Author APATRA600 (3 years)

Author Makalo314 (4 years)
THANK YOU! This was so helpful to me!

Author Michelle Ify (2 years)
can one cut the head tie by her self or need to take to the tailor?

Author DupsiesAfricanAttire (4 years)
@Makalo314 You are most welcome

Author Africanborne (4 years)
Very nice. Keep them coming.

Author MsCosmicstar elder (2 years)
hola .. that is so beautiful.

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