Rich Vera - Powerful Miracle Service - Dec. 15, 2012

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Author Mya tyrell (3 months)
God is using this man to bless us with his teachings. Glory be unto Gid for
he only gets the glory.

Author Deborah Owaseye (1 year)
Wow, the power of God is moving, let's we believers rise up against the
works of the devil in our nation. Amen

Author deliverednow (1 year)

Author deliverednow (1 year)
why would u only focus on what you don't believe? Did this man not preach
the truth on other matters as well? what is wrong with you

Author jd236236 (1 year)
Im sorry but this is just sick. Telling people your going to cure them of
cancer.......... your one evil, exploitative excuse for a human being.

Author Elizabeth S Clemens (1 year)
Amen! Truly a man of God! Telling us about the powerful Holy Spirit!

Author OTO TAKE (1 year)
Lying signs and wonders. Nothing new.

Author Deaclove (1 year)
For those of you that dont believe i can see today because of healing the
man Rich Vera is talking about Yiye Ávila. Im almost 45 years old and i was
hit by a car on fathers day in Brooklyn N.Y. in 1972 by a speeding police
officer on duty the officer was drunk driving. My mother was abused by my
Father and he punched her in her head so hard that she had blurry eye
sight. Mom to me to Shea Stadium to a Yiyi Avila Crusade and we left that
Stadium that day with sight. I hope this is helpful

Author Alesia McLachlan (1 year)
while watching sid roth ..... rich vera was on and i felt the Holy Spirit
go though me mightly>rich is speaking truth.

Author sandy hatfield (1 year)
Whew wow girls practice a bit for Jesus.

Author cocobaybeach (1 year)
Bro Rich is anointed. be careful not to comment evil against him

Author YVONNE PRIESTER (1 year)

Author Ritayana199 (1 year)
Amen!!! c'est la pure vérité

Author peterdegrotere (11 months)
...Jd236237 ...God can do anything, so God can bles a man to cure in Jesus
his name, God is almighty..try to ask God to open your spirit for this

Author deliverednow (1 year)
prove it. innocent until proven guilty. prove it

Author Queen Royaltywarrior (1 year)

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