Husband Wife fight in Sylheti (Chachare Dhor)

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Author Dark Ahnaf (6 years)
lol this is funny. The only reason i think it is funny is because i am
sylheti and i understand every word they are saying!

Author Abdullah Syed Junaed (4 years)
you start your comment with 'oh please'...does that mean first of all you
oppose what I say about this vidoe?? and without hesitation I will take
your word for what you say Sylettis in NY. But mate, I'm in London...and
the shit I speak of happens here. So, dont you are in no position to
dispute it. Sylhet in BD and Bangla Town in London is sadly far apart. And
I speak Syletti and the rest....

Author Fightrec (6 years)
just another scene typical Bengal way of life

Author Yasmin Begum (5 years)
Ya Allah this is bare jokes she so damn funny with the truck and him the
way he says what did you say! He looks like a hamster lmao! i have this in
my yard its old but gold, i have many bengali comedy films.X

Author jamedbond007 (4 years)
@mrnhaq spare me the flashing of your credentials. Bottom line, - this
video is crap and mis-represent sylletis in general. And about sylletis
living in areas other than East good for them. But cash&carry, curry pots
lying around in living rooms, having a general dislike towards the British
Society and then being a hypocrite by living in it are the essential

Author LaraAries (6 years)

Author NerDiiFlyBeeOtch (5 years)
@bengalinwotuk sylhetis do rule man !! im sylhety

Author JLoso1 (6 years)
y u say that

Author حسين آحمد (6 years)
yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo diss ish mad funny lmfaooooo you dum
pricks dont understand lmaoo

Author gfdghsdth dfhgdfhd (7 years)
lol crazy bastard

Author zandolf69 (7 years)
Im in LOVE! I would love to have her as a wife..she is very aggro...i love
them bossy types.........WHAT IS HER NAME????? PLSD

Author thephilosopherkartik (5 years)
They sound like they're speaking an odd mixture of German and Chinese!

Author JasminSalik (6 years)
god all the women in uk sould watch this. they say asian women are
surpressed.women are weak,i lived in bangladesh the woman run the homes
everything,good on you.please trancelate in to english.salam

Author Tushar Sharma (6 years)

Author dbegum66 (4 years)
LOL, there goes the life story of my parents.

Author SAHEEBA (7 years)

Author zandolf69 (7 years)
harry92d - this is an urgetnt appeal. who is the actresse in that clip. im
in love. cant get her out of my head.PLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAASE

Author Liton Miah (3 years)

Author Imran Haque (4 years)
@jamedbond007 if u dnt lyk sylheti videos than dnt watch it.. go & get a
lyf u fucking dickhead....

Author Abdullah Syed Junaed (5 years)
Its a disgrace that this kind of cheap distasteful videos can still amuse
syletis...shame!! Get some taste, get some class. If you wanna make comedy
put some effort in it and make it nice. You ghetto living, pan chewing,
benefit seeking, good for nothing dumbasses...

Author yusha33 (4 years)
@itsabhibiswas kita reba, bala ni? amio to silchar er, bado oisi guwahatit
aar ekhon its 15 years i'm in delhi, boichoni baa, at 0:31- 0:34 I couldn't
stop myself from laughing. hahahahahahahaa OMG :)

Author MUNCHINMANGOES (7 years)
she wud b wild in bed amn

Author rbeg2008 (7 years)
Luv d bit wer she sys hr hsb shud b gr8fuL abt wer hr mum's gt hm mrried,
and wn she sys she wishes hs hed wd gt crushd by a truk! It's hilarious wn
he asks hr y shes screamn Lke a 'bezni' n weva any of hr fam r gna do
'hanga'. Hr attitude is apaLLin bt d clip's stiL funny!!!

Author fatu77 (7 years)
omg sees! amra ela nai re shonah, this is some fob kobisor baicha

Author LaReina DelMundo (3 years)

Author BABAWAGS (4 years)
those people must be from the riverside of sylhet eg Bagirghat or kali

Author Faheem45 (7 years)
hmmmmmm crap

Author jasmine miah (6 years)
hey i got dis on dvd lol xxxxxxxx

Author Roger Bailey (7 years)

Author Imran Haque (4 years)
@jamedbond007 shut up u mothrerfucker.. u noakhali beggar.. after arriving
england only u guys stay in park & mosque.. who did feed u when u were
starving.. you guys come here on student visa & than start begging for job
here & there.. u guys r the rubbish of bengali community & only because of
u guys people r blaming us..

Author jalalimastan (4 years)
@BABAWAGS, hasa kotha koiso-re bai, ee-beti golapgoinji otoba beanibazari

Author 888farukahmed (7 years)

Author Don786k (5 years)
lolzz she's funny she want's her husband to get crushed by a truck lol

Author Ali miah (6 years)
my mate shoel went to bangladesh and came back with a wife like that. i
will tell you his life is a mess now. for some reason girls from bangladesh
come to this country and go wild . could it be that they cannot handle the
freedom in this country and their undeveloped brains needs more edecation.

Author sohel85 (6 years)

Author sumiifucan (6 years)
sooooo funny she looks round to find something to hit him with ha ha ha
-cow mow

Author Liton Miah (4 years)
'' tor kunu gor hanga unga lagse nakit! '' lmao. sylheti people are so damn
funny! miss desh.

Author 12345chinatown (5 years)
51 er vasha andolon nischoy ei sylheti banglar jonno hoini!!

Author jamedbond007 (4 years)
@mrnhaq Ya right, cant blame the ignorant. But, when I see the next
generation liking this sort of video and defending I really ought to
question their taste and intelligence! It might mean the next generation is
too far away from real class culture or it may mean that the cultural sense
that they inherit from their predecessor is of degrading quality. Its all
for the worse.......

Author jamedbond007 (4 years)
@thephilosopherkartik spot on...............lolz

Author mileycat92 (4 years)
i amfrom Kolkata west internatinal city ...and cunt not understand single
bit !

Author BDGangsta314 (5 years)
bangla duz not come frm arabic , pashtun , turk , or urdu/hindi , its a
fuckin original language that existed b4 half of those languages existed .
only arabic and persian r older than bangla but has no connecetion dumbass
. and urdu and turk both sound lyk niggas swallowing dick .

Author jamedbond007 (4 years)
@mrnhaq look you 'little learning is a dangerous thing' guy...I dont look
for crap syletti videos and search for them....I look for Bangla quality
videos and then this shit comes up. It can only satisfy insects like you,
cause your brain is that dumb that u'd probably fuck a pretty
'chuwawa' under-intelligent, oily head, sweaty hairless dog....

Author Nasir-Bang-Ali (5 years)
fuck normal bangla, we speak sylheti and sylhetis rule, we dont want to
part of ur shit bangla, independent sylhet

Author Trust NoOne (5 years)
Thats why being married to a Bengali bastard is a knightmare. I say he get
back to his shitty family as he dont need a wife more like needs a mother.
And yes man dont come home on time cos they are fucking another woman or
they smoking ganja or drinking shitty alcohol. Bengali men are the worse
they never are trained in how to be a husband. A wife is not just for the
kitchen wankers!!!

Author jamedbond007 (4 years)
@TanzMTL look, dickhead, shut the fuck up and stop defending this crap
video, if any of you got balls or brains, u'd realise this video is
crap..end of story...production like this is a disgrace and mothafuckas
like you should not glorify baseless, tasteless, 'KHAAT', village idiot
shit like faggot ass...grow up...see the world...SYLHET is not
the fucking world...learn shit..

Author meladm2 (6 years)
this is a load of shit man fuck

Author jalalimastan (3 years)
OOmaigo-mai, lage bagir ghator beti...

Author bengtig77 (4 years)
sylheti comedy is funny!!

Author PMKPower (5 years)
Oh please, normal bengalis are wannabe Americans, who think they're so
cool. Sylhetis are cool. Normal bengalis make weird ass gay shows and think
they're funny. Sylhetis are NOT ghetto. We are so much more richer, and
SMARTER than you. ALL Sylhetis in NEW YORK get admitted to the GREATEST
high schools and colleges, while dhakaiyas get admitted to ghetto schools
like Hillcrest and Jamaica High. Sylhetis know both normal and sylheti
bengali. You guys don't know any.

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