Iceberg Calving - Rare video

Iceberg Calving Rare video below the Antarctic Circle of an Iceberg claving (You Witness News).

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Author Xzation (4 days)
Noooo, not "yeah".

Author Nicol D. LuffyckKim (7 months)
what's wrong with the person who says "Yeah"? 

Author Gavin Ames (1 year)
Never seen people so excited for global warming.

Author talkto20john (6 years)
i wish people would focus on what we can do with however many years we have
left on this planet instead of pointing fingers blaming other countries.
isnt the most important point that we're living on seriously borrowed time?
lets enjoy it and not all kill each other, thats the biggest challenge.

Author Oscar escobedo (5 years)
ytf? are they all happy that gone happen to every glacier boom just like
that whole world underwater

Author joseph mccourt (2 years)
Just as George Carlin said, "Fck the earth, save your own ass.The earth has
survived all kinds of stuff and will weather this just fine. Start worrying
about what you should do, instead of grumbling over what you could do.

Author chotomato (7 years)
yayyy global warming ............ idiots

Author kyxyzy (4 years)
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!! What could be so fun?

Author rewirewi (4 years)
YEEEEHAAAA!!!! climate change is so coooool.

Author Instrumentalz4U (5 years)
yer i get it now gosh one comment lot of smartasses

Author Kuluk Eriksen (6 years)
Well, this happen all the time. But I'm quite angry about they laughing
because it is very dangerous to be that close to an iceberg. Wonder what
happenned when the wave came to the boat....

Author Sean Ninneman (6 years)
unfortunately CHINA pollutes FAR FAR more than the United States does. We
actually have pollution controls on out vehicles and industries here. This
is what happens to iceburgs in the SUMMER in Antarctica !! this is NOT a
new occurence. Global Warming is a complete and total farce.

Author 92kartelzbak . (5 years)
ther s no such a thing as global warming !!! ther lien to u .son.

Author haiiyaa (7 years)
Because they drift south (or in antarctica north) to where its warmer and
then when its summer it start getting weak, and the it calve. My point is
that this could easily have been happening 100 years ago.

Author Pimpmastahanhduece (6 years)
its not the amount of ice melting, its the ratio of ice melting to ice
being deposited annually. all icebergs sit in salty water above 0 degrees
Fahrenheit, so melting is inevitable. You wanna make sure that snowfall on
the poles and glaciers is alot to compensate.

Author mbm13213 (5 years)
I don't get it. I didn't see any calves. It's too cold for cattle out there
anyway, plus they can't swim very well.

Author gcharocks (6 years)
global warming is a bunch of CRAP!

Author fuhmeregan (5 years)
Not 'calving', but try 'melting'. The Wests' lust for chink garbage (China
makes your junk you need, you pig, from coal). Walmart pig land and Chink
garbage - goodnight, modern man.

Author Bylo (4 years)
i want to know what happened next to them .. !!!!!!!

Author gangstathug716 (5 years)
just want to know hows that rare?

Author Brighton Denevan (6 years)
Everything is caused by global warming. When it is sunny the planet is
dying! If anything happens it must be happening because of global warming.
When you breath it releases carbon dioxide so just kill yourself if you
care about the planet!

Author bhempy9 (3 years)
It said iraqtube

Author Rafterman280 (5 years)
lol things like this are not to rare these days

Author ambrabeza (7 years)
ugh they're such idiots they dont care if golbal warming is destoying earth

Author Andrea olivera fernandez (4 years)
Calentamiento Global

Author haiiyaa (7 years)
It has nothing to do with global warming... It happens all the time.

Author groovingsoul (6 years)
W T F is so rare about it?Calving occurs around the Iceberg & Glacier all
the time.

Author pcdoctorjosh (7 years)
wow so close to death

Author KCisme1993 (6 years)
global warming is actually a natural occurance, of the earth heating and
cooling. though, as humans, we are speeding the process up with our
irresponsible use of fossil fuels and the like. icebergs are glaciers that
NATURALLY break off from icebergs as they warm up. when the ice NATURALLY
melt on the inside of the glacier, it tunnels it's way to the bottom of the
glacier, forming cracks. when the stress becomes too great, the glacier
breaks, and you get an iceberg.

Author Sofiahahah (6 years)
are they laughing ? -_-

Author AaronLovesBayley (6 years)
if i rember correctly , been reli hot been an ice age what if theres a loop
happens all over again normaly just slighyl speeded up were fuckd lol XD

Author Forcerinen (4 years)
Did they died?

Author bywordorbysword (4 years)
and then they all died, the end.

Author likinparkluvr (7 years)
i cant believe that they're laughing and enjoying what is happening!!

Author jason pilla (5 years)
Global warming, huh? This was happening EXACTLY like the video shows long
before man was screwing up the earth. Its just the edge of a glacier doing
what they do.... ending somewhere. NOT global warming. Don't be so naive.

Author ifyoureadthisyousuck (7 years)
haiiyaa, ever wonder why it happens all the time? lmao

Author ShizzleSeduction (3 years)
A little too close for comfort..

Author rickysea (4 years)
Yes they all died the coast guard found the camera in a waterproof housing
floating, the housing had lo jack! Bah Haa Haa

Author BloodTar (5 years)
that's what icebergs do, they eventually melt. Now go do your homework and
quit buying into crap people are telling you and start doing your own

Author zbadr (4 years)
@3kliksphilip it will also drown us if we dont do anything

Author Nathan Ong (6 years)
Dam Global Warming! frakin heating the artic, but it makes a good video.

Author LeinsterLedge (4 years)
and if we hadn't induced global warming then awesome stuff like this
wouldn't happen, we are so clever :)

Author al3mgame (5 years)
سبحان الله

Author Aleks Tad (6 years)
global warming is a hoax, earth has its own mechanism against globar
warming. which is clouds .. if it getts hotter more clouds are formed, so
it cools again since the sun's heat is blocked. so the global warming
theory is impossible, its a hoax. what are they trying to acomplish with
this hoax? probably to add some extra taxes on using fosile fule, while
they will keep selling more expensive ecological fuel lol, bastards made a
smart move since all the oil on the planet will soon be gone

Author LV PREPPER (4 years)
there's no such thing as Global warming

Author Texanul1 (5 years)
that shit its not funny global warming

Author Tim Tran (4 years)
everybody was like woooooo and then they were like oh god oh god

Author texNoz (4 years)
Even more rare is watching this on IraqTube... Where was I when hell froze

Author killa00playit (3 years)
hah i just love youtube comments could waste all my time just watching what
people were writing :)

Author k dev (5 years)
nigger, even funnier.

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