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Author ThatOneLargeCat (2 months)
I laugh every time that choice wheel comes up and the paragon option says
"What" because that caught me off guard too

Author Dispersedbat (1 year)
To answer people's question: asari are neither male or female but they have
female bodies. They reproduce via psychological connection that stimulates

Author Cathy Fer (1 year)
uh, did you not even play the games? the "father" simply contributes her
genes (but doesn't conceive the child, I'm guessing). father is a human
concept, with human connotations, and the asari must have another word for
it in their language.

Author iDraw Bagman (2 years)
"Anthropocentric bag of dicks"-- This is my favorite quote on the citadel.

Author NeoakiraIV (2 years)
unlike the last SB she is using her resources to fight reapers not hide
from the galaxy, only Wrex calls her the Shadow broker everyone else just
knows her as a normal broker. i'm sure if there was not a war going on she
would be the best and hottest shadow broker ever.

Author ProtectorCrimson (2 years)
The salarion that appears is probably thinking 3:41 . "damn your tapping

Author amida41 (2 years)
@xisayg Mother is the one that carries and gives birth; the one who
randomised the DNA of their partner. The Father is the one that contributed
practically nothing to the process.

Author Frankie P (2 years)
you know if you walk away and come back they continue to talk and repeat to
hear the entire conversation

Author Michael Bashford (2 years)
how did you get the N7 hoodie?

Author DillsyYourDaddy67 (2 years)
Only in mass effect

Author Kalebeans (2 years)
Wait Liara an asari goddess...Came from that!

Author WordShock (2 years)
I was kind of hoping for a shock-revelation that Saren would turn out to be
Liara's father

Author Jeriko251 (1 year)
ok nvm

Author Adam Weaver (1 year)
i never knew this freaking existed! what the hell. theres probably a slew
of other missions im missing

Author PHGDAL (9 months)
They can mate with anyone, they just use the partner's DNA to randomise
their own DNA and have a baby. The baby will always be Asari regardless of
the species of the "father". If you want more specific details, play ME1
and talk to Liara. She explains everything about Asari culture and society
to you =}

Author Jeriko251 (1 year)
i thought that liaras race were only females

Author ProfessorH0b0 (1 year)
So if Shepard got Liara pregnant before the ending then the kid would be
1/8 krogan, 1/2 human...or 1/4 human, or something. The point is the kid
will have a fucked up family background history.

Author Emma Ptak (1 year)
No, I'm pretty sure they're considered genderless. They just have what we
see as female characteristics for feeding young.

Author Mohamad Syauqi Mazuki (2 years)
If you buy the N7 Collector's Edition you will get it ...

Author theshadowX14 (10 months)
so most of the asari are female,how the hell did they have baby?

Author XGcunningham (1 year)
Yeah, I know now, I actually had some time to Play Mass Effect 1. But you
have to admit, it's a little confusing.

Author Alec McInnis (2 years)
I didn't get this quest what the fuck

Author PyroManiac1245 (2 years)
after 3 play through with liara as my love interest, i just learned about

Author InfamousBigBoss (2 years)
'NO ONE MESSES WITH MY GIRL'(angry voice)and then 'she would really like to
meet you'(polite voice)lmao

Author Siguros (1 year)
If you return to them after walking a bit further away you can hear more
funny conversation :)

Author Dummweltschutz (1 year)
Collector's edition - or some tweaks in the "Coalesced.bin"-file

Author Brandon G (1 year)
Doesn't sound like that went too well.

Author JrMynt (1 year)
how do you get this side mission???

Author turgeonj228 (2 years)

Author MorningMoonLuster (2 years)
@Sursion7 Yeah, Liara uses space twitter too much :/

Author bonjanglevash (2 years)
anthropocentric. . .time to google

Author icetrey87 (2 years)
Wtf, I talked to her on Ilium and saw the Shadow Broker footage but I got
no dialogue about either.

Author tom1yum2goong (2 years)
No it comes up even if you didn't romance her in the first one.

Author stitchfan08 (9 months)
how do I get this

Author xisayg (2 years)
@amida41 Thanks for the feedback :]

Author Werewolvians (1 year)
Is that a N7 hoodie? Where'd you get that?

Author Dummweltschutz (2 years)
- "That's not true! Shepard listens to me!" - "And how many times have you
popped his Thermal Clip?" lol

Author Brendon Dellinger (1 year)
What if she's covering up the real Shadow Broker! What if the real Shadow
Broker is ijI UL HLhuhd lfhlweuafliewuhp9hwah

Author sipioc (11 months)
When does this become available?

Author bonjanglevash (2 years)
of coarse a human made this ..........and now im commenting myself so some1
else can view this

Author tom1yum2goong (2 years)
Hottest yes, best....mmm debatable.

Author RojaaZu92 (2 years)
Nobody messes with my girl. Damn right, Shepard.

Author Joe Doyle (2 years)
How do you get this side mission to activate?

Author Solid Snake (1 year)
Liara:This is hardly the time for family reunions. Shepard: Liara..
Liara:Fine. Shepard: wow that was easyer then i thought!

Author ElBanditoMuerto (6 months)
So does it bother any one else that Aethya automatically assumes Shepard
and Liara are together? I mean I was with Ashley in my story, and she still
says "boyfriend that used to work for Cerberus" and Shepard still says "My
Girl" which is still followed by "maybe you are good enough for her" which
frustrates me because those are interruption options that's outcomes were
completely unknown to me so I had to load a save and avoid coming off as if
I cared about Liara as more than a freind. No one?

Author P1tchB1ack (7 months)
how did u get the hoodie?

Author Cytrock (2 years)
Well, the old SB never moved his lazy ass as long as i heard.

Author UnscathedGrunt (1 year)
This comes up if you do the shadow broker DLC in Mass Effect 2, and in it
you can view video footage. One of them comes up with Aethyta looking at a
picture of Liara.

Author LightningNC (2 years)
Shame that this only pops up if you romanced Liara. Just because I didn't
bone her doesn't mean that I don't care about her and wouldn't be willing
or interested to reunite her with her family....

Author Sam Ja (2 years)
Atheta is Liara's dad? How the fuck did I miss this?

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