Luna in Minecraft

A 256 meter tall 3D statue of Princess Luna in Minecraft.
Total time spent on making video: 52 hours.

Music: Eurobeat Brony vs Alex S. - Luna (Remix War) [Unmastered]

You can download the World map here:
Just remember that's a Minecraft classic map, You need to use McForge and the WoM client to play it.

Tools used:
Minecraft Classic 0.30
World of Minecraft Client V 2.0.5
Binvox V 1.10
Spritecraft (Full version)
Sony Vegas 9 Pro

Special Thanks to KP-ShadowSquirrel on DeviantArt for making the beautiful 3D model I used!:

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Author RAVEN GIRL (1 day)
*clicks video* ....*sees luna and jaw drops to hell* OH MY GAWD!!!!! :O

Author Pandora Glamz (20 hours)
The creators of this MASTER PIECE are professionals??? hah! They gotta be!

Author fluttershy (6 days)
this is just to much detail for minecraft. IT'S AWESOME.
20% cooler. yay

Author Julie McGeady (1 day)
It would take my whole life to build the body and the legs!

Author Night Blossom (11 days)
OMG I can't believe!This is too hard to make and takes so much

Author Martyna (5 months)
AMIZING how long it toke to build it?

Author Naomi Malamaye (2 months)
I curious how he made the ground like that.....with one block...

Author Bernardo Garcia (3 months)

Author Emma Klaver (2 months)
Dddeeeaaaammmmnn...... 😱😱😱

Author Lili Arnolds (5 months)

Author Scauldy Lover (5 months)
Oh DAYUM Much Talent. Much Wow.

Author Faith Derp (10 months)
"Well this should be pathetic" *clicks in video* OH MY GOD

Author austinyork22 (6 months)
Can you do an instructional video on building this sculpture

Author dallas fahey (6 months)
oh wow how did u do it ? plz respond Muffinworks

Author Equestrian Gaming (4 months)
are you sure this is minecraft?

Author Industrias Troll (3 months)
*Troll Industries Has Stopped Working*

Author Klay K (8 months)
DAYUM now THATS a real brony!

Author Crystal Prettywing (5 months)
Great job!!!

In 1.8 are they removing survival mode? I dont know if it was a dream or
not but i heard that they were removing it.... O_O is dat true

Author Martyna (4 months)
For me it would take 1 year to build that!!

Author Blu Tang (4 months)

Author Carole Pratt (4 months)

Author Jordyn Nance (4 months)
This must of took about 20 hours

Author Kyra Baron (4 months)
that is awsome

Author Claire Hurt (5 months)
APSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE (Sorry i cant spell :P)

Author Luna Moon (5 months)
This is REALLY good!! Excellent Job!

Author Rainbow dash (1 month)

Author Doodle Bug (4 months)

Author Luna (4 months)
I'm Luna lol.

Author Kitty Bladepaw (6 months)
amazing!!!! my mouth literally drooped open at this

Author orange fanta productions (5 months)
i love it
p.s luna is best pony

Author Katsumi Amaya (1 year)
Uhh.. I... jeez... this is..............

Author Paul Murrell (10 months)
Can you do a tutorial!

Author Amelya Cronin (4 months)

Author randall gifford (4 months)
You are a god

Author Herobrine3162004 (4 months)
o.O Dayum...

Author awesomemaya7 (11 months)
Awesome :D

Author Rainbow Dinosaur (4 months)

Author Карина Герасимова (2 months)

Author veerle tjon-a-hen (9 months)
I wanna learn how you make this

Author Forgotten Portrait (4 months)
Me :3

Author Angel Scribner (7 months)
Can we have a download link? Like one where we could run it on MC?

Author Eva Brunney (8 months)

Author Flattershy Girl (7 months)
o m g

Author Desmond rocky (8 months)
Holymotherfuckinggoddamnshit that's cool.

Author Tanor Gilbert (3 months)
so, awesome (rainbowdash style)

Author MeArrepiento DeTodoLoQueHice (3 months)

Author Megann Maniacal (8 months)
O.O that's amazing great job!!

Author Ariana Zadori (9 months)

Author Вова Пожедаев (9 months)

Author Trouble-Making Art Gamer (8 months)
In classic?

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