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Author dody neudieck (4 months)
Great video. Thanks for posting. Indeed in the sweet we shell meet in the
beautiful shore! I love Jesus!

Author Carl Flynn Edwards (4 months)
Great video, great recording. Thank you for sharing this with the world.
Made me smile. :-) You might like to check out some of my vids. God
bless. >< ))>

Author Bukuru Emmanuel (5 months)
god belss you

Author jhen jimenez (3 months)
I really love it! What a nice and wonderful voice!

Author Shoua Lee (4 months)

Author IRENEO GALDONES (1 month)
Praise the Lord! I can just imagine how beautiful life will be with the
Lord in Heaven. Yes we shall meet in the place prepared by Jesus when He
comes the second time. He is coming soon. Keep the faith burning in your
heart. He is the only hope of mankind in perilous times like ours in this
generation today. Keep our eyes on Jesus and you will not miss eternity. 

Author Marlin Kropf (4 months)
I enjoy your music God bless you

Author Pastor Sherry, Reach For The Summit (8 months)
In the Sweet By and By: Sweet By and By by Bird Youmans

Author guy west (9 months)

Author Kellie Ternenyi (5 years)

Author christiansamazing1 (3 years)

Author Kombe Musonda Kapasa (1 year)
Really a great song I love it so much reminds me of great days and keeps my
faith unshaken in the coming Savior and Lord of my Life JESUS CHRIST

Author 2winglory (3 years)
This is absolutely beautiful. I listen to this every single day as a
tribute to my mother. God Bless you and keep you from harm. Phyllis,

Author TAMUC DrDawg (3 years)
Bird, You have done it again! A++++ Dawg

Author tesihqs (5 years)
Beautiful song and the interpretation is superb.

Author antropophil (1 year)
Very nice! I would like to have that instrumental to sing along :)

Author Terrier Bram (4 years)
Good heavens.

Author pictowoman (3 years)
the man who wrote the words to this song, SF Bennett, is burried just over
the creek from us, and JP Webster, who wrote the music is buried in Elkhorn
WI, not too far from my house. The 2 men were friends.

Author greigmonkpics (4 years)
Go on now and bless em some more! Glory be to God! keep on blessin em with
Jesus now!

Author Claire Dallig (11 months)
very inspiring song!!!!GOD bless you more!!!!

Author pat scullion (6 months)
Love the old hymns. So much more feeling. Maybe it's just because that's
what I grew up with. God bless

Author BirdYoumans (6 years)
If you know someone who might be blessed by this music, please send them a
link. Thank you! Bird

Author natinta (6 years)
....thank you!!

Author Febe Grace Aquino (1 year)
Very nice song... Comforts my tired heart

Author mpwong1 (3 years)
Thanks for this song. I first heard it when my little daughter played it on
the piano. It became one of my favourites and I would request her to play
it whenever she played her piano. But she's left for college now and it's
been quite some time since I last heard it played. So nostalgic listening
to this song now. Brings back memories of those datys before she flew the

Author roaduh (4 years)
you have some wicked talent there. is your hymns available on cd anywhere?
I know you have an ebay thats how I found you...maybe you could make a cd
of you singing and sell it on there. or maybe you do already. My dad would
love your music.

Author roadmani77 (3 years)
@BirdYoumans love your style of music it reminds me of my childhood and of
my mother. the song you sing keep me inspired to keep serving the lord . i
have fought many battles and hearing these songs help keep my eyes turn
toward heaven i listen to them every night at work . thanks to you sir my
nights are easier. may god bless you always . roadman

Author raj947 (3 years)
Beautiful,just beautiful! great video,great singing

Author weeweelegs (6 years)
great singing and playing, thank you

Author Jeremiah Focasi McBride (6 months)
Good message and good music

Author STEELCITYPRIDE7 (4 years)
very nice, this song is very sentimental to me, it was sung at my
grandmothers funeral and it reminds me of how happy she is now.

Author Monica Sunvard (5 years)
Thank you!

Author sonia lousada de carvalhio CARVALHIOSSANTOS (5 months)

Author sweetpea027 (4 years)
It's a miracle God let me find this wonderful Godly channel of the most
sweetest singing to Jesus, I have heard in along while. Thank-you for
sharing. ~~Ava~~

Author lyn sols (1 year)
nice song......God Bless u guys.............

Author agmacal95 (11 months)
Beautiful song.God bless u guys

Author NPourny (2 years)
thank you so much Mr. Youmans, i am bless w/ this song

Author Shekinah Glory (1 year)
Wonderful music

Author aurea gollod (7 months)
superbly beautiful song. God Bless You!

Author wee jin (3 years)
Follow His Command and Law of Matthew ,we shall meet again

Author psalmblues (2 years)
wonderfully joyful!

Author Fely Aplacador (1 year)
Amen nice song..

Author tubeluvr1 (5 years)
absolutely terrific-added to faves! ty for posting for our enjoyment

Author bertosvids (2 years)
Howdy Bird. You inspired us to do a harmonica and piano accordion duet
version of this tune. God bless. From Bob and Hec of Australia.

Author PAPERMAN255 (1 year)
many thanks for posting great singer great song God bless

Author Jack Adams (2 years)
Bird I have been looking around for someone who sings this beautiful gospel
song like I would like to sing it and low and behold found your channel...
see there is many song that I will have to listen to....great singing
...have friended and sub'd Jack

Author 1012seuclidave (6 years)
Thank you for the beautiful song. It helps me so much.

Author derrick839 (1 year)
wonderful song superb voice.......keep it up,...

Author George Oketch (9 months)

Author Mark Brewer (5 years)
Great video !!!Great artist !!!!, Look foward to more!!

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