Juri Boyka VS Tony jaa

Who is stronger for you?

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Author JagWar (4 months)
Comment section filled with a bunch of keyboard warriors that know nothing
about fighting arguing about which ACTOR is the better fighter. REAL
fighters are ones who compete in real life. Men who put their blood, sweat,
and tears in the ring. Put these two into a boxing ring, kickboxing ring,
and god forbid in an MMA cage and they get murdered. They have cool flashy
moves and I enjoy their movies. Lets just leave it as that.

Author Michael James (3 months)
in real life skill and fighting wise Jaa would eat adkins alive, just like
he would to foster. Jaa has been a real fighter, not just a forms
competitor or a pussy ass point fighter

Author Frempo13/07 (1 month)
Tony Jaa wins

Author Saki Adkins (5 days)
Instagramm : @Bmw_Freaaky for all they loves cars real Clips bunrout drift
and more Follow Follow Follow! ! ! ! 

Author Tom Riddle (13 days)
Jagwar calling MMA a science is bit of stretch,while no doubt it's a
powerful fighting technique but this illegitimate child of Jeet Kun Do does
no justice to its progenitor. When Mr.Lee decided to overcome rigidity of
traditional "kung fu" he was already a master of Whip Fist (if I remember
the style correctly,and a street fighter to boot). He did grappling,locks
and everything in between but based on specific style modifying it to suit
his thinking. That is the reason for his strength/fighting poweress . MMA
fighters have no such base. They are powerful brawlers with battle
instincts at best and training post at worst. They would do much better
than traditional martial art practioner in a brawl and free for all. If we
are talking about one on one fight a "kung fu" practioner will most
probably hand a MMA artist his/her ass on platter.

Author joshkinney86 (20 days)
Regardless of which you think would beat who keep in mi d most of these
martial artists DO fight in real life. Scott Adkins (Yuri Boyka BTW) fought
all over Europe and UK watch the movie series Green Street Elite about as
brutal as Undisputed. Chuck Norris Bruce Lee, Jason Statham, Jet Li just to
name a few others have all competed even Steven Seagal and Vandamme have
ALL fought outside of the movies. Movies are CHOREOGRAPHED FIGHT SCENES yes
choreographed just like a dance number in Broadway. I am a martial artist
I've learned the Israeli Krav Maga and Russian Spetsnaz (extreme ha d to
hand combat) I've been in good old MMA for 7 years now with background in
Aikido, Hapkido and Budokai which CAN have a place in MMA. I recently
fought and will provide a link to my interview with a rapist and robber at
a gas station. In real life flashy stuff doesn't work or mean SHIT. but
FUNDAMENTALS WILL SAVE YOUR ASS. I fought with this maniac who had crack
cocaine in his system MMA strikes is what weakened him allowing me to even
stand a chance. Real world is way different than this shit. Don't get me
wrong I LOVE these guys and their moves and I'm jealous of their
flexibility but in all honesty (fuck the cage because in there there are at
SURVIVE ON THE STREET THEN YOURE A BOSS!!! Until then get your fan boy shit
out of here!!! 

Author Snoopy Arteaga (29 days)
No podre ser muy experto Juri Boyka,me gusta mucho como pelea de uno a 10
le daría un 10 pero en cambio a tony ja sería una persona con la que nunca
me la quisiera encontrar para pelear da miedo no es musculoso más bien es
flaco pero da mucho miedo sus huesos parecen de hierro por el entrenamiento
coge como balón de fútbol a sus enemigos por muy fuertes que sean todo lo
supera no está perdiendo el tiempo luciéndose cualquier clase de patadas de
una las blokea no sé pero Tony ja da miedo lo admiro más por miedo porque
es muy duro y su forma de ser sé que es noble pero que duro me gustaría ver
alguien que lo venza... 

Author OboeWhizzy (1 month)
Tony Jaa, no contest. He's awesome.

Author f r e e b i r d (5 days)
fake fighters and real fighters are the same
the only difference is fake fighters dont intend to hurt their opponents

Author maytus chernpipat (7 days)
Watching Jaa fight is obviously more entertaining than Boyka but yes only
for entertaining u can't really do stuff like that in the real fight no

Author Mohamed Ashraf (7 months)
Tony's repetitive moves are easy to read which could make Boyka win.. If
there was a variety and reduced repetitive moves, Tony would still has a
chance to win with Boyka.. Having repetitive moves in any martial arts can
be lethal because the moves could be read, unless the fight is short and
the opponent is not given the chance to read the moves, then only there
could be a chance to win.. :)

Author NaKi DoG (12 hours)
boyka all the way

Author Chris Coment (5 months)
It´s Scott Adkins, not Yuri Boyka -.-
You can´t compare a real person with a role. The title must be Scott Adkins
vs Tony Jaa or Yuri Boyka vs Ting.
Btw Scott Adkins wins this.

Author watsak Rustam (15 days)
Yuri Boyka*

Author joeldarkmaster (3 days)
i put my $1.00 to Borat on roids. 

Author Standardbenutzer LP (9 days)
Die Musik ist so scheiße ! ! !

Author KILLcolorstruck (2 months)
you mofos do realize that these are choreographed movies.only way this
would happen is if u run it through a simulator or paid them both a milli
to fight

Author Willy Dafoe (1 month)
Tony Jaa.

Author Matt (2 months)
2:58 is that elbow strike really effective against human skull? i doubt
that you can do a lot of damage on the hardest part of human body..

Author ThundeRZ Lundorff (7 months)
i love yori buyka, but seeing how tony jaa in the protector broke 50 mens
Limps i belive that he would mutilate him with no mercy breaking his leg or
arm as soon as he can, yori boyka likes to show hes better than others and
that might get him killed in the long run ;) but i dont know, love both
acters, the most complete fighter in the world vs the best muy thai i have
seen in movies :)

Author Munich SpartanFitness (3 months)
The best Offense, need a good Defense! I love traditional Muay Thai, it's a
real Art to Fight. Boyka is Fantasy!

Author Yaniri Calderon (17 days)
Yuri boyka is more better than Tony jaa

Author marocoxxx (4 days)
no entiendo lo que disen

Author SgtFitnessOnline (2 months)
Juri all the way. But let's remember this is a theatrical creation. 

Author anthony pizzi (3 months)
IF this were 2 men in real life based off stature and fighting style, Boyka
would easily win against tony jaa.

Author DerekSamu2ai (2 months)
Tony Jaa is definitely very well trained in Muay Thai fighting principles
it would seem.

Author Madrid Johny (13 days)
Boyka Wins

Author Luisdiego Benitez (19 days)
tony jaa wins

Author momtchil (2 months)
Regardless of all the '' who is a better fighter debate '' Ong back has
more enjoyable fighting scenes, mainly because in the movie with Boyka you
can see that the majority of hits are not even close to target. I am
talking about the way it's filmed, you can clearly see that the camera is
placed behind the target, to create an illusion. Ong back probably does the
same sometimes, but Tony Jaa often executes the stunts for real, which
gives it a bit more realism.

Author EXpeRT GaMinG (2 months)
as a fellow martial artist myself saying scott aint shit your fucking
stupid if u believe that he is a real martial artist not an actor who
happens to kno martial arts as for how far karate go im srry but its weak i
beat 2 black belts when i was just learning other martial arts i studied
aikido krav maga tae kwon do xma extream martial arts some parkour and
kickboxing also abit of knife combat as well. i believe if it came to a
real fight scott would have destroyed tony jaa his power and speed alone
would be the advantage 

Author gregf415 (2 months)
Tony jaa on kids television this is my left foot this is my right foot this
is my left hand this is my right hand and this is my knee.
now lets see if you can remember I will show them all to you as fast as
I can and you tell me what I am hitting you with

Author Anioł Mroku (1 month)
yuri boyka
to po piersze i po 2 yuri boyka by kazdego rowalil

Author Bianca Long (2 months)

Author Sire Han (2 months)
Oh well, the background music for yuri boyka really gt me pumped. Thn tony
jaa's came on and I just exited the video. Nt to say tony jaa is bad, in
fact he's awesome but cmon man the background music doesnt have drive. 

Author Corpse Party (3 months)
Is there any actual fighting sport that is this awesome? With the kicks
and flips and such I mean. MMA is nowhere near this cool from what I have

Author Apak Ojek (9 days)
kungfu is win

Author YMC pewface (4 months)
what movie was that
the one tony jaa was in

Author JANELINHA - PVP (1 month)
Yuri - Juri ?

Author jansen david (2 months)
chinese = smallest dick on the entire planet! how they repopulate is a
mystery to me. those monkeys theres so much more we dont know about them

Author Daniel Warren (1 month)
I'd have to say Tony Jaa though it depends who's calmer and better on the
day :D

Author Autor666 (3 months)
Tony Jaa is such a great athlete. But it realy looks a bit better if a
Muscle Men big Fighter like Juri is that fast. Too much slow motion with
Tony Yaa.
He ist better if you see him live^^
But Juri Boyka is a different style of fighter. Pure power it seems. I
wanna know who was the koreographer for that fights.
From what i see - Juris fights are a little better.

Author Luuk Nelissen (28 days)
boyka would kill jaa

Author Amine Elbekari (1 month)
plizz who is the name of the track of Boyka

Author darkfall18 (19 days)
were is boyka?

Author adam leonard (1 month)
could some one get me the name of the music in this scene please

Author henry calzada (25 days)
I vote IP Man. Lol

Author Eranda Bandara (19 days)
Supar maxxa

Author Germán Alfredo Aquije Vivanco (1 year)
a question as the song coming out of juri boyka?

Author SmARtCoRr (1 year)
Muay Thai is the best!!!!

Author brickhousemonkey (1 year)
why cant MMA be like this, so much cooler

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