Juri Boyka VS Tony jaa

Who is stronger for you?

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Comments: 5025

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Author Tobias Sundqvist (2 months)
lol who the fuck is this korean piece of shit, He would have gotten raped
pretty badly by boyka lmfao

Author YMC pewface (13 days)
what movie was that
the one tony jaa was in

Author eksine53 (4 days)
Boyka would win, he is the most complete fighter in the WORLD!!!!!!!!

Author Mohamed Ashraf (4 months)
Tony's repetitive moves are easy to read which could make Boyka win.. If
there was a variety and reduced repetitive moves, Tony would still has a
chance to win with Boyka.. Having repetitive moves in any martial arts can
be lethal because the moves could be read, unless the fight is short and
the opponent is not given the chance to read the moves, then only there
could be a chance to win.. :)

Author Chris Coment (1 month)
It´s Scott Adkins, not Yuri Boyka -.-
You can´t compare a real person with a role. The title must be Scott Adkins
vs Tony Jaa or Yuri Boyka vs Ting.
Btw Scott Adkins wins this.

Author Atlantic (2 months)
Is tony jaa filipino?

Author Sigurd Vansen (2 months)
I don't know. If you remove Yuri Boyka fight scene speedup movie effects,
Tony Jaa still wins because he's the simpler, more direct fighter.

Yuri's elaborate attacks will get him nowhere against Tony.

Author Paruyr Arabadjyan 3rd channel (2 days)
tony jaa is retarded even when its edited :(

Author The JoU (2 days)

Author zero cool (3 days)
I'm sure you know this by now, but it's yuri boyka

Author Michael James (4 days)
in real life skill and fighting wise Jaa would eat adkins alive, just like
he would to foster. Jaa has been a real fighter, not just a forms
competitor or a pussy ass point fighter

Author ThundeRZ Lundorff (3 months)
i love yori buyka, but seeing how tony jaa in the protector broke 50 mens
Limps i belive that he would mutilate him with no mercy breaking his leg or
arm as soon as he can, yori boyka likes to show hes better than others and
that might get him killed in the long run ;) but i dont know, love both
acters, the most complete fighter in the world vs the best muy thai i have
seen in movies :)

Author wan lina (6 days)
what's the point of making this video? there's nothing like Panom punching
n elbowing Juri at all, just plain theoretical comparison.

Author anthony araugo (7 days)
boyca para siempre

Author Corpse Party (7 days)
Is there any actual fighting sport that is this awesome? With the kicks
and flips and such I mean. MMA is nowhere near this cool from what I have

Author kringles311 (8 days)

Author Mitsoz Empo (3 months)
name of movie? (tony jaa)

Author NikePumaYeah NikeYeah (3 months)
yuri boyka

Author Manu Jolicoeur (15 days)
Scott Adkins of course...he's way faster than Tony Jaa

Author The King Lion (17 days)
el mejor es Yuri Boyka (Scott Adkins), por que el ace artes marciales
mixtas y Tony jaa, solo hace muai tay...

Author Cody James (20 days)
Its yuri not juri

Author Tomas Draen (3 months)
boyka !

Author Simon Rabadan (22 days)
I see Tony Jaa winning against Scott Adkins (Boyka), the difference lies on
the precision of the reflects in their moves, Tony Jaa comes from a very
strict art in his Country and trains in a much dangerous zone, i'm not
saying Adkins isn't good, he is one of the best there is but Jaa is much
more dangerous when it comes to precision and his set of moves would most
likely beat Adkins's move set, watch Tony Jaa applying what he knows when
they ask him to demonstrate without strings attached, he is incredible and
not too predictable, i've seen Adkins's as well but Jaa is more impressive
in the realistic situation

Author Yna Chekrigina (22 days)
Бойка лучше

Author Nick lucas (3 months)
juri boyka is stronger

Author emir in (25 days)
best of yuri boyka

Author Thomas L (26 days)
Tony Jaa is kind of slow for a little asian dude and his moves are always
the same. 1 fight looks pretty much like the last. Not very exciting to
watch. He gets boring real fast.

Author Felipe Oliveira ModiFF (1 month)
Yuri No Juri 

Author JagWarGaming (1 month)
Comment section filled with a bunch of keyboard warriors that know nothing
about fighting arguing about which ACTOR is the better fighter. REAL
fighters are ones who compete in real life. Men who put their blood, sweat,
and tears in the ring. Put these two into a boxing ring, kickboxing ring,
and god forbid in an MMA cage and they get murdered. They have cool flashy
moves and I enjoy their movies. Lets just leave it as that.

Author panos dd (1 month)
song plz????

Author MrOvydiw (1 month)
7:46 in normal life after this impact his bones are broken and he was
probably semidead

Author Sam Firm (3 months)
boyka no 1

Author Γιάννης Σπυρίδης (1 month)
tony jaa's song??

Author Darion Sigsworth (1 month)
Ip Man Wins

Author Kristyna Cepova (1 month)

Author Juan Bcrram (1 month)
Le voy a Adkins.

Author SirLiborius (1 month)
What is the song called which is used for Boykas fighting Scenes?

Author Ichigo Kurashaki (1 month)
bruce lee the best 

Author nizidibi (1 month)
Its such a shame Undisputed 2 and 3 are a followup to a garbage movie like
the first Undisputed...They should have been a series of 2 on their own...

Author rockguitarrr (1 month)
ong bak 2003
Undisputed 2006

Author Fatah Iskandar (1 month)
It's unfair to compare them using these scenes. Tony had a, shall we say,
poor opponent? All he did was running and throwing stuffs. He was given a
knife and still lost the fight. While Boyka fights furiously and didn't
even gave his opponents any chance.

Author Wing Ling (1 month)
Tony yaa is who

Author Matthew C (1 month)
A scrawny little weed of a nurd with horn rim glasses and a sharp intellect
would eat these people for breakfast in the real world. Sorry fellas but
that's how it works. The muscle works for the one with intellect.

Author Sherif Algendy (1 month)
jori boyk is stronger but tony ja is dangerous

Author inyourface48 (1 month)
If anyone want to know tony ja is in fact a real competitive fighter, Scott
Adkins is not. Everyone that says Scott Adkins can beat tony ja is lame and
only care to see flips and dips. everyone needs to stop comparing tony ja
to lame fighters.

Author onehandyguy (1 month)
if they made a Street Fighter reboot, we've got a sure cast for Dhalsim and

Author Youssef Amghar (1 month)

Author Supra Swak (1 month)
Thats not Juri Boyk, its Yuri Boyka

Author LeeChristmas (1 month)
Tony Boyka

Author FlasH best (1 month)
Tony jaa

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