Juri Boyka VS Tony jaa

Who is stronger for you?

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Author blackneos940 (9 days)
Eh...? They used the intro song to FFVIII...? Y'know, where Squall and
Seifer use more than weak physical attacks.....?

Author Vincent Han (12 days)

Author nookbkza (2 months)
Tony jaa look like bruce lee - Juri boyka look like Capoeira

Author BanG VanG (2 months)
Tony Jaa WOULD beat the shit Out of you if you fucking touch his BUDDHA. So
all your logic and fighters can SMD. 

Author Brand Bishop (1 month)
It`s not Juri but Yuri dude....

Author Michael Currier (1 month)
Jesus christ, Jaa should have died at least a hundred times through out
that scene.

Author Thanawat Boontiam (1 month)
5:33 Very good.

Author Doodoo Youkas (2 months)
Look Up Andi hug and then you will know what karate is 

Author robert Cintron (2 days)
both r great, Chinese Kung Fu is #1 over all other fight technique, i go
jaa , unc 1

Author Boudjemaa Ben (5 days)

Author nathan rijnders (7 days)
scott (yuri) woud win i think

Author alex parker (8 days)
damn that guy is a monster

Author Nemesis Lord (7 days)

Author bondla prashanth (7 days)

Author janghyuk kwuk (11 days)
best of streetfiighter : Tony jaa

Author Siebrand De Hoo (9 days)
Tony Jaa 100% (Actor) see (fake leg) on 2:25

If you watch close you can clearly see the leg is made by computer.

I know because i also can make this.

(Wiki) (tony jaa - actor)

Scott Adkins \ Yuri Boyka, one of the best real fighters on earth and no

He will defeat tony faster then a rabbit can fuck. :P

Author Tango Bango (11 days)
It's yuri boyka not juri

Author Kete Brito (10 days)
Wat music is dave on yuri boyka

Author ricky barza (18 days)
tony jaa

Author Frank West (13 days)
that 3rd guy so useless without weapons

Author Hery Ardiansyah. (1 month)
Boyka hard and fast, but Tony Jaa was real fast and agile..if there is a 14
rounds, Boyka would die catching his breath..Tony Jaa is able to match with
his every opponents style..i thinks Tony Jaa will wins against Boyka.

Author Frederick Reinhardt (29 days)
well i prefer guns and blades and some parkour runs to evade:)

Author Pavel Popov (25 days)
its yuri dude

Author Ɖragonslayer Ornstein (1 month)
Don't even fucking bring Chuck Norris into this. Both Yuri and Tony would
kick the fucking shit out of him in seconds. No contest. Get lost.

Author ft natsu (2 months)

Author Phillip krause (1 month)

Author BroGamingPro (1 month)
Tony does just 1 martial art; muay thai. Boyka does a mix of many, where he
uses when ever it is useful.(At least in the video thats displayed here
that is) Not to mention Boyka is faster than the people tony actually
fights, and unlike the people Tony fights, he can actually take punches,
and block. In my opinion, Boyka wins.

Author byFuner (1 month)
tony jaa 

Author Carlos Leon (17 days)

Author Yuu Yoshii (18 days)
He is Yuri Boyka no Juri ...

Author Pedro Barrios (1 month)

Author Max Lujan (2 months)
Juri Boyka

Author Toni Borisov (2 months)
jury boyka

Author Bahadır BALCI (24 days)
boyka it's real fighter ...

Author DarkRebel (2 months)
I really like JURI BOYK.... :D

Author gaston moreira (1 month)
Boyka :D!

Author sean mchardy (1 month)
scott adkins is king

Author Ariery Zaiyn (1 month)
Muay Boran

Author Matt Henderson (1 month)
Impossible to say. I love them both ;)

Author Mehmed Maloparic (1 month)
What the fuck is that faggotry at 2:05?? And the sound! What the hell is

Author ItsKarbonAndJet (28 days)
its yuri boyka

Author Aleksandar Marko (1 month)
Hes real name is Scott Adkins ftard

Author Ferhat Demircan (1 month)
tony jaa you r perfect ..

Author giacomo martini (20 days)
tony's scenes are original and cool...
yuri is like a power ranger...

Author 1qadg (1 month)
Tony jaa

Author Nik Anger (20 days)

Author Andrey Sy Atat (1 month)
What is the name of the first song?

Author Tutoriais Sene (2 months)
é yuri boyka ¬¬

Author CrazyDave501 (3 months)
I dont know if your trying to Troll but to say that Tony is just an actor
with some moves is very stupid,they are both fighters with great skill

Author Germán Alfredo Aquije Vivanco (6 months)
a question as the song coming out of juri boyka?

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