Juri Boyka VS Tony jaa

Who is stronger for you?

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Author Mohamed Ashraf (3 months)
Tony's repetitive moves are easy to read which could make Boyka win.. If
there was a variety and reduced repetitive moves, Tony would still has a
chance to win with Boyka.. Having repetitive moves in any martial arts can
be lethal because the moves could be read, unless the fight is short and
the opponent is not given the chance to read the moves, then only there
could be a chance to win.. :)

Author Bryan Shin (6 months)
michael jai white would beat the both...he already beat boyka

Author Hamza free (6 months)
Boyka and tony 

Author Jonny Martinez (8 months)
You mean Scott Atkins vs Tony Jaa. Boyka is a fictional character. I like
both, but Scott is a more well rounded fighter. If you look at Tony Jaa's
movie he does the same things over and over again. Not to mention Scotts
training regimen is very endurance and strength based.

Author Nurs Sad (6 months)
he copied Tony Jaa
look all tricks copied from ong bak

Author nookbkza (5 months)
Tony jaa look like bruce lee - Juri boyka look like Capoeira

Author GreenBlack1991 (6 months)
"Yuri" Boyka wins
hes the most complete fighter in the world >:D

Author Mee Young (7 months)
im sorry i love boyka and all but the tony guy would win.

Author Jayson Palapuz (6 months)
looks too staged for boyka cant feeel it

Author YoungCrew (7 months)
muzic name?

Author TheWolfX (7 months)
Tony jaa win

Author Ian Skrivarnik (8 months)
Boyka the best for me

Author ThundeRZ Lundorff (2 months)
i love yori buyka, but seeing how tony jaa in the protector broke 50 mens
Limps i belive that he would mutilate him with no mercy breaking his leg or
arm as soon as he can, yori boyka likes to show hes better than others and
that might get him killed in the long run ;) but i dont know, love both
acters, the most complete fighter in the world vs the best muy thai i have
seen in movies :)

Author Mitsoz Empo (2 months)
name of movie? (tony jaa)

Author Calypso Grimm (2 months)
Boyka is better 

Author Juan Bcrram (9 days)
Le voy a Adkins.

Author Supra Swak (19 days)
Thats not Juri Boyk, its Yuri Boyka

Author ╔►ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ SupremeFlash™◄╗ (7 months)
Yuri Boyka wins no questions asked

Author Mckenzie Boyd (7 months)
i thought the nigga in the thumbnail was gunplay lol

Author blackneos940 (3 months)
Eh...? They used the intro song to FFVIII...? Y'know, where Squall and
Seifer use more than weak physical attacks.....?

Author emkplayboy6 (6 months)
Juri Boyka Wins!

Author 808r3b3l (7 months)
the last guy is called "Mad Dog"................ more like "Big Pussy"

Author DarkW0lverine (5 months)
What the hell is with these stupid clip shows losers do? Knock it off you
losers, I thought at some time Yuri really did verse Tony Jaa

Author Ender Hacks (5 months)
Juri Boyka

Author BanG VanG (5 months)
Tony Jaa WOULD beat the shit Out of you if you fucking touch his BUDDHA. So
all your logic and fighters can SMD. 

Author Cory Yomelos (7 months)
I think that last guy was still using a style of fighting! It's called the
"CRAZY HOUSEWIFE STYLE" You just grab anything near you and throw! lol

Author ProFox (6 months)
hmmm...boyka vs chuck norris = apocallipse? :))

Author Rick Wierenga (7 months)
Boyka Boyka !!!!

Author Brand Bishop (4 months)
It`s not Juri but Yuri dude....

Author Obito Uchiha (2 months)
I love Yuri but Tony is not to fuck with. 

Author Adam Langfelder (8 months)
Yuri seems like there's more power to his blows

Author spyda5284 (7 months)
@00:57 god damn that was mean

Author Richard ASAP (7 months)
Should be title Scott Adkins Vs Tony Jaa

Author Thanawat Boontiam (5 months)
5:33 Very good.

Author Ian Skrivarnik (2 months)
wtf is wrong with this spelling of names

Yuri Boyka

Tony Jaa

thats the right spelling of their names bdw

Author Ian Skrivarnik (7 months)
bdw it is Yuri

Author Michael Currier (4 months)
Jesus christ, Jaa should have died at least a hundred times through out
that scene.

Author Doodoo Youkas (5 months)
Look Up Andi hug and then you will know what karate is 

Author Chris Coment (5 days)
It´s Scott Adkins, not Yuri Boyka -.-
You can´t compare a real person with a role. The title must be Scott Adkins
vs Tony Jaa or Yuri Boyka vs Ting.
Btw Scott Adkins wins this.

Author ToXiiC Griff & Gian (6 months)
first song?

Author Style Shinobi (8 months)
someone tells me the name of the first song?, the ringing in boyka fights

Author Quadrant14 (6 months)
Tony is so so fast

Author Collus Zmai Khan (2 months)
Boyka Won definently, look at 5:49 those punches are not even straight,that
guy is not dodging,tonys punches just miss him

Author cloud nine (7 months)
remember the caucasians stole martial arts from the asians. so basically
caucasians are nothing without the asians.

Author Johnathan Mitchell (1 year)
was looking up some interesting fight videos and saw this. Thought it was
pretty cool and worth sharing :) 

Author BroGamingPro (4 months)
Tony does just 1 martial art; muay thai. Boyka does a mix of many, where he
uses when ever it is useful.(At least in the video thats displayed here
that is) Not to mention Boyka is faster than the people tony actually
fights, and unlike the people Tony fights, he can actually take punches,
and block. In my opinion, Boyka wins.

Author Michaelov Jacksonski (6 months)
Tony Jaa wins. Yuri Boyka is not a real martial artist. His stunts were
performed by Scott Adkins.

Author Atlantic (1 month)
Is tony jaa filipino?

Author Bahadır BALCI (4 months)
boyka it's real fighter ...

Author Roshan Dura (7 months)
tony jaa best for me cause he is worlds best thai boxer

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