Juri Boyka VS Tony jaa

Who is stronger for you?

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Author Michael James (1 month)
in real life skill and fighting wise Jaa would eat adkins alive, just like
he would to foster. Jaa has been a real fighter, not just a forms
competitor or a pussy ass point fighter

Author JagWar (2 months)
Comment section filled with a bunch of keyboard warriors that know nothing
about fighting arguing about which ACTOR is the better fighter. REAL
fighters are ones who compete in real life. Men who put their blood, sweat,
and tears in the ring. Put these two into a boxing ring, kickboxing ring,
and god forbid in an MMA cage and they get murdered. They have cool flashy
moves and I enjoy their movies. Lets just leave it as that.

Author YMC pewface (2 months)
what movie was that
the one tony jaa was in

Author Mohamed Ashraf (5 months)
Tony's repetitive moves are easy to read which could make Boyka win.. If
there was a variety and reduced repetitive moves, Tony would still has a
chance to win with Boyka.. Having repetitive moves in any martial arts can
be lethal because the moves could be read, unless the fight is short and
the opponent is not given the chance to read the moves, then only there
could be a chance to win.. :)

Author Kaiji (2 days)
2:58 is that elbow strike really effective against human skull? i doubt
that you can do a lot of damage on the hardest part of human body..

Author SgtFitnessOnline (23 days)
Juri all the way. But let's remember this is a theatrical creation. 

Author DerekSamu2ai (27 days)
Tony Jaa is definitely very well trained in Muay Thai fighting principles
it would seem.

Author anthony pizzi (29 days)
IF this were 2 men in real life based off stature and fighting style, Boyka
would easily win against tony jaa.

Author Munich SpartanFitness (1 month)
The best Offense, need a good Defense! I love traditional Muay Thai, it's a
real Art to Fight. Boyka is Fantasy!

Author Autor666 (1 month)
Tony Jaa is such a great athlete. But it realy looks a bit better if a
Muscle Men big Fighter like Juri is that fast. Too much slow motion with
Tony Yaa.
He ist better if you see him live^^
But Juri Boyka is a different style of fighter. Pure power it seems. I
wanna know who was the koreographer for that fights.
From what i see - Juris fights are a little better.

Author Tobias Sundqvist (4 months)
lol who the fuck is this korean piece of shit, He would have gotten raped
pretty badly by boyka lmfao

Author ThundeRZ Lundorff (5 months)
i love yori buyka, but seeing how tony jaa in the protector broke 50 mens
Limps i belive that he would mutilate him with no mercy breaking his leg or
arm as soon as he can, yori boyka likes to show hes better than others and
that might get him killed in the long run ;) but i dont know, love both
acters, the most complete fighter in the world vs the best muy thai i have
seen in movies :)

Author Corpse Party (1 month)
Is there any actual fighting sport that is this awesome? With the kicks
and flips and such I mean. MMA is nowhere near this cool from what I have

Author Mitsoz Empo (5 months)
name of movie? (tony jaa)

Author eksine53 (1 month)
Boyka would win, he is the most complete fighter in the WORLD!!!!!!!!

Author Powr Suplex (2 months)
Bruce Lee + Chuck Norris + Tony Jaa + Van Dam = Yuri Boyka, The most
complete fighter.

Author KILLcolorstruck (1 day)
you mofos do realize that these are choreographed movies.only way this
would happen is if u run it through a simulator or paid them both a milli
to fight

Author Chris Coment (2 months)
It´s Scott Adkins, not Yuri Boyka -.-
You can´t compare a real person with a role. The title must be Scott Adkins
vs Tony Jaa or Yuri Boyka vs Ting.
Btw Scott Adkins wins this.

Author gregf415 (5 days)
Tony jaa on kids television this is my left foot this is my right foot this
is my left hand this is my right hand and this is my knee.
now lets see if you can remember I will show them all to you as fast as
I can and you tell me what I am hitting you with

Author Bianca Long (7 days)

Author Sire Han (1 day)
Oh well, the background music for yuri boyka really gt me pumped. Thn tony
jaa's came on and I just exited the video. Nt to say tony jaa is bad, in
fact he's awesome but cmon man the background music doesnt have drive. 

Author Nourdine Chinwa (1 day)
Bien bouco

Author jansen david (15 days)
chinese = smallest dick on the entire planet! how they repopulate is a
mystery to me. those monkeys theres so much more we dont know about them

Author Juan Bcrram (3 months)
Le voy a Adkins.

Author momtchil (8 days)
Regardless of all the '' who is a better fighter debate '' Ong back has
more enjoyable fighting scenes, mainly because in the movie with Boyka you
can see that the majority of hits are not even close to target. I am
talking about the way it's filmed, you can clearly see that the camera is
placed behind the target, to create an illusion. Ong back probably does the
same sometimes, but Tony Jaa often executes the stunts for real, which
gives it a bit more realism.

Author ümit akdemir (11 days)

Author Atlantic (3 months)
Is tony jaa filipino?

Author Aatif Mahmood (12 days)
isnt it Yuri instead or Juri

Author EXpeRT GaMinG (19 days)
as a fellow martial artist myself saying scott aint shit your fucking
stupid if u believe that he is a real martial artist not an actor who
happens to kno martial arts as for how far karate go im srry but its weak i
beat 2 black belts when i was just learning other martial arts i studied
aikido krav maga tae kwon do xma extream martial arts some parkour and
kickboxing also abit of knife combat as well. i believe if it came to a
real fight scott would have destroyed tony jaa his power and speed alone
would be the advantage 

Author Albahi1 (13 days)
flying fighter is the most complete fighter Scott Adkins...

Author david gabriel (19 days)
o melhor e boyka
não tenho duvidas

Author Нуреке Тулебаев (18 days)

Author Supra Swak (3 months)
Thats not Juri Boyk, its Yuri Boyka

Author dave stephens (22 days)
you made it look like they were going to fight each other it took me 11:43
mins to find out you couldn't find the resource...what a TEASE!...would be
quite interesting though

Author Sagoteregta4 (21 day)
What movie is this 

Author gerardo alberto farfan sandoval (29 days)
Tony jaa win

Author žan franc (28 days)
Lol Boyka
is beast =)

Author hicham red mani (1 month)
Tony Jaa Final

Author พนัสรมย์ วิจิตรเนตร (1 month)
Tom yam kung : Name Movie (Tony ja)

Author Bryan Shin (8 months)
michael jai white would beat the both...he already beat boyka

Author Clyde200k (1 month)
Yuri Bokya knows many martial arts while Ting only knows Muay Thai. Yuri
Boyka lives to fight ans would win easily.

Author Gii Bozz (1 month)
Scott adkins is a beast

Author Raizo177 (1 month)
And another thing, MMA fighters dont usually condition the bones by using
iron body techniques which is a good idea for them to do, if not, dont
throw a punch at one. js

Author Dinelly isuru (1 month)
Tony Jaa Is The real 

Author Bun Longz (1 month)
Why i can't find video someone ??

Author Charles Osomu (2 months)
Tony's elbow vs Scott's head, what will win? lol.

Author zero cool (1 month)
I'm sure you know this by now, but it's yuri boyka

Author The JoU (1 month)

Author Bedy Herv (2 months)
boyka is cool, n tony is good, :)

Author kringles311 (1 month)

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