How to Install Android ICS [4.0.4] on the Xperia X8

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Author l. lj. (6 days)
24/022/2014 17:22:47 - INFO - Current device : E15i - FYT000JVUY -
1241-4048_R1B - 1236-9291_2.1.1.A.0.6 - VFE-1-8_2.1.1.A.0.6
24/022/2014 17:22:47 - INFO - Start Flashing
24/022/2014 17:22:47 - INFO - Processing loader.sin
24/022/2014 17:22:47 - INFO - Checking header
24/022/2014 17:22:47 - ERROR - Processing of loader.sin finished with
24/022/2014 17:22:47 - INFO - Ending flash session
24/022/2014 17:22:47 - ERROR -
verification failed"

Please help

Author f34l3k2 (5 days)
stock firmware!pEQkTCJA!JiPkElkBbArn_97Z8SV7llCTkl4hfb9RiKx98K1Sk0w

Author lalo lele (7 days)
bro plz help me after instaling this mini cm rom my sim sattus is no
service :( cry help me

Author Riddin Ny (3 months)
how can i download firmware of sony ericsson x8?

Author Sa Thish (4 months)
bootloader lock or unlock

Author Bernardo Clérigo (8 months)
hi there
can you give me the link so i can download it????

Author LateTuber (9 months)
please reupload link plz

Author LoverHardstyle88 (9 months)
My Xperia blackt out in the process. Do you know how to fix that?

Author burik bulu (9 months)
hey..i'm malaysian..i can't understand ... please show me step by
step.start with turn on the com..

Author Than Rotana (9 months)
hi brother don't see program v.4.0.4/brother help web site hurry thanks

Author beni szabó (10 months)
kurva anyjátszét baszta a telomat

Author sami naouar (10 months)
you are a fucking lier fucking durty gay fucking jurders san of beatch
lierrrrrrrrr go fuck you mather fucking mother 

Author Jaison Patrik (11 months)
where do we get icecream sandwich ...pls send me d link

Author Hazim Roxk (11 months)
this is fucking awsome

Author Yarorinchi10 (8 months)
hello, pls share the link for the flashtool installer?? pls pls..thanks

Author Hazim Roxk (11 months)
this is great...

Author Jonas Vaičekauskas (11 months)
Cia yra grabas ta tavo programa. issiversk durneli is lietuviu i anglu.

Author Jonas Vaičekauskas (11 months)
this sucking phone. always error. 

Author Viktor Hilal (1 year)
dude is your bootloader unlocked

Author Dhemzky007 (2 years)
first comment! lolz i wana try this one.. thnx dude..

Author Patrik Tóth (1 year)
Please re-upload the link because it doesn't work

Author Kevin Serrano (1 year)
hey when i put my xperia in flash mode and I put the burden Karnel only the
green bar moving but no data at all, is that normal

Author Lee Weihong (2 years)
Is the both same rom? (another video that uploaded by xboxB9) ?

Author Haziq Salleh (2 years)
how do i fcking do it? D: it doesnt even let me flash my phone :(

Author csaba87021 (1 year)
what's problem x8?

Author csaba87021 (1 year)
Unlock bootloader! Warning! Do not open the bootloader 11W28 and a new

Author TheBajaBikeRider777 (1 year)
SIM locked. Advice: disable PIN security for the first time when you turn
on your phone. Use another phone or x8 before rooting. After that, your
phone will find a network. Later, simply turn on PIN security on x8 :)

Author Adrian Balogh (2 years)

Author Manas Acharekar (2 years)
wont it erase all my data? or can i use a sony ics kernel for the rom
instead of nAa-ics-03?

Author FaZe BruZx (1 year)
To download drivers go to Flashtool installation folder, I got C:\Flashtool
, then go to drivers and click " Flashtool-drivers.exe " and then choose
your device and install it!

Author Matija S (2 years)
When i click on link for download, it say EROR: 404 -.-

Author byakushiki2889 (2 years)
Downloading link for the ROM, please.

Author John ThePartizan (1 year)
Guys the link for FLasher: dfiles(DOT)eu/files/3lz2livfj for windoows
dfiles(DOT)eu/files/wlhcaqh1k for mac

Author Edward Ng (1 year)
where to download drivers ?

Author saurabh kathpalia (2 years)
How to do to off usn transfer......plz help

Author ZAGATO (2 years)
when full tutorial is released?

Author TheAPGalaxy (2 years)
download and install pc companion and the drivers in the flashtool folder

Author George carlo (1 year)
u forgot to show us how to root the phone and how to unlock bootloader!! i
am waiting for it!

Author Duke Oseguera (1 year)
That phone is like... poop

Author spunyad (1 year)
Thanks, worked perfectly :-)

Author Steve Scott (2 years)
Thanx for the tutorial.

Author popo123999 (1 year)
why i always error ?

Author Váradi Dávid (1 year)
Please check the oder comments THEAPGALAXY, Why you can't help ??

Author Kechik SFR (1 year)
im doing on my x8 and it really work . thanks !

Author saurabh kathpalia (2 years)
Is this stable

Author Asraar Naushad (2 years)
thank you......thank you......thank you soooooooooooooo much for this
tutorial........because my beautiful xperia x8 is now running on ICS!!!!!

Author Haroon Ahmed (1 year)
thanks my fone isnt working at all, Sucker -.-

Author TheAPGalaxy (2 years)
please check the website!

Author AbgSwak (1 year)
I've tried out GingerXperia & PrimeHD. Both installation fine and easy but
I don't like the interface. So I want to use ICS 4.0 above but my phone
can't be flash. Tried out the tutorial here nothing works. URGENT help
pliz. Thks

Author Sir Paris (2 years)
im just gonna buy a new xperia since you still won't be able to play games
like temple run, dead trigger and nova 2 on this haha

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