Gamo® Socom™ Extreme

Gamo Socom Extreme break barrel air rifle - .177 cal. with a 3-9x50 RGBD Air Rifle Scope shoots PBA® pellets at an incredible 1650 fps. Socom Extreme is also available in .22 and .25 caliber. For more info click here

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Author zommbiebipod (2 years)

Author MassterMcCry (3 years)
What rifle is better, Socom extreme vs benjamin sheridan 5.5?

Author SpecialHam DIY (2 years)
I hate the plastic handle. I'd rather have the hunter extreme with the
SOCOM extreme RGB scope. Wood handles looks a billion times better.

Author CannabisExpress (2 years)
oh man...i want the .22 version

Author groundzero94 (3 years)
i want one of these so bad!!!

Author y9ybk (2 years)
hahahahahahaha yeah lol 1650 = 1690 LOL

Author Papa.Emeritus.II (2 years)
Hey Gamo guys? I am going to buy this air rifle soon, probably within the
next 2 months but I would like more information. Such as, what is maximum
effective range on the .177 and .22 cal Socom Extreme air rifles and using
what pellets? Come on... I'm an easy sale! :D Sell me a Gamo...

Author Aryan Zagros (3 years)
I want one. where can I buy one from Canada? do I need licence for it?

Author Airgun Hunter (2 years)
um are you OK, Trail and NP or Nitro piston is crosman, on Gamo its call
IGT or Invert gas technology, so if there were to make it, it would be
Called "Gamo Socom Extreme IGT" most of there guns are all weather so they
probably would not mark it

Author raccaboy29 (2 years)
lol this dude said 1650 when the fps tracker said 1690 hahahah

Author Mtb Life (2 years)
Is only 470 dollars look it up

Author LancasterRifleman (2 years)
What makes it AR style?

Author yasin abdul (2 years)
What about making a Gamo Socom Extreme Trail NP All Weather .177 cal Nitro
Piston Pellet Air Rifle

Author Film336 (3 years)
How loud is it

Author cn969777 (2 years)
U retards he means the average 1650

Author IThurts2J1zz (2 years)
@y9ybk 1650 is the average rtard

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