Dora likes Heroin! (Dora the Explorer Parody)

Dora and Boots try new things.

Dora the Explorer Parody

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Author VenusKawaii Games (2 months)
OMG o_0

Author Nobunaga Oda (14 days)
This use to be so much funnier when I was a kid.

Author Exentria (5 days)

Author crunchycookie06 (1 month)
Dora the Drunken Witch!

Author The Grand Highblood (5 months)
Is this like trainspotting?

Author Mr BFD (2 months)
I knew it!

Author egi vandor (7 months)
i pissed my favorite pants!! LMFAO

Author Blue Yoshi Gaming (4 months)

Author Eric Stevenson (5 months)
I don't see how this has so many views.

Author ErnieTheGreatest (5 months)
i remember this

Author Miles Hedderman (11 months)
This is shit.

Author Whitewolf 12™ (11 months)
what the heck I yust wached?

Author BigBlackCOCKroach (1 year)
Why doesn't Boots like heroin!???

Author Levi Crouch (1 year)
Dora is obviously just fond of her female role model and she hates drugs.

Author thewayofnelson (1 year)
fucking masterpiece

Author HMFCalltheway (1 year)
That's why I'm here

Author khanflores84 (1 year)
did she say Halloween?

Author Surprise Eggs unboxing toys (1 year)
I like Dora the explorer

Author Sam J Blakeman (1 year)
Haven't laughed so hard in ages. Not sure what I was expecting.

Author Contreras Productions (1 year)
fuck you 9gag

Author Nick vecchione (1 year)

Author crunchycookie06 (1 year)
Dora sounds like a witch in this video.

Author Jakub Wirkus (1 year)
This is magnes PL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Kamaal tweed (1 year)
dora the fuckin explora

Author Stéphaanie Lgd (1 year)
C'est n'importe quoi

Author l1lMikel1l (1 year)
Finally something to break me out of my youtube streak

Author I_heart_delena __ (1 year)

Author BadassOutcast (1 year)
Lol that was fucking halarious. XD

Author jemeicka perez (1 year)
lmfao *dies with laugh ''i like heroin'' no comment :D

Author MasterGeneralRyan (1 year)

Author Austin McNally (1 year)
I first saw this when I was 11...god it's funnier than when i remember
seeing it for the first time

Author kuri smash (1 year)
i like trains BAM!

Author Tómąśż Fąłkówśki (1 year)

Author Janisha King (1 year)

Author Johannes Ahlse (1 year)
Reddit brought me here

Author Joshua Quinto (1 year)
HOLY FUCK! I actually remember this video, for some reason!

Author izzy fisher (1 year)
I am laughing mah hed offffffffff!

Author QiuMister-Gaming (1 year)

Author Andreus (1 year)
Don't you mean "wwhy does this have twwenty four million vviewws?"

Author Burzum Volsunga (1 year)
hahahaha WTF?

Author elvirani78 (1 year)
What idiotic pointless and stupid peace of work. Short animations with guns
and other stupid messges that some idiot is putting out for others to watch.

Author Flowible (1 year)
no top comment...challenge accepted

Author jaun5858 (1 year)
Dora is soooooooo dum

Author toixkiller (1 year)
Sorry for ur loss

Author MelonHeadSeb (1 year)

Author Jesus Christ (1 year)
What the fuck is wrong with the internet :l

Author André Coimbra (1 year)
Is today monday or october? (I'm re he healy high)

Author Surprise Eggs unboxing toys (1 year)
Swiper Don't watch this!

Author ElPizdan (1 year)
What did you said?

Author gami6729 (1 year)
Dora is an idiot

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