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Author Alain Bruno (5 months)
it's funny

Author NimDod (3 months)
I'll save you some time:
boobs at 16:27 and 30:44

Author ishidacoolp (3 months)
This is such a funny light-hearted movie. I wish I could watch this with

Author mallvin2000 (2 months)
5:17 ?

Author Endly Anantha (2 months)
i thought YouTube wouldn't allow boobs (nipples revealed) other than for
educational purpose..

Author woobiboobi732 (3 months)
oh god the japanese always suprise you in some way

Author Caleb S. (3 months)

Author opik thea (2 months)
nice for all the skin womans
tring.............. ;)

Author Peter Griffin (5 months)
Lol teens. 

Author JLSGamer (3 months)
If you am american and cant under stand this, just skip to 16:47 and enjoy

Author Kim Licop (3 months)
where is the english version ?

Author Evan M (2 months)

Author Ob (3 months)
18:22 lick lick

Author melton perero (3 months)

Author Crossover3king (5 months)

Author leo messi (4 months)
16:26 too see all the NUDE!

Author allgoo19 (3 months)
I want that potion.

Author yphuoc bya (4 months)
i'm hot

Author chu tieuhk (4 months)
hay ay chu

Author jewel rani (4 months)
so funny movie 

Author Muhammad Ridwan Aprizal (5 months)

Author animeforeverjoho (4 months)
i dont know what they are saying :(

Author aidil hazidi (3 months)
Amazing tits

Author Lemonadecheesy (5 months)
16:30 for boobs

Author George MR (2 months)
This is what every guy that turns invisible would do.

Author Shad Xevyn (2 months)
LOL. An allergic reaction to Ikura (Fish Eggs) causes him to become
invisible. So, why does he throw 7 in the air but, only catches 5 on his
tongue? Anyway, if I had to have an allergy, this is the one I would want.

Author Minami Nishikino (2 months)
Mii-chan look at me. This is the real me!
*realises he's not invisible*
*frantically searches for the item*
*can't find it anymore*
.... mii-chan iyaa~n!
*Old school comedy gag fall*

Author Ragil pamungkas (4 months)
it's very amazing but i don't understand what they are say

Author HitBoiiDon (3 months)
this is a real boy movie

Author khaidirarisman anak kelima (3 months)
goot flim

Author Opik Uyya (5 months)
it's funny

Author cahya zuteyu (3 months)

Author Teody Marasigan (3 months)

Author hao nguyen (3 months)

Author ravie patel (3 months)
ha ha ha ha ha fanny

Author Asa Bell (5 months)
japan, we need to talk

Author michael edwards (2 months)
what a truly FUN and innocent movie , I just love the Japanese humour and
movies and what has been said why not subs eh. 101 watch for Mom lol. Wish
I took languages in school but Culinary and shops were my ticket out into
the world =/ I do recall going threw the same faze in HS we walked into the
girls locker room on dares so many times it was a hoot all in fun tho.

Author john mark gasapo (3 months)
aaaargh!! i wish have that kind of thing that makes me invisible.. haha

Author Carlo Jono Erno (2 months)

Author Jose Cordero (3 months)
bitch japanesses

Author robert aguilar (3 months)
i like this,,,funny

Author Chrysta Brooks (4 months)
Dirty teacher. Those girls are young enough to be his daughters. ...eww

Author clubdriver (6 months)
Now i need to go masturbating.

Author hunterdu75 (6 months)
... Mdr

Author jaspeer12 (5 months)
he used a invisible food to become invisible and I saw one show very funny!

Author Eduard ferrer (5 months)
Hahah this is comedy

Author xXxJokerManxXx (5 months)
wow Japan is amazing you can now download a wife

Author Rowan Par (7 months)
Great stufff...v.funny even w/o the english sub titles

Author Ng Li Jie (7 months)
The final battle was badass level 10!

Author Ali Akkas (5 months)

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