Dead body prank video

funny dead body prank just for laugh . dead old man

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Author Nicholas Major (10 months)
All these pranks are just horrible besides this one it was just ehhh though

Author SuperSaber4 (7 months)
And they all had a good laugh...

Author Lupe Aguirre (1 year)

Author Ramesh R (1 year)

Author prashani fernando (2 years)
poor old lady

Author Jordan Cross (1 year)

Author Javier cillia (1 year)
Hahaha this was so funny hahahahahahaha

Author rosecoleman84 (2 years)
Awesome prank but it's so ovious it's a prank

Author nicole ryan (2 years)
i would have been scared to

Author bamccane (1 year)
Best (and worst). prank. EVER.

Author Talonweaver13 (2 years)
damn Brazil, you scary

Author john keet (1 year)
not funny sorry

Author Jeff The Killer (1 year)
i would cut the body open again...

Author Abhinav Pandagale (2 years)

Author MrDinonano (2 years)
yea, "What country you from?!" "what?" "What ain't no country I ever heard
of! do they speak english in 'what' ??"

Author CatspitProductions (2 years)
I would have thought right away.... wouldn’t the body be stiff? Like a
stiff.... LOL. Then I would have poked it my shoe. Come get some Catspit~! ☠

Author 1OO% (2 years)
the brazilians copied JFL (Just for laughs) SEARCH IT ON

Author John Texas (1 year)
The cameras are behind the mirrors, fool.

Author cat3277 (2 years)

Author NgWarrior Eleven (2 years)
@brooklyn gilstrap Tell that to the people below -_-

Author Thejeanjeani (2 years)
sick fucks

Author Bladen12345 (2 years)
this is so fake. how could they not notice the camera

Author Caio Viero (1 year)
Nope! This video as made from justforlaughsgags(Youtube channel) and this
guy just download and post the same video(FAKE)

Author manowarden134351 (1 year)
and? what will happen. what can a dead body do to you!?!?! ..

Author mrhoffame (1 year)
LOL Holy Cow.

Author Wusiqa (1 year)
Is this funny? /watch?v=jBOrDNfHS0M

Author Danny Nguyen (2 years)
The Brazilian one is funnier, the music and laugher ruins it

Author josh ripley (2 years)
Original video by: JustForLaughsAndGags

Author Ian Walker (1 year)
Lol, since you had to ask. Contagious diseases.

Author sujey108340 (2 years)

Author Hilal Nicole (2 years)

Author iampoopman (2 years)
Just for laughs pranks fucking blows

Author MarkusB Myltoft (2 years)
get your popcorn ready !

Author Chelsy Brun (2 years)

Author lilyarowred02 (2 years)

Author sgrandall11 (2 years)
Ikr i'm fed with all these fucking niggers and crackers being so fucking
racist all the time.

Author prince johnny (2 years)
i like this video its pretty funny

Author Angeleah Ojeda (2 years)
omg i wouldve been histaricly crying and screaming lol just imagine like if
that was a real dead body falling out like that lmlxD

Author JJ BLAzE (1 year)
haha that's funny!

Author Evangeline Lee Si Ern (2 years)

Author kurian Binu (2 years)
Is this just for laugh

Author DMlloyd01 (2 years)
Yeah they did the ghost girl and this as well. I dunno who was first still
funny either way.

Author Dieter (2 years)
Damn kid, get a life :/

Author hnjaa (2 years)
How when this is older??

Author Lukas Urb (2 years)
one question ,why would you fcking drag a dead body to an elevator?...

Author jonathansoens0 (2 years)
I hate how the laughing is louder than the actual screaming.

Author Lewis Wood (2 years)
This is funnier than the video!

Author Wesley Gibson (2 years)
Yrup, He quit.

Author BellaBlaire FairchildCarstairs (2 years)
so funny!

Author 45BATISTA (2 years)
if a black man was there he would be punched the dead body back into the

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