Minecraft - Comes Alive Mod

Dave gets married and has children in this lovely little mod
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Author chris chung (3 months)
I want to make 20 slave children.

Author Jim Ashbaugh (2 months)
id put one kid in a chest and throw one in lava

Author TheWalker2002 (14 days)
does this work with custom npcs

Author Payton Smith (4 months)
It didn't work

Author Mizter Aelo (6 months)
The best mod

Author Courtney Boo (4 months)
Btw if you want you can cook the baby when she is a tiny thing put her in
the cooker and she will cook and you have a cooked baby xD

Author My awesome videos (5 months)
Did not work

Author Shiny Rayquaza (1 year)
Watch to...

Author Karsten Rees (4 months)
Can same-sex couples procreate? D:

Author Yuuki Asuna (5 months)
is it free?

Author mryeti69 (6 months)
does the link in description mod downloader give you a virus sorry paranoid

Author DJShadow5379 (7 months)
That wasn't Nickie's house, if you know what I mean.

Author Daniel Smedley (1 month)
1:24 Hey.

Author Thegame .Dev (7 months)
to bad it doesn't work that well in reality, well the arrange part

Author Ethan Eckert (6 months)
The boy guard looks like ThxCya

Author Ryan Mee (7 months)
If you watch my series there's a librarian called Harry and he has the same

Author Samie Evans (2 months)
the sed dounsontweark

Author Nina Freeman (3 months)
It does not work

Author Colleen Coyne (7 months)

Author Zexus Ali (4 months)
marry i want to marry

Author jb enryd (5 months)
Why it is that thing whit the old thingy!?!??!!?!!?!
And how old most you was!?!?! 1.000.000 years old!!?!?!!???

Author Tyler Walley (14 days)
pop the baby popped out of the ass hole

Author Kris Elam (4 months)
colton the guard is Thnxcya lol 

Author Chase Medley (4 months)
i loved it!!!
even my mom watched it and she thought that it was amazing to!!!!
so pretty soon i will get a computer and get the star wars mod and the
minecraft comes alive mod!!!!

Author Krissie_😘lov3 (8 months)
Well I'm sorry u diddent know I was just askin a simple questions geez u
diddent have to comment back 

Author donovan magee (2 months)
Well, this is what i like when people cheat to get things on Minecraft
comes alive lol

Author avery stultz (4 months)

Author Becca Melodia (5 months)
OMG! Soooooooo cooooollllll!!! It's like the sims in minecraft!!! Sorta...
I'm downloading!

Author thomas leighton (7 months)
mine shes at 1000 

Author matthew marzolf (4 months)
can you mary your daughter

Author anouk swets (1 month)
I have dowloaded but if I want to play with me Chrast that mod minecraft
what should I do, I'm sure I did it right

Author Zachary Heaven (3 months)
Does anyone have seeds for a server, rather than single player, that spawns
near a village? Google isn't helping.

Author Ariel Tanoto (5 months)
I managed to get the mod (after a lot of trouble, I might add), only to be
pretty disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the mod itself is great, but there
was this weird glitch with the new villagers where everyone were completely
black colored, with purple-pink arms. It was weird. 

Author Fabian Gomez (21 day)
It doesnt work when i try to open up a world it says the game has crashed

Author Brady511 (8 months)
why wont any mods work on my computer including this one

Author Susan Kuntz (8 months)
:) my name is Alexei and I get called Alexis 

Author Big Christoforos (1 month)
if you kill your family what happens?

Author MrsCuteLovex (5 months)

Author Krissie_😘lov3 (8 months)
Anyone notice in the beginning he has 111 diamonds and then he keeps giving
them to her and it just stays at 111 even after he gives them to her 😑😐

Author Cath Collett (8 days)
I love this video

Author Chole Tilson (2 months)
You shod make a kingdom on minecraft

Author Jason Jameson (7 months)
please help me also your video is very informative.

Author Pistol TheConqueror (6 months)
That's one angry skeleton shooting the villagers xD

Author Jason Jameson (7 months)
help me its not working for me i did what it siad and it shows the mod but
nothing changed

Author Retro Man (11 hours)
i hate this mod it screwed my minecraft i tried everything it wont even
load the launcher and yes i use forge

Author tristonayter78 (8 months)
my friends moms name is Toni

Author Gabe ditto (7 months)
1 year ago

Author Sorcha Lunow (5 months)
Yaaaaaay family will cone anywhere!

Author wayu takemura (4 months)
RIP Nickie (my 2 year ago teacher got hit by car)

Author Ducks Rule (5 months)
lol his wife was with the farmer in the house alone lol she cheated :D jk

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