How to make arm covers for a chair

How to make protective arm covers for a chair, quickly and easily.
By William MacDonald

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Author Antonia Vetrano (12 days)
How did you attach the fabric that went around to the back of the chair?
The video was cut short on that part. Thanks.

Author irene jessop (21 day)
Thank you.............loved watching you make that arm cover. Very well

Author JCB WRITES (1 month)
Thank you so much. My parent's 58th anniversary is August 1. I wanted to
buy them new arm chairs but they won't let me because they love them. This
will help me refresh their chairs and give them something they need. 

Author Ken Flynn (1 month)
very good instruction video Thank you

Author 26alexther (1 month)
Very useful. I was looking for something like this for my sofa that has
leather armrest. Will be doing this but I guess I will try using double

Author dina taylor (5 months)
You made my day luv your work ..thank you !!

Author helsbels1960 (8 months)
so easy to make too

Author helsbels1960 (8 months)
love the video, I really need these for my lounges..I only have a domestic
sewing machine so hopefully it will manage the material I get....

Author Jennifer Morales (9 months)
Great video, gonna try this and make some before inlaws come for

Author Glenn Cook (9 months)
This video was fantastic. My sewing skills are limited but I was determined
to learn how to thread the old sewing machine and attempt fabricate these
covers as well as a back cushion protector. Well they turned out great! My
wife was impressed as well. Thank you for producing such a great easy to
follow video. 

Author Nick Gibbs (1 year)
thanks thats great

Author Darlene Mason (10 months)
love to know where you found a place that would make them for you.

Author schwabery (2 years)
Always a pleasure to see work done well. I was completely absorbed by the
level of skill and quick work.

Author Kaankaleke D (3 years)
Toss those shears! I love that... going to go make mine now

Author Windyhoosier (2 years)
Thank you, appreciate the insight and expertise. Shame the cat isn't more

Author trishann100 (2 years)
Thanks for that....what a pro you are at it....again thank you :-)

Author mishkamitten (2 years)
Thank you so much! I couldn't believe it would work so well and was very
nervous, but I have 2 fabulous arm caps for the sofa - just the chairs to
go now!!

Author Ann Marie (2 years)
Thank you so much for this video - have watched it twice now and hope to
try making covers myself. Will probably need to watch several more times!!

Author Emily Lewis (1 year)
Thanks for the Great info! I'm going to try this tonight - wish me luck!

Author unversalpictures2010 (3 years)
William MacDonald, you are a genius. Looked at this a couple of days ago,
made my covers today and everything you said worked... thank you so much, I
dread to think what they would have turned out like if I hadn't seen your
master class!

Author peaceangel8989 (2 years)
You make it look so easy! My last job was a dining chair. A no sew job.
Just a staple gun. I really enjoyed it and loved the results. Thank you for

Author Rebeca Johnson (1 year)
Fantastic your are the best teacher ,, I going to do this . Thanks and hugs

Author diana Afandi (4 years)
right on point,thankyou.

Author AlaskaKace (4 years)
Thank you!! That was a great lesson! =) You obviously do quality work! =)

Author Idaliza Morales (1 year)
very simple thanks:))

Author violetmatthers (5 years)
Hi Loved your Video! I was wondering how to recover 2 special "vintage"
chairs that have wood frames and just a bit of fabric tacked down with what
looks like a long strip of brass grommets or a certain kind of tack
decorator-ish tape I don't know what to call it! and I have seen other
videos on decorator tacking however none look anything like what I have, so
I'm wondering if you do..Thanks so much I'm just a Mom wondering how to "do
it myself"

Author Hotlips4000isback (5 years)
Great video! ;)


Author TheLifeintheuktest (2 years)
Thanks for sharing. You make it look so easy. Will give it a try.

Author govega (2 years)
wow I never heard of top sewing and I have been sewing for years! This will
help me a lot since my devil puppy just chewed part of the arm fabric off
my loveseat. thanks.

Author Leigha Drake (4 years)
Beautifully done! You obviously have a lot of pride in your work. Nice job

Author Veronica Kulig (2 years)
Thanks! Very helpful!

Author anzuelin (4 years)
Great. Thanks!!

Author Deborah Reynolds (1 year)
Good instruction gnna try tonight!

Author BritTheAwesome (1 year)
Thanks!!! They want 50.00 per arm online. I can do this.

Author nprosario (1 year)
You did a FANTASTIC job! this is wonderful. :)

Author pinkfox253 (1 year)
this helped so much, thank you, wish you would come back and do more

Author SmartFuel XFT (1 year)

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