Medieval Song - Fingerstyle Guitar by Frédéric Mesnier


Composer: Frédéric Mesnier
Performance: Frédéric Mesnier
Guitar: Maurice Dupont Concert 1995 (France)

A "contemporary" medieval song. I composed this piece in one night. It's good to have a guitar with you during sleepless nights! Not so long to find the notes, but a bit more to play them correctly!



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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 3:06
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Author Jack Hernandez (4 months)
those harmonics where excellent!!! how the hell did you do that? did you
use your nails on each finger and sort of twist? do you need long nails to
do it?

Author Antonio Castro Hetfield (2 months)
How can people dislike this

Author moekan (5 months)
What is the name of this technique that you do in the beginning of the

Author Jeroen Frankfoort (4 days)
Erick Claapton - Shape of my heart

Author 曲蕓 (11 days)
太 帥 了 

Author MrLol 971 (18 days)
Trop bien 

Author Jim Michael Andersen (28 days)
Brilliant! :)

Author 53104 (5 months)
How many years will it take me to learn this?

Author Shekhon07 (2 months)
one of the best ive ever listened

Author Pedro Mata (2 months)
Sir, that beginning is pure skill and the music is absolutely amazing.

Author hurrahfortaadaa (2 months)
I just spent 3 hours trying to re-find this video. I found this years and
years ago and it still makes me tear up like the first time I watched it.
You really are a fantastic musical artist and the amount of passion you
clearly have makes my heart swell. I hope you continue to play on for many
many many years!

Author Jon Jones (7 months)
robert de niro is a guitar master too?

Author bladerunner rose (3 months)
beautiful and evocative, thank you :)

Author louis franco (3 months)
Hey Frédéric, you are awesome! 

Author RooMRami (4 months)
Great job man !
can you please provide the tab ?

Author Max Madden (4 months)
awesome, this guy could join Opeth

Author trevor bell (4 months)
I've heard others playing this, but they tend to rush it...why?. Frederic
got it just right - Thank you!.

Author MrMised (4 months)
es excelente muy bueno

Author david mosqueda (4 months)
Muy buenas canciones, la mayoría son demasiado similares repetitivas y
predecibles, ¿por que no hace algo nuevo? 

Author PhantomPianist91 (5 months)
This piece always amazes me...

Author biggernworse300 (5 months)
Simply Awesome

Author thorekz (5 months)
great playing, too bad tabs are not for free

Author Rhizzenar (6 months)
I've been in heaven for 3 minutes.

Author Rai06f (8 months)

Author PrinceCharming25 (7 months)
If you press up your elbow and forearm to the body youy get a more medieval
sound:) Maybe worth a try:) 

Author Samantos'la HerYere (7 months)
Tr Den Tek Mesaj Olsun Süpersin.

Author Carmine Ferrara (7 months)
man could i have the tabs of this amazing song? thanks

Author emanuele alfieri (7 months)
Are u the author ??? 

Author MZH47 (8 months)
I don't mean to be critical. Some people compose things that have so many
repetitions or similar sounding parts that the piece sounds boring. I was
really happy to find this piece which keeps things interesting all the way
through! :)

Author Santiago Camino (8 months)
Thanks for 3 minutes of glory... :)

Author sgperson101 (4 months)
Amazing, makes me feel like I'm actually in a medieval castle, this is a
proper masterpiece 

Author Luis Manfredini (8 months)
i fell this song... u r a wonderfull guitar play

Author Susan Flores (8 months)
oooooohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy gggggggggerrrrrrrrrddddddddddddd

Author ridho akhmad (9 months)
reminds me of Skyrim

Author Guitar Padawan (5 months)
Very Nice! If you have an arrangement of Schubert's - Ave Maria, I would
love to hear it sometime. Thanks so much for sharing! 

Author afromarco005 (9 months)
A masterpiece

Author nick putzell (9 months)
Medieval Song - Fingerstyle Guitar by Frédéric Mesnier

Author IsraelEloy (5 months)
Hi Frédéric, I'm from Rio de Janeiro and think your amazing work.

Author Nicklas Bertilsson (9 months)
reminds a bit of "Classical Gas"

Author El Kaktus (9 months)
C'est un belle chanson. J'aime.

Author alive144 (9 months)
Absolutely beautiful.

Author andriyasa hakiki (10 months)

Author Opteryan Hegemony (5 months)
Doesn't even sound remotely medieval.

Author DarkLaud (1 year)
It is harmonic because he always hits the note 12 frets away from where his
finger is pushing down on the fret, it's a harmonic but it's like if he was
putting a capo on each held note.

Author farresto (1 year)
This goes directly to one of my taverns in D&D, brilliant!

Author david lee (1 year)
OMG, that's make me so relax and enjoyed to the sleep .

Author Joy Thevision (1 year)
I'm a samba fan but I think this rocks

Author Dante England (1 year)
It's got kind of a pop vibe

Author mistermuffin420 (1 year)
I took this song camping in a radio-free zone and the rangers even said it
was a "cool" song lol. so that tells ya something

Author Godwin Kinyamasyo (1 year)

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