Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York: Back for Good

"Andrew and I still don't understand why we divorced" - Sarah, Duchess of York

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It seems that there are very few videos of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York so I decided to make one.

Song: Back for Good
Artist: Take That

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Comments: 118

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Author Carla Crawford Wales (2 months)
i cant imagine the sad fucker who made this bollocks, honestly!!

Author Genie Meadows (4 months)
it's a shame they aren't together (or are they) not quite sure. Sarah is
pretty with a great figure by the way.
I hope they can get together and Andrew doesn't play around any more (if he
does as reported).
Beautiful girls they have too (except for Beatrice loving the jet set
lifestyle or perhaps both girls do).
I'm sure they all love each other a lot though.

Author seerjc123 (11 months)
Perfectly suited for life in the States. Emotionally incontinent, endlessly
navel gazing, forever spewing out psycho bibble babble and wholly lacking
in any real depth. All these interviews she gives...pouring out her soul
and washing her dirty linen in public...truly ghastly, publicity seeking
rubbish. Can't she just disappear? 

Author lucieclayton10 (4 months)
Some of you make me sick. Fergie wasn't born into the Royal family, and she
was sabotaged from the beginning, very often by the press. It was obvious
from the start that they were genuinely in love unlike Charles and Diana.
They have shared a house ever since their divorce and \I believe they are
still in love. One \prince Philips pops his clogs, I think they will be
back together....and GOOD LUCK TO THEM

Author Kp Yi (4 months)
*Some men in the Royal family have strange taste in women. Look at King
George who gave up the throne for that utterly ugly manly looking Mrs
Simpson, and handsome Andrew marrying this unattractive crooked lips

Author thesweetgermangirl (4 months)
Parasite Andrew looks nothing like Lizzy or Phil, wonder where he came

Author Zaphod Trillian (3 months)
Nelson's bike... broom! broom!

Author wendy hamilton (8 months)
great couple well suited for each other. The media really needs to pull
their heads in and stop ruining lives for money. Hope they are together 

Author Genie Meadows (4 months)
lovely song on the video !!!

Author Lynn Beers (10 months)
As Fergie herself said it was a miracle she became pregnant at all as she
and Andrew never saw eachother....she got a rough start, but I do get sick
of hearing her whine...she made her bed.....

Author fivepoints (6 months)
We Americans love Fergie. Just move here, dearie! You're welcome! 

Author mightymissk (1 year)
I think Andy and Fergie should defy the Royal family, defy the media and
run off and get remarried. Imagine if they eloped!
The two of them would have to stand up to the trolls around them as well as
the trolls in the media, but wouldn't it be marvelous if they did get back
together! If they just said damn-the-torpedoes-we're doing-it. I've always
had a feeling they just might.

Author Ruth Diaz (1 year)
she has made a lot of mistakes. but one thing is for real, after they
divorced, Andrew hasn't smiled again. he looks miserable, lonely, and
bitter. the only times I've seen him smiling after their divorce, are where
he is with her and their children. and don't remember seing any new of him
going out with anybody else ever since. if he is, he really makes sure to
keep that in complete privacy. I believe they should just remarry. if the
queen accepted Charles to marry Camilla regardless of her past so Charles
could be happy, why not do same so her other son can be happy too?

Author The Lich King (11 months)
They are not back together get over it

Author bobcat24637 (9 months)
lmao Andrew sure got good genes off from the queen's side. He's the only
one who hasn't gone bald in that family! Just shed a stone or 2 he'll gain
his playboy status back in no time.

Author sallyjosie (9 months)
Prince Andrew wouldn't DARE take back that gold-digging skank! She is
nothing but a non-stop embarrassment! One disaster after another.
And MOST of them stem from her Greed! Twice stemmed from her acting slutty!
She is NOT fit for the Royal Family and if Andrew took her back, then the
Public would probably demand he be cut off from the Civil list. He's
already not too popular.
OH and he HAS smiled PLENTY since dumping that harlot. I've seen him with a
few ladies, (one was kind of pretty, the other was a butt-ugly cow) and he
was most definitely smiling. I think some people have seen him scowling in
a couple of Documentaries and think that's what he's like all the time.

Author Wanda Jane Trusett (1 year)

Author Wanda Jane Trusett (1 year)
Are you a prince or princess are you World,High Earth,Low Earth,in blood

Author sshardcastle (1 year)
Sarah caused a lot of embarrassment to the queen by her behaviour both
during and after her marriage to Andrew she was unsuited to her role as the
duchess of york and is trading off the title now and no I don't think they
should remarry if he wants to remarry her then fine but give up your royal
status then besides I don't think that the British public would accept her
back in the royal family.

Author irishxxkelt (2 years)
He is the head of his family and is therefore entitled to express an

Author Maggy May (1 year)
The couple divorced because it was triggered by demands of Prince Andrews
naval career which allowed the couple to see each other 40 days a year for
the first 5 years of their marriage well as rumors of Sarah's

Author loco madre (1 year)
Never ever upset the royal family or crack their facade....Diana paid the
ultimate price for doing this and I hope that Sarah doesn't suffer a
horrible fatal 'accident' because she is speaking, I haven't much
use for this self pitying whiner but still..and if you take out the royal
factor Prince Andrew and Sarah's daughters have been subjected to a lot of
embarrassment and humiliation due to their mother's antics.....personally,
I find the royal family plastic and for entertainment only.

Author atiboyful (1 year)
Prove it you pathetic person!

Author tvieiranery (1 year)
At 0:20-Prince Philip´s boy

Author chanctonbury63 (1 year)
They`ve been living under the same roof for years. fergie has neither the
money nor the brains to get a place of her own.

Author Michael Ahern (1 year)
???????????? !!!!!!!

Author hammys123 (4 years)
back for good ??? oh dear , she also has the disgusting temerity to claim
she hasnt got a pot to piss in , as if she is homeless or something the
royal family are corrupt and greedy and steal from all of us ,whether we
support them or not. this should be regarded as a crime , i do not steal
from people who do not want to give me their money,,,why should they ???

Author Maggy May (1 year)
'Sarah's girls love their mother dearly. Don't forget this/.

Author GingerGilligan (3 years)
I saw Andrew with a beautiful brunette named Alexandra. Seriously, Andrew
has a new girlfriend every day, but he has lost his good looks big time. He
attracts women because he has a name that starts with the word "Prince".

Author Maggy May (2 years)
I often wonder how they will organise Sarah's girls weddings.The Royals
have disowned Sarah so what next?

Author dazimo (4 years)
He was not experienced in his ivory tower and she is (proven now) a total
c*nt. This whole story shows that we, in modern society, should not be
stuck with this medieval royalty. Dump them and let us get a rational

Author john price (3 years)
Two corrupt unelected thieves that should both be in prison

Author irishxxkelt (2 years)
Sarah admitted in her book that John Byran was more than a financial
advisor. Friends tried to warn her that he was using her, but she wouldn't

Author Gissedk (4 years)
@Gissedk anybody knows where its taken?

Author 1876crazy (4 years)
anything that he makes is awesome.

Author irishxxkelt (2 years)
No Problem. We can agree to disagree and not swear like a pair of
navvies.............unlike some other people,lol.

Author sallyjosie (1 year)
who cares if they were "Officially" separated? What a childish excuse!
She's a Tramp! And he's an idiot if he ever lowers his standards that low
again. She is nothing but a gold digger! And a complete babbling idiot! She
has no common sense. She needs a nice social climbing millionaire who can
afford to foot her gold-digging tastes and not have to worry as much about

Author irishxxkelt (2 years)
Prince Philip does not want to see or hear anything about Sarah. What she
did in France was the last straw.

Author webguyster1 (2 years)
He is not circumsised

Author Violet Opinion (4 years)
@ellacelene Thanks! I'll make one as soon as I finally graduate next month.
Do you think I should do it using the same song or do you have something
else in mind?

Author ellacelene (4 years)
Great video, and I love how you've arranged the pictures to make it from
Andrew's perspective. I think you should make a second video from Sarah's
point of view!

Author Sans Soucci (3 years)
"Andrew and I still don't understand why we divorced?" REALLY?? Could it
have been all the men you slept with AFTER you two were married? Could it
have been the nude pics of you with different men, OPPS, sorry, I meant
"Financial advisers"? Could it have been ALL the times you tried to sell
out the Royal Family? All I'm saying is, REALLY??

Author Michael Ahern (1 year)
I don't have too anyone with the sense God gave a goose (something you prob
don't have ) would know that.

Author loco madre (1 year)
Well, you certainly raise an interesting point..I had read that the perv
had gifted one of Edward's daughters with a very expensive necklace and he
didn't, it appears that his integrity (maybe I am not being
fair and he had no control) is play doughish. As for Sarah I see her as a
person with champagne taste on a beer budget:) Prior to her appearance on
'The View' she 'popped in' to Michael Kors to buy a, what's YOUR
take on the Duchess of Cambridge? (Duchess Dolittle)

Author Maggy May (2 years)
This is correct my friend.

Author adelgado75 (2 years)
I'm no fan of Camilla but she kept her mouth, if not her legs, shut until
Diana gave the interview to Martin Bashir and 'outed' her. Sarah caused a
lot of embarrasement for the royal family.

Author M. Lawson (1 year)
I would love to be so miserable. Millions upon millions of income, palaces,
Rolls Royce and Bentleys, and anything else that zillions can buy. And
nothing to do but enjoy all of it. Poor sod.

Author sshardcastle (1 year)
Also the difference with camilla was although the British public resented
her at first eventually they came to accept her well most people do but not
the Diana fans that's why the marriage took place and you have to agree
that in a funny sort of way they work well together.

Author irishxxkelt (2 years)
They won't have weddings like their cousin William as one day he will be
king. They will have lovely weddings maybe low-key like Prince Andrew's and
the Duchess of Wessex (Sophie).

Author TheEnglish1966 (2 years)
I hope they get back together <3

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