THIRD AGE Total War SiCh Edition

версия мода с полным русским переводом на

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Author WarbandFighter (5 years)
you most have medieval 2 and medieval kingdoms, than you download third age
total war patch 1.0 than 1.1 en than 1.2 en than you have a fantastic

Author WarbandFighter (5 years)
only helms deep, black gate and minas tirith are just big castles, whit
three walls, its just a selfmade game, but maybay if there comes a patch
1.4 ore 1.5 dat you have than helmsdeep en that sort of shit^^

Author Lord Sheogorath (5 years)
Amazing Work :D can't wait to see Helmdeep or Blackgate.

Author therodenne (5 years)
THIRD AGE Total War SiCh Edition ????

Author MasterBigAb (5 years)
Yeah man !!! ^^

Author Kirill Kruglyakov (5 years)

Author BBlueu2 (5 years)
Wow!!!!! These videos are amazing, please make a Isengard video and

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