Special Force Philippines October 2012 D3D Hack and Cheats

one of a kind typical cheater playing in PSF 2013

tags: xephos crossfire point black war rock call of duty modern warfare 3 2 battlefield 3 black ops crysis dota 2 starcraft mineski grounds vito cruz station malapit sa lasalle hehe cheat hax

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 2:41
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Uploaded by: Vice Liberty Andreas
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[GM]'s! pa banned Nickname: alponso19
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Author KiLLm3QuiCK (4 years)
asa lang kau sa cheats mga weak

Author MrEmail06 (3 years)
@johnroxdemsox2 If you say this is shitty look at your grammar and realize
how shitty it is. asshole.

Author brixar9591 (3 years)

Author joyrge1 (3 years)
mga gag0 susumbu g kuyan sa gm yari yan laro na kc ni lalaro pa heheh!!!

Author deansamonte (3 years)
di na gumagana ang cheat nato kc wla pang update to ngyn.. sumbong ka sa
GM? pti mismo GM gumagamit nito tanga kba..? vovo..

Author covenant2009 (4 years)
Lmao. we had this hack in USF back in the day... annoying as hell, but a
lot of nubs were using it so it wasn't all bad

Author skatingpro10 (4 years)
im filipino but im in canada i play soldier front!!!!

Author mOnd1n (4 years)
anong chaet yan

Author John Last (3 years)
@MrEmail06 Explain to me what I spelled wrong? and it really is a shit
game, sorry to burst your bubble kid

Author Vice Liberty Andreas (4 years)
a(V)aZiNg*** <- the hacker, i reported him to the GM's, unfortunately our
GM's doing nothing.

Author John Last (3 years)
such a shit game

Author akoitodude (4 years)
panu yan Download kuya try ko lang mag cheat he Date:7/8/2010

Author j3j3m0n91rl (4 years)
anong klaeng cheat hindi makita

Author joyrge1 (3 years)
mga gag0 susumbubg kuyan sa gm yari yan laro na kc ni lalaro pa heheh!!!

Author Vice Liberty Andreas (2 years)
@deansamonte no shit sherlock.

Author lnrdz5566 (4 years)
i2 dn ung pinapa-report ko ky gm...!c a(V)aZiNg*** ... wat a co-incidence..

Author Thebaskal Brando (4 years)
i think he only put the video to show-off....

Author Nelx Paulex (4 years)
Maybe because when he start he changae the map

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