bloody sonic pics

pics of sonic and friends dying. lots of blood
edit: wow I haven't visited my old channel in while, and I come back to see that one of my first videos I ever made went from barely a 1000 views to skyrocketing to 36,000 thats freaken insane, i guess all i can say is thanks to everyone that ever viewed this video :)

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ahora mas graciso advertencia puede morir de risa
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Author TStein2003 (9 days)

Author Hima Anglo (1 month)
why would you even

Author Jerica Santos (1 month)
spuo and shadow ar daieg ;]

Author christian andrade (21 day)

Author Sumeria Sidrah-Khan (22 days)
Oh my god I have to go throw up 

Author Ramona Fannin (2 months)
How can shadow bleed? He's a robot created by eggman.

Author RICARDO Gomes (2 months)
song: three days grace i will not die

Author edgar sheaves (27 days)
I love this video

Author SonicFangirl (4 months)
wait,do you love sonadow? cause, at 1:16 was sonadow pic,and i have it on
FB like profile pic w

Author Lekha Satish (1 month)
how is shadow bleeding hes a robot

Author alaura logan (4 months)

Author Christopher Jiro (1 month)
shadow is not a robot

Author Glaceonmaster89 (5 months)
The Shadow pictures made me cry I love Shadow and seeing all of these
bloody pictures of him just broke my heart! XC

Author Kimberlin McDowell (1 month)
god man its sad

Author Mohamed Hesham (1 month)

Author Luna Moonedowicz (3 months)
My Shadow!!!!!!!!!Get more Sonic, not Shadow!!!!!!!

Author Pattyplaysminecraft (5 months)

Author Ramona Fannin (2 months)
Ooook Amy's sad,sonic,shadow and tails are in pain and IM CREEPED OUT

Author Duidui Bodharamik (3 months)
It's rude to some people who is a fan.....
P.S: I love it! I like it! 

Author Matthew the Fox (3 months)

Author Diego Alexander (6 months)
I saw some pics that keep me thinking sonic or shadow is up for a fight
even though there wounded. You know what I'm saying?

Author homieboyfinn Arceo (2 months)
Awesome song

Author Jake The Hedgehog (5 months)
Geeze internet these days XD

Author Edward Seward (3 months)
That's so sad :,(

Author achmad fuadi (4 months)

Author Irishboy (6 months)
What? It wouldn't make sense if shadow is bleeding cuz doesnt his blood
heal stuff?

Author Нодари Метревели (4 months)
просто захватывает

Author Angela Limon (4 months)

Author Mohamed Hesham (5 months)
i mean time of dying by three days grace

Author alicia rosas (5 months)
Sonic es jenial

Author Diego Alexander (6 months)
They're I mean

Author David Delfel (6 months)
holy shit.... that was epic!!!!!

Author Nicholas Early (4 months)
I heard a voice saying this: " please help m-me. I got scratched, stabbed
and shot!" It was sonic! Before i said something i heard shadow say: "
Break that window and get us out of here! Were in pain and were dying! Help
us!" Can they see me? Im mean, if i break my scree...... it would
jus....... nd bolts. can you help
failed.".................. Oh crap.

Author jenibel elibet rodriguez avilan (2 months)
coseyalacion de intro

Author Jessica Mendez (2 months)
None are scary actually

Author Eric Craft (4 months)
Dats sad

Author Kristi James (3 months)
So sad

Author Нодари Метревели (4 months)
как найти музыку??

Author Kaylee Rogers (6 months)
What is this song called

Author Jamar Jackson (7 months)
these pics with this song i find these images 70% sad, 20% creepy, and 10%
strange (a.k.a. wtf)

Author Ohn Jones (6 months)
Time of dying

Author Mohamed Hesham (5 months)
its all over by three days grace

Author Oil KUNG (7 months)
oh no shadow is pain

Author Keli Keely (8 months)

Author lee deegan (8 months)
Three days grace are my favourite band ever I even liked this video because
I am a huge fan of three days grace and sonic the hedgehog

Author Аня Подолян (6 months)
А тейлза жалко

Author Lyna Gucci (8 months)
thats wen i saw three days grace 

Author 정은수 (5 months)

Author Kir Petrov (9 months)
They can't dead....

Author Lewis Murray (9 months)

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