bloody sonic pics

pics of sonic and friends dying. lots of blood
edit: wow I haven't visited my old channel in while, and I come back to see that one of my first videos I ever made went from barely a 1000 views to skyrocketing to 36,000 thats freaken insane, i guess all i can say is thanks to everyone that ever viewed this video :)

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ahora mas graciso advertencia puede morir de risa
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Author santiaa3 (2 years)
i will see any boby who kill me

Author ComedyClown (1 year)
1:10 is that sonic and Amy doing it or is sonic dieing

Author Angeltheheadghog (2 years)
3:02 what the fuck was next to him!?!!

Author Ronnie Fulton Jr. (1 year)
im a sonic fan but i like it

Author Carlos Eduardo (2 years)
and truth! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author lupijoel (2 years)

Author Abigail Flocken (2 years)
*has fear* that does NOT HAPPEN

Author shadowrocks223 (1 year)
no he is torn to pices but no

Author Stephanie Howell (2 years)
fuck who ever made this

Author mimilg28 (2 years)
This is a quote from the video its a bloody world... SO MUCH BLOOD!

Author BrandonToTheT (2 years)
If you were to look in my mind sonic would be alot like naruto more bloody
and more fighting

Author criscal73 (1 year)
Every time i see some one blody sorry i mabey i spelled it wrog my hair
frise D:

Author jesus gutierrez (2 years)
no not shadow why him,WHY MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!

Author richard byers (2 years)
who the hell is the last one

Author chelseylanaewilson (1 year)
2:45 DANM that's a hole lot of blood

Author yvetteivettebri (2 years)
.... :-P

Author Harley Parker (1 year)
Shadows a rroobboot

Author derp yoshi (2 years)
invader zim brought me here :I

Author Daniel King (2 years)
Why do I watch this stuff...

Author gustavo gomes (2 years)
just here for song : )

Author Rhyana Day (2 years)
pffft XDDD

Author Carlos Eduardo (2 years)

Author Patricia Bates (1 year)
This guy can go fuck him his video sonic is for KIDSSSsSsSssSsSsSS for god

Author thunder veirup (1 year)
holey shit. at 2:40 what happen to shadow, his arm is gone

Author June WanbliGleska (2 years)

Author Sonic5946 (2 years)

Author McKenzie Gordon (2 years)
Wolf Howl: I AGREE!!! He is still hot ;)

Author grichard602 (1 year)
sonic looks more hurt than shadow

Author TuntematonSika (2 years)
looks like we found the youtube account of GLaDOS ;D

Author Joy Solomon (2 years)
noooo!!!!! shadow!!!!!!! 1:27

Author victor valencia (1 year)

Author alvin thomas (1 year)
Bxbgbcnggfgsgsghsg Flagstaff
wet ersfzfsdfsdsdsdsfxfsdeg

Author axel jimenez (2 years)
what is this song

Author tunnessTunics (1 year)
well the messed up part is that shadow is wearing a dress with a teddy bear
at 2:56

Author tailsdollkiller5436 (2 years)
is a saw trap 2:39

Author Victoria Lasley (2 years)

Author frances pilato (2 years)
i had to watch this just to go to sleep

Author shadowhedgehogawsome (1 year)
every time i see shadow hurt my eyes start to get watery for some reson

Author tunnessTunics (1 year)
you should of put "pian " instead of that song

Author queenchrysilis (1 year)
the blood is GOOD >:D

Author quincetheman (2 years)
who would make a video of this

Author jessmonkey64 (2 years)

Author cryo the hedgehog (2 years)
one of the coolest videos ever. nice music choice by the way

Author Rose Lalonde (1 year)
I know right

Author Joy Solomon (2 years)
i know this song!

Author bobby theman (2 years)
the worst pic was when shadow was being hung from the ceiling with all the
thumb tacks in his eyes and he was still alive suffering :(

Author Lily TheTNTmaster (2 years)
kinda :o

Author kathy caskey (2 years)
why dose poeple make sonic, shadow and silver hurt? i hate it hate it hate

Author Dark Fire (2 years)
LOL so funny

Author VeryBerrySong {VA} (1 year)
@manasahin94. Time of Dying by Three Days Grace

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