TMNT - How Donnie Met April For The First Time

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Author Cecilia Ang (22 days)
OMG! Donnie loves her

Author DokuseiandFriendsAJ (1 month)
I love this ship 😛🐢

Author Angel Edbrum (1 month)
I've always wondered what song this is. I really like it. 😏

Author Chloe Wibisana (2 months)
Aw. This is adorable ~^_^~

Author Jussy833 (5 months)
One of the most cutest falling in love scenes I've ever seen X3 <3

Author Hamster201122 (9 months)
I know its weird how Donnie fell for April at first sight, but I also think
its very sweet :3 I'm a hopeless romantic that way XD

Author damien piens (6 months)
I like the music. Is there a full version of that music ?

Author molinagrn (10 months)
Seriously Donnie?! because Raph's got a point!

Author Izaya Orihara (10 months)
what is the name of the song in the background when he see's her ?

Author Nikita Komatsu (5 months)
And that's when I HATED donnie in the beginning he was so freaking annoying

Author Gamersaiyan4 (5 months)
Alright being one of the only people who remember how don met April in the
2003 version ( the better one if you watch it) Donnie's only opinion on
April was that she was a smart person that helped defeat stockman the first
time that was it. 

Author Amanda Mamalio (9 months)
donnie, you're supposed to be the smartest in the group.

Author MuteNinja (1 year)
*giggles* Anyone else thinking, "Direct hit cupid!"

Author PingasDudeOfDeath (1 year)

Author Donatello Hamato (1 year)
My point STILL stands! raph is so gonna get it! >:(

Author Draco wolf (1 year)
Donnie: Guys look at that! *April's walking down the street* Me: Um...look
at what, Donnie?

Author kenmarc escario (1 year)
donnie is busted

Author Helmuska11 (1 year)

Author SoraxKairiSonicxAmy (1 year)
Donnie is Definitely my favorite turtle!!!!

Author MrsAnimelover89 (1 year)
You know...It may be a long shot...but I'm starting to think that maybe
Donnie and April were meant to be together in this season :3

Author PurpleNinjaGAMER12 (1 year)
This was my favorite scene in that ep! ^^ I'm starting to think that they
are gonna have Donnie & April be 2gether cuz so far Casey hasn't shown up-
that is unless the Pulverizer is Casey.. :C

Author jgrantham248 (1 year)
episode one

Author roselle495 (1 year)
Please don't mention that game. It belongs somewhere dark, along with a
certain Venus de Milo XP

Author RynoRules2012 (1 year)
Donnie and april siting in a tree k-I-s-s-I-n-g

donney is drooling!!!

Author Draco wolf (1 year)
n_n Oh, man I cannot wait to have Casey on this show!Donnie's gonna get
super jealous, and have that red three bracket thing flashing in the corner
of his forehead every time, Casey goes near her! This is gonna be epic!

Author TheBlackslimer (1 year)
hmm, used to be michaelangalo had a crush on april, but i'm glad they got
rob paulsen back

Author Ninja Bot (1 year)

Author Juniana Kravitz (1 year)
i agree! i want that to happen,ever since the first show of the new series.

Author Bella Herrera (1 year)
Close your big mouth,Raph!!! I said that because i know your secret!

Author Hannah Brewer (1 year)

Author Donatello Hamato (1 year)
haa... she is so pretty! :)

Author multicolored furby Looper (1 year)
Its so funny how his neck gets all tiny XD

Author Niki Phillips (1 year)
Lol nerd love

Author Leonardo AJTMNT (1 year)
Love at first sight!!

Author lucerastarfox (11 months)
April isn't not that pretty, but it's cute and funny to see Donnie all in
love xD

Author Donatello Hamato (1 year)
haha yea... :|

Author Bitsy83 (1 year)
AND the "Out of our Shells" tour.

Author Xdonnielover (1 year)
donnie: shes the most beautiful girl i ever seen raph: isn't she the only
girl you seen BURN!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Author xXCrafXxHD (1 year)
whats the name of the song?

Author cutiepup42 (1 year)
what episode is this?

Author midnight hamato (1 year)
I hope that Casey does not take April away from Donatello or I will use my
sissors on Casey

Author Chloe-lei Mansell (1 year)
I love you Donnie :-D

Author sonya archbell (1 year)

Author griptaily (1 year)
Donnie gets testy when it comes to April....i like it

Author wolfguy23 (1 year)
Well, he is a 15 year-old, so naturally despite being intellectually smart
he's not very intelligent socially nor emotionally.

Author Raphael Hamato (1 year)
Ya but she is the only girl you even seen though Donnie

Author TMNTFAN397 (10 months)
I thin that Donnie is cute for me :)

Author wjkhdproductions (1 year)
I don't think so. I know for sure that in the '03 series, they definitely
hinted at it b/w her and Donnie though.

Author TheMovieCriticDude (1 year)
Seeing a relationship between a mutant turtle with a human girl would be
the equivalent of seeing a relationship between a human princess with a
blue hedgehog! Oh wait (Sonic 06).

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