Batista vs Ryback - WWE RAW 4/14/14

Sorry this is a fake video.I have edited this for a subscriber.Thumbs up if you're a fan of the animal Batista !

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HD WWE Copyrights. TheEDXism Productions


Author TheBoricuaGamer (8 months)
very gay !!

Author Ethan Claridge (8 months)

Author vincent queen (8 months)

Author Hardik Shah (1 year)

Author michelle345100 (6 months)
u bitch

Author Mark Iniguez (7 months)

Author Dinesh Budiyal (1 year)
finally batista is back on monday night Raw...

Author Kristie Navarro (1 year)
you can tell it is fake look at the wwe logo it moves

Author RyuzakyEdu1 (1 year)
i can't believe that people actually thinks this was a real video

Author John Taylan (1 year)
batista is still in his prime. there shouldnt be a reason why he wouldnt
come back. gotta bring back the half greek half filipino animal to show the
true meaning of domination!.

Author jayryn88 (1 year)
i do. lol

Author Luke Sweet (10 months)
it is fake but its a bad ass entrance

Author ikhmal hakim (1 year)
Its edited

Author The Pain Angel (1 year)
100% fake

Author Jake JNR DW (1 year)
this is fake!!! people who r lebos, lets crack him

Author Icronk22 (1 year)
read the description dumbass

Author MrVitorSP (1 year)

Author mike hunt (10 months)

Author 150Hello (1 year)
Read he fuking description!

Author Kaynos (1 year)
I wish this was real but not to fight the moronic shield but kick Ryback

Author ابراهيم الأنصاري (1 year)

Author fatjonhaziri (1 year)
This is fake

Author Marc8808 (1 year)
He meant the 13th of may in french its switched around that's probably why

Author Theo Gamer (9 months)
omfg what a fuckin retard

Author anthony aguilar (1 year)
stupid and fake

Author Rajan Jaswal (9 months)
Khalistan zindabad

Author Mutum Byron (1 year)
yes I agree cant even believe it. i know the bad fat is the reason that
stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. And My international
body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your
fat belly. i found it here >>

Author jessica ramos (1 year)
doesnt anyone know that batista will NEVER COME BACK

Author lone jim (1 year)
fake u can see the viedieo change pussy

Author حامد حمدان (9 months)
okay but why you lie you can choose any attractive title but why you wrote
2013 that's not good greeting to one of my favorite wrestlers batista

Author Icronk22 (1 year)
stop complaining

Author Lawrence Ashford (1 year)
Fake video

Author Marko Rangelov (1 year)
How did you get the picture

Author Kye Forbes (11 months)
roses are red violets are blue i hit the dislike button JUST FOR YOU

Author Jai Bhambraja (1 year)

Author Denny Celtic (10 months)
its fucking fake dont you see he change the video

Author supertrain21 (1 year)
Even if this was real, why would Batista walk out calmly in street clothes
to a hostile shield lol?

Author latonye73 (1 year)
Un called for

Author raymeshia lafond (1 year)
i miss u batista i luv u so much

Author abel medina (1 year)
se nota q es falso x que cuando se oscurese el logo de la wwe cambia de wwe
live a solo la letra w

Author lgsuperstar85 (1 year)
read the Description dumbass

Author barca4huzaifa (1 year)
LOL 0:43 changed from W live to W only

Author gracy652 (1 year)
Riversnake how about u think before u type

Author Icronk22 (9 months)
read the description

Author llezter2002 (1 year)
edryan its fake right! the real one is when sheamus ryback and cena attack
the shield

Author zadeth absalon (1 year)
i wish batista is coming back to wwe..

Author Triston Schirmer (1 year)
Damn, i love batista i thought this was real.I havent watched wwe in a

Author lou canavaggio (1 year)
big fake

Author Fan Tyler (9 months)
u mothafucka, asshole.waste my time,

Author Sonia Zuñiga (9 months)
el video estuvo una mi

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