Commando 2 walkthrough misson 2

this is part 2 of 2 of the mission 2 walk through for commandos. if u havent, read teh description on vid one.

I do not own any rights to commando it is a really fun game, and i am just makeing walk throughs for entertainment not money. if you want to play commando 2 go to

if u have any games that need a walk through tell me on comments or anything else and i will make one =)

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Author commando0022 (5 years)
guys, yourwelcome, if i helped you please subscribe so you can see more
vids. Plus tell me what game u need help on and i will help u guys

Author LooneyBlast447 (6 years)
nice thx for uploading

Author RunezMusic (6 years)
thanks make a misson 3?

Author Kevin Silva (5 years)
Shoot down the acid where the the drum is near. take note your shot must be
accurate enough... Use a pistol with suppressor.

Author jannakryan (6 years)
thx man i stocked on the acid..

Author popcornds (4 years)

Author wandongluv (6 years)
Thank you, I was stuck at the same part (green barrel) - You've helped alot~

Author Surya735 (6 years)
The boss that u fight he's just like Ryu from Street Fighter.

Author Stack812 (6 years)
is there a way to reload or is it supposted to mean that i have 25 out of
25 bullets?

Author Greenfuzz138 (3 years)
Green Water sucks > this is why theres a walkthough

Author Carlos Salinas (3 years)

Author shubhambr (6 years)
how do you get those wepeons so early?

Author Brady2k10 (2 years)
try playing commandos 2 men of courage, or better yet leave it to the pro
gamers :)

Author tqtqtwtw (4 years)
i just found out on my own but still i wish i foud out this v ideo eairlier

Author rasengon7 (5 years)
i just needed help with the water....

Author hjhj00 (6 years)
thank you soo much i got stuck on the acid thing its soo anoying

Author DinoCappuccinoxD (5 years)
thx i needed help 2 at this acid water^^

Author commando0022 (6 years)
ok i got alot of suggestion to make a mission 3, i will make it s subscribe
so u know when it is out =)

Author Igor Kozlov (6 years)
yeah me to

Author Kevin Silva (5 years)
Me too, need help with acid water... The jumping pissed me off!!!

Author plgf10 (6 years)
thanks dude, i was stuck on the barrel in the green water part lol

Author Piotr kai (5 years)
to jest super gra

Author able2ful1 (2 years)

Author JackLORDofTOASTppl (6 years)
sam here... i had no idea how to beat it...

Author Kevin Silva (5 years)
Shoot down the acid with a weapon with silencer. Besides, it has infinite
ammo. NOTE: Shoot down where the barrel is near and observe how the sniper
did it.

Author raino1000 (6 years)
do you know how to mount horse

Author legobly123 (4 years)
@ plgf10 that 'green water ' is acid

Author ronscheese (6 years)
is there a technique for the acid lake thing

Author mbua1 (5 years)
ryu? fucking bullshit. I wasn't playing street fighter for a reason

Author arya Nba (4 years)
i like this game it is cool

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