The Fast and The Furious Opening Song

Song: Title Sequence
Artist: BT (Brian Transeau)

The first song in The Fast and The Furious (2001) movie. The score for this film was composed by Brian Transeau, he simply titled this piece "Title Sequence."

This Video is not intended to infringe upon the copyrights of Universal/MCA or its affiliates, this video is for entertainment purposes only.

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 2:46
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Author Myrdoc (1 month)
Everyone keeps asking the name of this song, the composer Brian Transeau
simply named it "Title Sequence."

Author Tiago Maia (5 months)
0:00 when my good memories of childhood begining

Author Eric Abram (5 months)
I love 2:05 - 2:30 Reminds me of the scene when Vince needs an air
ambulance. One of my favourite scenes story wise.

Author Aaron Turner (10 months)
Very sad. RIP Paul Walker. And btw, this song was easily the best song in
the movie. 0:07 - 0:43 is the dopest part of this song though, for sure.

Author framedinblood02 (1 year)
This movie is the reason I have a driving license, and will always have a
place in my heart. R.I.P Paul Walker, we miss you.

Author Z3R0Genesis (1 year)
I more or less grew up with FnF 1. It is still the best movie for me,
because it is about tuning the cars and not shooting with exotic sports
cars. It is sad how the series continues. After Tokyo Drift it went down,
and reminds me on Transporter or sth. This movie made my childhood and Paul
aka Brian was my hero. After 12 years it's still a legendary movie. I can't
explain. R.I.P Paul

Author Brody Ramirez (4 months)
Name of the song

Author Justice Silfies (1 year)
I can't even watch the FF movies the same way anymore. It's such a tragic
loss. Rest in peace, Paul. If there's a heaven, we all know you're there..

Author bianca chmelikova (1 year)

Author stouf jbt (7 months)
C'est une tuerie cette music.

Author Pandiya Rajan (7 months)
Waiting for 7th part

Author Resdenygaming (11 months)
R.I.P Paul Walker 1973-2013
I'm gonna mis you :'(

Author aries4961 (8 months)
this song is what made me watch the movie, the song stuck in my head. i
love it. 2 good 2 b 4gotten. thanks 4 giving this to me in its entirety. u

Author Eric Sueing (1 year)
R.I.P. Paul Walker. Thanks for help making Fast and Furious series what it
was today.

Author Royer Mauricio (10 months)
There will never be a movie just like fast and furioud

Author james little (11 months)
this song reminds me of Paul walker ..crying long live Paul walker

Author arturoicetre (1 year)
So sad

Author Irsyaduddin Rosman (1 year)
:( R.I.H.A.W Paul Walker Rest In Heaven Angel Walker

Author arturoicetre (1 year)
So sad

Author Latrice Lover (11 months)
Paul Walker is gone too soon! I'll always love u!

Author Gabriel Payne (1 year)
Nooooooooo :'( why god? he was a good person

Author Jonatã Felipe Russo De Moura (7 months)
(:-] - ♩♪♫

Author ROBBY639 (2 years)
i wish they would make a F & F about racing again...not "jobs"...they are
wayyyy cooler than the newer ones...

Author mike koert (3 years)
this is a nich number but i.dont no the name of the song:(

Author Logan Letchford (1 year)
i had never thought i would see Vin diesel and Paul walker in the same
movie. thats what made it epic... :)

Author Elvis Presley (1 year)
Now wake up and enjoy your Toyota

Author Lijo M Loyid (3 years)
Can anyone tell me the music played in the middle part of the movie when
SWAT Raids the house .also when dom & Letty makes Love ... Its something
like , million dollar . PLS Some1 tell me the song name . I m desperate ..

Author kjwillis301 (2 years)
do anybody know the name of this song

Author Strikehard92 (2 years)
@Drawnsbyme No I menat "I have got a 97 Eclipse", I bought it, for my own
money. No one gave/donated the car to me lol! :D Sorry for not making
myself clear dude ^^

Author Importlover9701 (1 year)
Best music intro ever!

Author MityLite (2 years)
@theRandyOrton1 rodgers* :]

Author Drawnsbyme (2 years)
@Strikehard92 Who the fuck gives you a car like that. I need to start
hanging out with him/her

Author HARO934 (3 years)
its just not the same without the car sounds!!!! haha

Author UnderCoverKnight (3 years)
This is going to be my theme song when I get into my GT-R

Author Sebastian Shaw (3 years)
i love the highway part when brain look at the mia and dome says "come on"

Author geraldo787b (2 years)

Author Jelmer Klopper (3 years)
@jmar0015 *ahem* Skyline

Author Strikehard92 (2 years)
I got a 97 eclipse last friday with a nice bodykit big rims and tires with
a wing now I've installed a good audio system with 2 12 inch woofers from
kicker, I get that nice feeling when I drive around :-), it got racing
seats short shift and more ;-)

Author Rain Ocampo (1 year)
The left is better ;)

Author djkid9 (3 years)
@theRandyOrton1 dont worry i wont. *loads gun*

Author Jason Morrison (3 years)
Its called "Nitrous" Rap Version

Author Felix Cortez (2 years)
Thumbs Up if you know all the words to the movie.

Author Darth Nihilus (3 years)
Just packed up the real money load, and it's coming your way. Look for
"Rogers" on the side of the truck. Don't forget my share of the deal

Author Drawnsbyme (2 years)
@duder7589 Omg you did? Thats my dream car

Author austin riley (2 years)
my theme song in my supra

Author gramajo43 (3 years)
Awwwwe yeaaaah boiii

Author Κυριάκος Παχατουρίδης (1 year)
gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrin ggggggggriin grrrrrin!...3 Hondas go and stole rogers!

Author Bristecom (2 years)
Congrats. I have a 99 GSX with the 4G63 turbo engine and all wheel drive. I
still think it's the best all around car for me. The GS is a bit down on
power and FWD but still a cool car. :)

Author stonercrazyclips222 (4 years)
Always wanted to know what this was but in the subtitles of the movie it
says its.... I cant remember but it gives the wrong name :P Thanks for
sharing this!

Author leon köhler (1 year)

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