[Path of Exile] New Uniques & Future of PoE

A show of some cool things recently added to the game, and how I expect this trend will lead into PoE's future.

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Author Carlito Brigante (1 year)
Many people that watch Kripps vids arent even playing PoE btw.

Author DaBigSmeaple (1 year)
Beta in name? The game's storyline isn't even completed yet. It's not done
and they're still inputting content such as items and skill gems. It's F2P,
the micro-transactions are what allows it to be. Note the micro
transactions don't affect the same way as D3 does with it's RMAH. You can
literally purchase power in D3.

Author Hapseleg (1 year)
That armor is too op imo :( they really need to add something bad to it
like lower your resistance or something else imo.

Author Tarantel666 (1 year)
And btw.. I guess most of Kripps followers are somewhat casuals.The price
for this topped 20 Exalts from the start. Even if thousands of them want it
now, 95% of them will NEVER be able to pay up for it in the first place, so
NOTHING really changed there...

Author DerickRocks001 (1 year)
You look like hell bro.

Author DemolisherovChrist (1 year)
Chernobog is Russian for Black God.

Author k o (1 year)
The entire argument that an item like that shield changes ANYTHING is
complete nonsense. With drop rates as bad or worse than D3 release, only a
tiny minority of people will ever even see that item.

Author Karl Klaps (1 year)
i highly doubt that the difference is even remotly that big

Author TheOnlyTrueZak (1 year)
Path of Life Nodes and Elemental Damage.

Author frodofraggins (1 year)
I already have posted to the appropriate forums. 1) Desync has been an
issue since closed beta and is due to their net code design. they are
unlikely to ever fix it 2) The loot thread just gets endlessly bigger while
they apparently wait for only FFA lovers to stick around. There are easy
fixes and they have shown no inclination to fix them 3) Kripp views this
game through rose colored glasses. I'm waiting for him to actually look at
the game objectively.

Author 420haxx (1 year)
I'm sorry to say it, but if you cant deal with a small XP loss in default
league, then you should really reconsider rolling a HC char. The point of
the XP penalty on death is that you learn how to play more cautiously and
strategically. These methods are essential for HC.

Author agg sar (1 year)
He actually has said that he has a contract with them on his stream.I
personally see that as a very good move by some very smart developers but i
see what you mean when you see a tint of bias in his reviews.On the other
hand since this is mostly directed to players who already have some
experience with the game or at least have played it.To this majority, the
know issues of POE is of zero concern since most have learned to live with
them and don't wanna hear them for the 100th time

Author DaBigSmeaple (1 year)
Again, your points still have no more effect than before. You just
acknowledged of the beta status, but still complain anyway. Kripp isn't a
game designer, he clearly plays the game because he enjoys it, you know the
whole reason games exist. To have fun, not find every flaw and brood on it
until it's fixed. The company is pretty small so maybe your set your bar
too high. You really shouldn't bank D3 as a comparison because it didn't
even have all it's features as a finished product.

Author TheGritsandGravy (1 year)
stfu you downsyndrome fuck

Author Arowec (1 year)
yup because everyone can afford a 30 exalt armor

Author Jubka (1 year)
that would destroy the replayability of the game :/

Author WasBMOC (1 year)
I feel like the item based currency/economy in PoE makes trading for high
level items/uniques a bit easier. at least compared to my experience in
other games. currency items drop quite frequently, and you can find any of
them anywhere in the game, including lvl1 area's as long as you are of an
equivalent level. so whereas in D3, you get crap gold all the way til
hel/inferno. making a new character in PoE, you can get any amount of
currency all the way through the whole play through.

Author rareu4532 (1 year)
I am diamond supporter and my unquie items its under process =)).. Its will
be one hand sword, i think will call it The Kripparians Crown :=)

Author iTzKiiNG (1 year)
in some cases i agree with you, but if you have a bad group its a different
story.. kids that just want to run off and do there own thing. :(

Author Erik Kristensen (1 year)
Kripp you should apply for a job at GGG when you are tired of streaming:)

Author Partikle (1 year)
millions of bots

Author shhfiftyfive (1 year)
too bad the game really does boil down to the same cookie cutter builds
stacking life nodes and one of a few effective skills... for most if us.
the LA, EK, or FP life node builds. because most of us aren't rich as fuck
in POE and we can't afford to buy these awesome new uniques at the inflated
prices set by gamers like kripp who will gladly pay a lifetime supply of
exalted orbs to get his hands on one. so, while the game remains fun for
him each week, it gets old fast for the rest of us.

Author kanimara (1 year)
That's actually a really smart (unintentional?) way to make content.
Instead of spending thousands of hours developing new levels or new
monsters... They just make a new skill gem or a new item.

Author Gueccio (1 year)
just shut up youre being newb at life

Author CHEFKING (1 year)
poe makes the patches in a lets say virtual machine or a second server and
they just switch the gateway u aas the player are using to connect blizzard
is taking em down and then the work while its down.

Author Shakezilla81 (1 year)
Difference is D3 has real money auction house and its mostly all about pay
to win. and D2 is just farm to actually get good gear without spending any
actual money.

Author thorsten13999 (1 year)
group play is still way too easy.....

Author foma84 (1 year)
Hi Kripp, just wanted to suggest, you might want to consider keepeing your
camera 10/20 cm higher It will get rid of the closed eyes sensei look, and
all the good stuff. love your videos. bye!

Author LetoIbnMuadDib (1 year)
He basically hardly mentions any of the criticism the game receives on the
forums (which is a lot, some of it very legit). Yes this is a Beta and yes
this is free, and I also play and like PoE, but I just find his coverage of
this game completely biased... That's why I asked :)

Author sharpazn (1 year)
I don't have 1000$ but I would LOVE to make a unique that adds 5% movement
speed by frenzy charge.

Author Sensai Thao (1 year)
Yeah, they can't use names used in other Bliz/Acti games like Fireball- oh

Author Mario Kostadinov (1 year)
no he didn't , he said that the item opens people eyes

Author Karl Klaps (1 year)
abscholutlie raight

Author Michael Udut (1 year)
the color of your wall and you swinging your head around so much makes me
wanna puke

Author Kraflyn (1 year)
ggg should make re-speccing free and infinite... a build viable today
becomes inferior the next week, and so on... cheers :D

Author Halfgosu (1 year)
Shave the Mo style the rest ;)

Author CyprusStudios (1 year)
The shield is actually my item, and the name has appeared as Chernabog and
Chernobog in lore. I ended up going with an O because I preferred it. I'm
glad you recognize the name and the fact he appeared in Fantasia, which was
my favorite part of the movie.

Author JC (1 year)
Krip and his hands, yo nigga im a rapper :D

Author Nick Kindler (1 year)
Krip's video on itemization: "Rare's don't have as shitty stats anymore,
cool. Time to farm act 3 for legendary items still. See you guys tomorrow."
end video.

Author randy86 (1 year)
its exactly tike magic the gathering: card types = armor, spells, support
gem, keystones, regular passive skills card color = armor type, spell
color, support gem color, keystone color, class editions = acts new cards
and editions are released frequently im sure that when they release more
and more stuff there will be classic leagues where you can just use older
items n stuff

Author PandanonymousGG (1 year)
Shavronne's wrappings makes CI kinda useless now imo.

Author SinDestroyer OfAll (1 year)
2:41 if you dare. Somethings are better left unseen.

Author woodwyrm (1 year)
It's Cyclone not whirlwind, they'd never get away with a skill called
Whirlwind; not when there's still a Blizzard/Activision still going.

Author nanozach (1 year)
The chaos resist applies to ES skill should be a keystone.

Author Myuri123 (1 year)
Is there any compendium of map mods? help pls

Author Rav123123 (1 year)
I smell a name change on the shield. A little known fact that in Disney's
Fantasia the gargoyle at the end is named Chernabog.

Author Haliel (1 year)
pick up a new game finally

Author Horst Pikaninkanpup (1 year)
how does what you write make the game anything else than a beta? It having
micro transactions and a functional store definitely has nothing to do with
it. And if you think GGG is paying Kripp you surely don't know him or his
routine, and most importantly, probably never heard of cdxliv. Because
saying something like that about Kripp, when there are huge companies
actually hiring complete retards to promote their game secretly, is just

Author ThePotatocam (1 year)
if you have seen the movie or played kingdom hearts...

Author Afqwa (1 year)
I'd love to see an item themed around Dream's helmet from Neil Gaiman's

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