EagleTac T20C2, P20C2 & P20A2 MKII XP-G R5 Flashlights reviews three latest LED flashlights from EagleTac - T20C2 MKII, P20C2 MKII, and P20A2 MKII. They all utilize a Cree XP-G R5 LED. T20C2 runs on 2 CR123, 2 RCR123, or one 18650, gives 300 lumens OTF; P20C2 runs on 2 CR123 or 2 RCR123, gives 300 lumens OTF; P20A2 runs on 2 AA or 2 NiM AA rechargeable batteries, gives 230 lumens OTF. They have the identical user interface (UI) - high, medium, low, strobe, beacon, and SOS. They are also user upgradable - easily changing the reflector or emitter assembly for later LED and circuit.

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Author Light Junction (4 years)
@Bloodstryke Here are a couple of candidates for you to consider: JetBeam
JET-III M, Olight M20S and EagleTac T20C2 MKII.

Author rienheart (2 years)
Does the P20A2 accept Rechargeable eneloop batteries? I believe they are
rechargeable NiHm batteries. thanks!

Author Ace E. (2 years)
@lightjunction alright great, thankyou

Author Mrblade Man (3 years)
does the p20c2 come with batteries

Author Ace E. (2 years)
@lightjunction rechargeable 18650s?

Author Light Junction (2 years)
@AceNizzle Yep, I think 18650s are all rechargeable. Best regards,

Author 4Ugrunt (3 years)
Why do some sellers claim that the P20A2 MK II has (2-AA batteries)300
lumens of output when the box says 230 lumens?

Author firezones (4 years)
@SbspecV There will be a new revolution of cree that coming out this fall.
It's a CREE X-M and put out more than 500 lumens with good efficiency of
consumption. Just wait until eagletac makes cree XM module.

Author ApocalypticRedIX (4 years)
@firezones, only thing i dont like about eagletac is that their coating is
easy to scratch and chip especially the friction of the threads when i put
the head back on and i'd have to sharpie in the noticeable chips everytime
it happens

Author nitetrainxd . (4 years)
just ordered the p20c2 mkII xp-g r5 can't wait to get it thought about
gettin a fenix tk 12 but this one should be brighter i'll have to wait and

Author jbeatles99 (3 years)
@rwingsfan86 How's the color temperature and the regulation and output???

Author Light Junction (4 years)
@firezones Thanks for sharing your the little trick, I can definitely take
use of it.

Author Ace E. (2 years)
whats the brightness/throw differences between the t20c2and the p20c2?
(both xml versions)

Author rwingsfan86 (3 years)
@jbeatles99 I have the XPE Q4 Neutral White drop-in and the XPG R5, and the
Neutral White is great, about the best neutral tint i have. The R5 is
white, no odd tints like green or blue.

Author Ludo van de weyer (4 years)
I have the P20A2 II and it's a very good light for AA size!

Author Ace E. (2 years)
are you sure the t20c2 runs off of 18650s? amazon reviewers say no

Author firezones (4 years)
I love eagletac so much, I have T100C2 MK II and this is the best
flashlight I'v ever had compare to fenix TK11 and surefire E2D. One thing
about eagletac that you already know or not is that since it uses forward
clicky, it can be accidentally turn on when you keep it on your backpack or
pocket. So, what I do is loosen the tailcap a little bit and it won't turn
on. This is the same feature with Surefire flashlight to prevent
accidentally activation.

Author Light Junction (2 years)
@AceNizzle Yes, T20C2 supports both 18650s and cr123as. P20C2 does not
support 18650s

Author Bloodstryke (4 years)
@lightjunction excellent thank you! on the JetBeam what is this "forward
clickie switch"? and are there multiple brightness functions other than max
and very low?

Author holiq1 (4 years)

Author Light Junction (3 years)
@4Ugrunt Emitter: 300 lumens OTF: 230 lumens Since most brands (including
Fenix and Olight) use emitter lumens, it's pretty fair to use emitter
lumens for this light as well.

Author Mrblade Man (3 years)
does the p20c2 come with batteries

Author Light Junction (3 years)
@4Ugrunt 300 is the LED output published by Cree, and 230 is the off the
front (OTF) output.

Author jbeatles99 (3 years)
I LOVE FLASHLIGHTS! Are they reliable or is it like Fenix which broke after
2 months???

Author Bloodstryke (4 years)
@lightjunction probably starting at $50 and going up to around $100

Author Bloodstryke (4 years)
@lightjunction I was sort of hoping to find one that uses AA batteries but
I'm not sure if they are durable enough for .223 recoil. These batteries
would be easier to find in a disaster situation with empty shelves during
an economic collapse.

Author Bloodstryke (4 years)
@lightjunction could you recommend a medium priced flashlight I could mount
on my ar15?

Author Light Junction (4 years)
@Bloodstryke you need define "medium priced" for us first. :)

Author CraigRoss6547 (4 years)
hi mate, im looking for a new torch for hunting, and ive chosen either the
t20c2 or the fenix tk11, which one would be better and why, im looking for
good throw and nice bright light. thanks craig

Author Light Junction (3 years)
@dgifford88 It's really an apple or orange question. :) I would go with
T20C2 just because it comes with better accessory pack...

Author rwingsfan86 (3 years)
I have the P20 C2 MK II and it is almost perfect. Only almost because the
clip is not that great.

Author Light Junction (3 years)
@DillonMelerine The light doesn't come with batteries.

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