The Amazing Brass Band Performances !! Must Watch !!

Drummers!! You all have to watch this band. They are tough!

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Author Jolly Miester (1 month)

Author BOUNTY HUNTER (3 months)
they are fab could watch them all day

Author flying jellyfish (8 months)
This isnt brass. Its a drumline

Author Manny Boy (5 months)
you dont even know the difference between brass and nickel do you?

Author RaphaelPargger (3 months)
Top Secret from Basel. Famous and great.
BUT THIS IS NOT A BRASSBAND. Get your facts right you uneducated fool!!!

Author Capilya (6 months)
Swiss - Top Secret

Author deniece toledo (2 months)
Wow! That's amazing. I could watch that again and again. 

Author George Pether (3 months)
That was an amazing Brass Band performance and they did it without any
brass. I bet if you hinted that it was an amazing drum corp you may have
attracted more viewers

Author [KKK]xXxill0minaRty_KingxXx (2 months)
dem skills tho

Author Steve Cool (1 month)

Author heckyd (7 months)
I especially love what the trumpets and trombones are doing in the

Author Carter Mckee (3 months)
Frickin amazing

Author skipper (9 months)

Author James Shearer (10 months)
Not Brass

Author Brenardo Sanchez (11 months)
Brass drums? I think not. Don't be dumb. Don't make misleading titles, ya

Author Abdul Samat (11 months)
thats amazing...

Author Chaim Shemesh (8 months)
I have to have any contact to this band. anyone?

Author chris collins (1 year)
Wow, all those trumpets and tubas and brass instruments.... oh wait. there
is none.

Author unigamehead (1 year)

Author Mike Carpenter (1 year)
It's a 'Marching Band' You only get a real brass band 'oop north in

Author Deltasparkz (1 year)
That was amazing

Author Cheshire Kitty Kitsune (1 year)
So...took me 10 times of watching it (cause I love it so much) and it still
adds to the awesome of them all considering...they dropped a drumstick.
still too amazing to care. Also seemed that there was a spare which was
also neat ^-^

Author Willy van Maurik (1 year)
Klopt dit is het Top Secret corps uit Zwitserland ! Waanzinnig !!

Author Onyourbuzzers (1 year)
Indeed Top Secret - they tell you under the drums and at about 1:30 -
Absolutely phenomenol

Author KingDjaz (1 year)
Omg, very nice work guys :-)

Author Christy Ng (1 year)
Amazing!But is Drumline no Brass Band= =

Author abdurakman benjamin (1 year)
nice i love it i mis my brass band in zamboanga city

Author mistersidartez (1 year)
why are they called The Amazing Brass band though? There isn't any single
brass instrument there

Author Roger Keulen (1 year)
Uhhm, it's not a brass band..... And no thanx i don't have to watch it.
Already know what they gone do. It's boring compared to brass ....

Author Tomas Everard (1 year)
couldn't take me eyes off that stick on the ground at 4:30, i thought
someone was going to fall over it

Author brasser67 (1 year)
Top Secret Drum Corps from Basel, Switzerland

Author Hajar za (1 year)
this is the most coolest thing i ever watch!

Author jonysevn (1 year)

Author shoopboy16 (1 year)
i just have one question why is it called brass band performances if its

Author PvMhijden (1 year)
was already thinking it was top secret. one of the only corps that can pull
this shit off

Author sanghavijinesh (1 year)
Where is it

Author bubbaries (1 year)
Isn't this Top Secret Drum Coprs?

Author Karin Haun (1 year)
Fuldstændigt vildt , aldrig har jeg set nogen gøre det SÅ meget i takt ,
rigtig rigtig rigtig god gået gutter , og hatten af.

Author Jan Docky (1 year)
An Amazing Performance but that is a core of drums not a brass band and it
would also be good to know who they are ????

Author desiree marte (1 year)
Wow that's my only thought

Author Nicole Graf (1 year)
Lieber Herr Keulen. Man kann Brass Band lieben und trotzdem andere
Musikrichtungen respektieren - vor allem bei so grossartiger Leistung!

Author Tomas Everard (1 year)
and not a single brass instrument was played that day!

Author Touchstones Finest (1 year)

Author Peter Goodger (1 year)
This the TOP SECRET band from Basel Switzerland. They perform almost each
year at the Edinburgh Tattoo, they are great and have other You Tube
uploads, type in TOP SECRET

Author Jan Docky (1 year)
Thank You for the info and should correct my own original comment corp of
drums not core

Author Claudilanio Silva (1 year)
Muito bom!!!!! ;-)

Author Coffeee Mug (1 year)
And Where is the amazing Brass Band Performances? :c

Author cecil renfield (1 year)
Uncannilly Amazing!

Author ddrlankyj (1 year)
where the hell is the brass? fuckin misleading title

Author halsasaurus1 (1 year)
Only one stick dropped (I was worried that someone was going to stand on it
and go head over heels). Totally professional. To play the music from
memory is one thing but to also remember the marching moves to that level
is unbelievable

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