Guitar Neck Facts For Dumb Mother Fuckers By Scott Grove

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Author groovydjs (18 days)
Adam Henry was blocked for having the same, generic life of MOST of the no
talent musicians around.....follows Chappers and plays video games all
day. Two're almost out. I didn't count you being a
dumbass as your third strike, that just comes from doing the first two

Author groovydjs (3 months)
Chad Stewart, The Dumb Mother Fucker that owns 2 of the EXACT SAME guitar?
That would be EVERY PRO IN THE WORLD dumb ass, it's called a "Backup".

Author Joseph Boyer (2 months)
i use holy water to clean my fret boards its a lot cleaner and sounds a
fuck load brighter 

Author groovydjs (27 days)
guitarsurfer2010 has been blocked for being another Chappers cum guzzler.

Author ToothyGus (3 days)
scott, why dont rosewood fingerboards get the same finish as maple? wouldnt
it be better if they did?

Author Michael Z Martin (3 months)
The fucking greatest Groovy video of all time ...The Les Paul Dumb
Motherfucker bright vs warm fret board inlay demonstration was the single
most hilarious thing ever uploaded in Youtube's History! 

Author Robert Pike (1 month)
I took my Strat in for some wiring and the concerned tech took me aside and
told me that my Seymour Duncan vintage alnico 5's needed to be replaced
because my Strat has a maple neck. I was like, "huh, it sounds great?" He
took pity on me and told me to just change em out if I wanted my axe to
sing. The point you make on the mother of pearl puts to rest all the tone
wood assholes making life miserable for so many people. Talk to real
players and they are more often than not NOT fetishists. Thanks Scott, you
crazy groovy mother fucker!

Author KedemHai (10 days)
of course maple fingerborad sounds brighter(!) just like a metal nut sounds
brighter than other materials. more hard-wood, more heavy gear - means more
sound from your strings and less wood resonance. I shit you not. rosewood
fingerboard DOES sound warmer but you can always compensate with heavy duty
bridge, saddles, nut and frets.

Author Michael Z Martin (27 days)
A Chappers Cum Guzzler !!!!!....I just literally pissed myself laughing!

Author Simon de rycke (13 days)
Hey man, thanks for this video. I actually learned some very useful things
I haven't heard anywhere else, ever.

Author ismelljello (4 months)
My blackmachine B2 has a rosewood neck and an ebony fingerboard. Am I weird
for requesting it like that?

Author spainguit (3 months)
Goddammit!!!! Best fucking advice right there! Just play your fucking

Author blindskywatcher (1 month)
the only real difference for any of these is purely aesthetic. and i feel
like the reason people get so passionate about it is because they want
something other than "it looks cool" to justify having no inlays, or having
maple rather than rosewood or ebony or what the fuck ever. for some reason
"it looks cool" isnt valid, but if you bought a guitar you didnt like the
look of, youd never fuckin wanna play it would ya? on stage at least.

Author funkyrimpler (14 days)
i use angels tears to lube my can hear the improved sustain, even
when it's in the case.

Author ChannelName (3 months)
The green strat clearly sounds more fruity, and the pink one has a much
more floral sound - but it's not the fingerboard, it's the color of the
body. The Les Paul was, perhaps, too astringent for my ear, the first
custom was rather reticent with little nose and the second, I'm sorry to
say, was corked.

Author Bbendfender (14 days)
Scott, you may know guitars but your "crudeness" and language makes me not
watch your videos. I saw this video title and decided to do a reply. How
do you feel if young kids try to watch your videos?

Author CutePinkFuzzyThings (12 days)
This should be a series, man! 2 Years ago I got my first guitar worth more
than $100; Govt. series LP. All in all I love the guitar, but it's
definitely very gimmicky and I won't be giving a shit about rosewood again
haha. I like that they skipped all the plastic binding on it though; it's a
little lighter than a full on LP. Sounds great through distortion and such,
but having a hard time finding a cleaner tone that works. I'm sure 10% of
that is the gear I'm using and 90% the fact that I've only been playing
about 3 years.

Have you played any Zager guitars? If so, please elaborate or link to
somewhere you've done so already.

Thank for all the free knowledge!

Author Aldo Raine (6 months)
There are some people who believe wood makes no difference in tone and
there are people who also believe the earth is flat and that the moon
landing was fake. They are the dumb mother fuckers

Author kitesurf55 (13 days)
So could you be saying that if rosewood fingerboard guitars sound warmer it
would be because the dirt that the fingerboard collects makes the strings
dirty and less responsive? 

Author dftfujd dsrjdh (4 months)
Who cares if it makes a difference? Just play guitars that you like the
sound of. You should trust your own ear not what some guitar manufacturer
tells you about it. I don't know what wood my instrument is made of,
because it doesn't matter. I play it because I like how it sounds. Who
cares if it's plywood, or plastic, or maple.

Author D1vid3By0 (12 days)
I think maple looks cooler. Every dumb motherfucker alive has a guitar with
a rosewood board. Basic bullshit. 

Author Abraham Owen (25 days)
Oh man, your videos are perfect xD
Keep me coming Scott!

Author Adam N (16 days)
What about aluminum neck guitars?

Author dmanbass (9 days)
I learned something here. I'm sharp and always have been cuz I press hard
on the strings i thought the strings were supposed to touch the wood. I
gotta lighten up. Thanks 

Author Shay Santiago (5 days)
Put some mother fucking water on a thing Ive ever heard.

Author SC24 (1 month)
A lot of fun to be had on those Gibson forums... But let's be honest - by
the time you are middle aged most guitarists ears are shot and you can't
hear subtle differences anyway. There's a lot of expensive wood on that
wall when you could have had some nice plywood lol. Les Paul was right
about one thing "people hear with their eyes".

Author Bailey Chasteen (1 month)
Well all the different sounds come from the type of pick ups, string
gauges, and metal composition of the strings, right?

Author Hope Broyles (13 days)
I AM a dumb motherfucker, at least when it comes to guitars. I've been
trying to learn, but I have really short fingers and small hands in
general. A ton of chords get messed up because to reach a string sometimes
I end up pressing down on a bunch of frets. I can't even reach several
chords. And I'm 23, it's pretty unlikely that I'll grow any more. Can you
recommend a good acoustic guitar that has a thinner neck? My handspan is 7
inches from tip of thumb to tip of pinkie, and 6 1/2 inches from top of
middle finger to wrist.

Author Jason Desjardins (25 days)
Great vid as usual Scott. Being guitar end, should I just assume the only
difference between Rosewood and Maple finger boards really only comes down
to a preference about how the guitar looks?

Author Jacob Graeff (3 days)
I wish I could like this twice lol 

Author Reverb2020x (1 month)
Those of you that might think magnetic pull doesn't make that much of a
difference would be wrong.....its worse on vintage guitars and vintage
style pick ups. My buddy bought a g&l legacy from me that was basically
identical to mine other than the finish and the finger board. He bought it
for 850 and sold it for 500 because he swore that mine sounded better even
tho they were identical and made only months apart. I actually am very fond
of my Legacy. Hey Scott you gotta lotta strats. Whats ur opinion on G&L's

Author runnningonempty (22 days)
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!....Get Em Scott!..Why the fuck would any one argue
with you?Unless they are just trolling or trying to piss you off! because
they are brainwashed or jealous.

Author Ken Foland (2 months)
Scott. You obviously are a smart person who has an abundance of experience.
I don't believe any marketing hype from companies that produce audio and
audio-related products. I am a naturally skeptical person about any claim
of audio excellence for just a little more money. And, too many times it's
not just a little extra money. The best I've heard recently is the hype
spouted by companies that manufacture high-end audio grade electrolytic
capacitors. They do nothing more than the standard part; except take more
of your hard-earned cash, that's it. But, some people cannot be educated no
matter how hard you may try. So, if you people out there don't do the
requisite research before you buy into the audiophoolery, then you truly
are a "Dumb Mother-Fucker"! Thanks, Scott!

Author David Marty (1 month)
This was awesome! 

Author Joe Castro (1 month)
love your videos it open my mind about many things on guitars :) i just
also want to ask about putting preamp and pickup on my yamaha F370 acoustic
guitar. cheap vs expensive? and will it affect the guitars sound because of
the hole use to put the preamp?

Author tfoshohoe (2 months)
Scott,you must be dumb because I know lacquered fretboards have a glassy
tone to it compared to rosewood :D

And my abalone inlays sound like the ocean when I play on them!

Dude I'm just glad you showed me that tone wood BS is BS.

The only reason I would use a specific combo of wood on a guitar is if I
loved the looks of it.
I put some good pickups in a basswood guitar and guess what! It sounds the
same as it did in the mahogany guitar when setup to the same pickup height.
At least it does to me YMMV. PEACE Scott Grove.

Author Er thomas (2 months)
I have a Chinese Squire, with Seymor Duncans. The pickups cost more than
the guitar. But, after watching these videos, there is no point in
upgrading. I am sure it wont make any difference to sound. Once it wears
out, I will get a Mexican Strat and put the pickups in that. Until then, I
got something I can throw around, and that sounds good too. Ah, those
Chinese pickups sucked though. Yes, replace those in your squire, and you
will have a nice guitar. All that cheap wiring needs to be gone. But, the
guitar (wood parts), is not that badly build now adays. I don't like the
way a fender neck feels though. I think I like most Ibanez necks more. I
had an FGM-100, I really wish I would have kept. :(

Author Sandy Simon (1 month)
I like your motherfuckin style.....I've been guilty of being a dumb
motherfucker due to ignorance......appreciate your knowledge.......

Author Doc Dave (1 month)
finally someone like me that agree that rosewood finger boards are the
worst. But somehow I misunderstood, did he say the strings dont touch the
fretboard? Im missing something.

Author Max Paris (5 days)
Scott thanks so much for your '' No Fucking Bullshit Advice " I have been
told so much crap over the years and have ended up doing my own homework
like you and could not agree with you more ,some of the greatest guitar
players ever have all learned on basic guitars and mastered there art
because they knew how to play ! Its great to see someone on youtube giving
sound advice that will help new players get the facts and not all the ''
Bullshit " that's out there trying to get peoples money , Keep up the great
Mother Fucking Work ! Best Regards Max Paris ...................Australia.

Author Two-Dog James (23 days)
Excellent! This made me laugh like a drain - *and* it edumacated me.

Author Elkhan Hamet (1 month)
hahaha dude I almost fell off my chair from a laughter, I love your video
it's so funny and at the same time you teach people the simple facts that a
lot of times are overlooked

Author Diego Bass (15 days)
Thanks for the video

Author Skept3k (6 months)
That is one fugly custom guitar, but why do manufacturers build guitars
with different woods, when the wood make no difference at all.

They should just make all guitars and fingerboards out of plywood. Who
gives a damn, it's all the same, right? 

Author Patrick Jones (1 month)
sound no, but feel yes. My maple and ebony fingerboards feel faster and
smoother than some,not all, of my rosewood fingerboards(not taking finishes
into account). sometimes rosewood can feel a bit rough when bending and
shit. I suppose fret size would make a difference because it dictates how
much contact your finger really has on the board itself. with jumbos it
probly doesnt matter as much......

Author Christian Lee (3 days)
Fucking hilarious

Author Xandalph (1 month)
Haha yess. I hate it when people claim that their painted on fingerboards
affect their tone. Great video!

Author John Mayhew (2 months)
He,s realy into necks ...think maybe he likes running his hands up and down
long hard necks ,bet he uses oil on his head-stock ...and any one who,s
heard him play should realize he needs to shut his mouth and practice
before he realizes he,s an old ass child...grow up ,shut your mouth and
maybe you will learn how to loose your lips without useless bullshit
falling out of that...DUMB MOTHERFUCKING cock hole on your face!!!

Author Cuda FX (1 month)
your potty mouth hurt my feelings! T__T

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