Guitar Neck Facts For Dumb Mother Fuckers By Scott Grove

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Author groovydjs (2 months)
Chad Stewart, The Dumb Mother Fucker that owns 2 of the EXACT SAME guitar?
That would be EVERY PRO IN THE WORLD dumb ass, it's called a "Backup".

Author Robert Pike (14 days)
I took my Strat in for some wiring and the concerned tech took me aside and
told me that my Seymour Duncan vintage alnico 5's needed to be replaced
because my Strat has a maple neck. I was like, "huh, it sounds great?" He
took pity on me and told me to just change em out if I wanted my axe to
sing. The point you make on the mother of pearl puts to rest all the tone
wood assholes making life miserable for so many people. Talk to real
players and they are more often than not NOT fetishists. Thanks Scott, you
crazy groovy mother fucker!

Author ismelljello (3 months)
My blackmachine B2 has a rosewood neck and an ebony fingerboard. Am I weird
for requesting it like that?

Author Joseph Boyer (1 month)
i use holy water to clean my fret boards its a lot cleaner and sounds a
fuck load brighter 

Author Bailey Chasteen (20 days)
Well all the different sounds come from the type of pick ups, string
gauges, and metal composition of the strings, right?

Author SC24 (6 days)
A lot of fun to be had on those Gibson forums... But let's be honest - by
the time you are middle aged most guitarists ears are shot and you can't
hear subtle differences anyway. There's a lot of expensive wood on that
wall when you could have had some nice plywood lol. Les Paul was right
about one thing "people hear with their eyes".

Author Michael Z Martin (2 months)
The fucking greatest Groovy video of all time ...The Les Paul Dumb
Motherfucker bright vs warm fret board inlay demonstration was the single
most hilarious thing ever uploaded in Youtube's History! 

Author spainguit (2 months)
Goddammit!!!! Best fucking advice right there! Just play your fucking

Author Doc Dave (22 days)
finally someone like me that agree that rosewood finger boards are the
worst. But somehow I misunderstood, did he say the strings dont touch the
fretboard? Im missing something.

Author ChannelName (2 months)
The green strat clearly sounds more fruity, and the pink one has a much
more floral sound - but it's not the fingerboard, it's the color of the
body. The Les Paul was, perhaps, too astringent for my ear, the first
custom was rather reticent with little nose and the second, I'm sorry to
say, was corked.

Author spywithme (1 month)
Stew Mac pointed out that on the very early Fender's the skunk stripe was
in fact made out of Koa and it was only later that they switched over to
walnut. Rosewood?

Author raedwulfone (2 months)
I am a DMF I thought the skunk stripe was Walnut ....

Author David Marty (1 day)
This was awesome! 

Author blindskywatcher (2 days)
the only real difference for any of these is purely aesthetic. and i feel
like the reason people get so passionate about it is because they want
something other than "it looks cool" to justify having no inlays, or having
maple rather than rosewood or ebony or what the fuck ever. for some reason
"it looks cool" isnt valid, but if you bought a guitar you didnt like the
look of, youd never fuckin wanna play it would ya? on stage at least.

Author dftfujd dsrjdh (3 months)
Who cares if it makes a difference? Just play guitars that you like the
sound of. You should trust your own ear not what some guitar manufacturer
tells you about it. I don't know what wood my instrument is made of,
because it doesn't matter. I play it because I like how it sounds. Who
cares if it's plywood, or plastic, or maple.

Author Skept3k (5 months)
That is one fugly custom guitar, but why do manufacturers build guitars
with different woods, when the wood make no difference at all.

They should just make all guitars and fingerboards out of plywood. Who
gives a damn, it's all the same, right? 

Author Bruce Morrison (3 months)
Scott, I really like your videos. They're straightforward and factual. I
think all guitar players should be forced to take a Physics class on sound.
Then they'd understand that all these little differences they think they're
making are a bunch of bullshit lol

Author skywalkersworld (3 months)
great vid and I love how you call us dumb motherfuckers. (:

Author beastmandrum (2 months)
If you aren't a dumb mother fucker in one way or another, I'm telling
you... There's A LOT of dumb mother fuckers out there

Author Thomas Heald (3 months)
you can literally hear a difference between the tonewoods through the
camera's mic.

Author KevinMillard68 (1 month)
Awesome video 

Author Brandon Reyes (1 month)
I like your shoes

Author Aldo Raine (5 months)
There are some people who believe wood makes no difference in tone and
there are people who also believe the earth is flat and that the moon
landing was fake. They are the dumb mother fuckers

Author Joseph Boyer (1 month)
oh shit motherfucker that was bright

Author Elkhan Hamet (3 days)
hahaha dude I almost fell off my chair from a laughter, I love your video
it's so funny and at the same time you teach people the simple facts that a
lot of times are overlooked

Author Jack Black (4 months)
what i dont understand is if every guitar sounds the same with the same
electronics regardless of wood type....Why does he have two of the same
guitars.....with the same electronics........with different finger boards

Author 1smokeydog1 (1 day)
Sry. Had no idea. My bad.

Author Joe Castro (3 days)
love your videos it open my mind about many things on guitars :) i just
also want to ask about putting preamp and pickup on my yamaha F370 acoustic
guitar. cheap vs expensive? and will it affect the guitars sound because of
the hole use to put the preamp?

Author Cuda FX (2 days)
your potty mouth hurt my feelings! T__T

Author Xandalph (15 days)
Haha yess. I hate it when people claim that their painted on fingerboards
affect their tone. Great video!

Author Zach Is Awesome (2 months)
Love this man, watched the first part and I was like, wow. I'm a pretty
dumbass motherfucker. Thanks again for this.

Author supersharpie961 (2 months)
Love these vids haha dumb motherfucker xD

Author Aidan Mc (3 months)

Author Jonathan Orara (15 days)
Scott, you're fuckin' awesome.

Author Sandy Simon (18 days)
I like your motherfuckin style.....I've been guilty of being a dumb
motherfucker due to ignorance......appreciate your knowledge.......

Author Frank Freet jr. (12 days)
all guitars are built separetly, I own a 200fm and I love it! 

Author Mike Markov (12 days)
Scott, this is hilarious! 

Author Slimtronic5k (3 months)
I seriously cannot watch this enough! Soooooo good!!! hahahaha! Preach the
gospel, brother! Let 'em know what's up! Thanks for the laugh, brother!

Author guitarherochamp4 (18 days)
I have been a subscriber for a really long time and wanted to know, how
many guitars do you have?

Author RetardedPlums (3 months)
now i know, thanks to you scott i am no longer a dumb motherfucker 

Author Phil-76 (3 months)
Your collection is fucking awesome!!!

Author kevhino260 (17 days)
Wood huh huh

Author Vinny D (29 days)
Best advice was at the end (to paraphrase): "if you would practice half as
much as do worrying about this, you might be worth a shit." and "Stop
worrying about all this shit because you can't fucking play anyway."

Author Xxwolfspirit7Xx (3 months)
Is there a Ventures "Gerry McGee" model stratocaster from 96-97 in the top

Author Reverb2020x (21 day)
Those of you that might think magnetic pull doesn't make that much of a
difference would be wrong.....its worse on vintage guitars and vintage
style pick ups. My buddy bought a g&l legacy from me that was basically
identical to mine other than the finish and the finger board. He bought it
for 850 and sold it for 500 because he swore that mine sounded better even
tho they were identical and made only months apart. I actually am very fond
of my Legacy. Hey Scott you gotta lotta strats. Whats ur opinion on G&L's

Author HamsterSpanks (25 days)
Bwahahahahahaha!.....FUCKIN' AWESOME!! Like an ending to a good
movie.....HOME FUCKIN' RUN!

Author KiMBo Scott (3 months)
can you do an internal wiring or the electronics video?

Author mattpunk s. (3 months)
The argument for the hardness of the neck affecting the sound is complete
crap. Do you plug your cable into the neck? No. It's the vibrations from
the bridge that pick up, not the neck. 

Author hecalledtheshitpoo (29 days)
So since my hands are pasty ass white, I much have a brighter tone....I got

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