Guitar Neck Facts For Dumb Mother Fuckers By Scott Grove

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Author groovydjs (4 days)
Chad Stewart, The Dumb Mother Fucker that owns 2 of the EXACT SAME guitar?
That would be EVERY PRO IN THE WORLD dumb ass, it's called a "Backup".

Author beastmandrum (3 days)
If you aren't a dumb mother fucker in one way or another, I'm telling
you... There's A LOT of dumb mother fuckers out there

Author Michael Z Martin (4 days)
The fucking greatest Groovy video of all time ...The Les Paul Dumb
Motherfucker bright vs warm fret board inlay demonstration was the single
most hilarious thing ever uploaded in Youtube's History! 

Author ismelljello (7 days)
My blackmachine B2 has a rosewood neck and an ebony fingerboard. Am I weird
for requesting it like that?

Author Bruce Morrison (7 days)
Scott, I really like your videos. They're straightforward and factual. I
think all guitar players should be forced to take a Physics class on sound.
Then they'd understand that all these little differences they think they're
making are a bunch of bullshit lol

Author Thomas Heald (8 days)
you can literally hear a difference between the tonewoods through the
camera's mic.

Author groovydjs (9 months)
@ AceOfHeart2012 Just sayin'........the strings NEVER come in contact with
the wood on your guitar. They don't touch the fretboard. They touch the wouldn't have made any difference. Think it through.

Author Skept3k (2 months)
That is one fugly custom guitar, but why do manufacturers build guitars
with different woods, when the wood make no difference at all.

They should just make all guitars and fingerboards out of plywood. Who
gives a damn, it's all the same, right? 

Author RetardedPlums (25 days)
now i know, thanks to you scott i am no longer a dumb motherfucker 

Author Snyder- (3 months)
Why do you have to call people dumb motherfuckers?

Author Blind Ivory (2 days)
Love this man, watched the first part and I was like, wow. I'm a pretty
dumbass motherfucker. Thanks again for this.

Author Derek Low (4 days)
You are an asshole, but you are a right asshole Mr. Grove, thank you

Author supersharpie961 (4 days)
Love these vids haha dumb motherfucker xD

Author Slimtronic5k (12 days)
I seriously cannot watch this enough! Soooooo good!!! hahahaha! Preach the
gospel, brother! Let 'em know what's up! Thanks for the laugh, brother!

Author Ian Braun (12 days)
This is one of those videos I have to pause when my mother is near by....

Author themazzattos (15 days)
Scott I dig your posts.You've made me aware that I was right in my way of
thinking for a lot of things and also let me know what I was doing

Author Phil-76 (16 days)
Your collection is fucking awesome!!!

Author Brian Findlay (17 days)
When ya rite...ya jus rite

Author Xxwolfspirit7Xx (17 days)
Is there a Ventures "Gerry McGee" model stratocaster from 96-97 in the top

Author Harry Brooks (17 days)
I guess I don't get out much often. In the past 40 years of playing
fretted instruments, I have never heard some of the myths which Mr. Grove
works so hard to dispel. Nevertheless it's entertaining.

Author Illustratedkid (17 days)
I really enjoyed this video despite the fact you are insane.

Author The Anti-Thought (18 days)
"I'm a dumb mother fucker!" LOL, this is great stuff.

Author AntiPostChannel (19 days)
i just want to know is there any way you would sell (if you still have it)
the seafoam strat you used there?

Author resolutionsgillespie (19 days)
LOL. Your right. Ive heard all this shit

Author KiMBo Scott (22 days)
can you do an internal wiring or the electronics video?

Author mattpunk s. (22 days)
The argument for the hardness of the neck affecting the sound is complete
crap. Do you plug your cable into the neck? No. It's the vibrations from
the bridge that pick up, not the neck. 

Author Jeffrey Haefner (24 days)
This guy speaks the truth. 

Author Rob Dye (26 days)
i keep watching this video just cause its so fuckin funny haaaa

Author Tom Newton (28 days)
I'm sensing some sarcasm. May be just me, but...

Author dftfujd dsrjdh (28 days)
Who cares if it makes a difference? Just play guitars that you like the
sound of. You should trust your own ear not what some guitar manufacturer
tells you about it. I don't know what wood my instrument is made of,
because it doesn't matter. I play it because I like how it sounds. Who
cares if it's plywood, or plastic, or maple.

Author brian york (1 month)
I was feeling down today so I had to watch this video one more time. I'm
still smiling as I write this. Thanks Scot for lifting my spirits. You
actually provide a public service; if I had not watched this video today, I
may have gone out and strangled some dumb mother fucker's neck. Take care
my friend and keep em coming.

Author Paul Richard (1 month)
I am so glad I found you Mo----F---er...................:) I was told to
use oil on FINGERBOARDS not NECKS because it kept the wood from drying up
and cracking! Any Thoughts?

Author jimmy5634 (1 month)
Thanks Scott. As always, facts mixed with humor. (for those who have a
sense of humor).

Author stevedgolfer (1 month)
Your video about tuning a guitar I put on nightly to fall asleep to as it's
the most boring video I've ever seen...your a freak who has a fortune worth
of guitars in some man cave.but still I do like you for your insanity.

Author mmmhmmmyesindeed (1 month)
How do lace sensor pickups work?

Author Jack Smith (1 month)
Great video.

Author alvaro perez (1 month)
Oh my fuckin' gawd, great video. If your guitar sounds like shit, don't
switch woods - practice.

Author the old man (1 month)
thank you scot for giving me a little bit of cojones to put this up THE

Author Daniel Leonard (1 month)
The world needs some more straight forward smart motherfuckers like you to
sort out all the bullshit :) since I've only been playing 2 & a half years
its good to know whats actually right instead of what people are telling
you is right :)

Author Daniel DeMayo (1 month)
A guitar tech at guitar center the other day was trying to tell me it all
makes a difference lol

Author Freddie Ellis (1 month)
I am happy to say that I did not fall for any of these fallacies!

Author stupidusername38 (1 month)
I like this guy, he's like a guitar player version of Bad Santa. But if
none of these variables make any difference why does he have so many

Author Calina Ruis (1 month)
This Guy strangely reminds me of Bill in the game; The Last of US..
Video was fun to watch also.. cheers

Author Harry Brooks (17 days)
That's one example of tmesis I haven't heard before, "ifuckindentical".

Author Rick Blais (1 month)
That custom Groovy, 11:50 is beautiful! Yep, i NEVER got what folks meant
by oh! it's warmer sounding, or, tube amps sound warmer. The naysayers say
I'm tone deaf, whatever, maybe i am, who cares! I know what sound good to
me, that's all that matters! Great job as always Scott!! There's so MUCH
B.S. misconceptions out there on amps, guitars, and all the gear
associated with it, its not even funny....well, i guess it is! I always
though Solid State amps are better sounding, that's my taste i guess. Also,
tube amps are a f%#king headache to maintain, and also do a good job
emptying wallets, no problem if you're a zillionaire like Kirk Hammett, who
get most stuff FREE anyways. Some say, there we go again! SOME say SS amps
blow up, really?

Author Armando Martinez (1 month)

Author Udah Mann (1 month)
I love this video man .. LMFAO !!!
So true !!
You need to edit it and add a few more MF's

Author Diabolik771 (3 months)
LOL! Scott did a few lines and busted out the camera on this one. I always
wondered why you hate Gibsons and own so many of them.

Author Adam Skantze (1 month)
I wish I could like this video but likes are disabled :(

Author Tom Newton (28 days)
5 seconds. FIVE mother fucking seconds, and you had me as a subscriber.
Mother fuckers.

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