Guitar Neck Facts For Dumb Mother Fuckers By Scott Grove

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Author groovydjs (1 month)
Adam Henry was blocked for having the same, generic life of MOST of the no
talent musicians around.....follows Chappers and plays video games all
day. Two're almost out. I didn't count you being a
dumbass as your third strike, that just comes from doing the first two

Author groovydjs (23 days)
mackdaddymojo was blocked for being a total cunt.

Author groovydjs (2 months)
guitarsurfer2010 has been blocked for being another Chappers cum guzzler.

Author groovydjs (5 months)
Chad Stewart, The Dumb Mother Fucker that owns 2 of the EXACT SAME guitar?
That would be EVERY PRO IN THE WORLD dumb ass, it's called a "Backup".

Author KedemHai (1 month)
of course maple fingerborad sounds brighter(!) just like a metal nut sounds
brighter than other materials. more hard-wood, more heavy gear - means more
sound from your strings and less wood resonance. I shit you not. rosewood
fingerboard DOES sound warmer but you can always compensate with heavy duty
bridge, saddles, nut and frets.

Author Oudamseth Samin (22 hours)
You dumb mother fukcer and I also dumb mother fucker and we both dumb
mother fuckers. surcribe!!

Author Stephen Daniel Addeo (5 days)
lol "like a dog with a sock in his mouth." The part about the mother of
pearl is perfect and really ends the discussion. Awesome job and very

Author risingsorrow (9 hours)
hi ,i enjoy your videos.I would like to know your opinion about scalloped
fretboards, recently refretted mine and since i felt experimental i
scalloped the last five frets of my stratocaster,and i have to admit that
playing bendings there now is an orgasmic thing in my opinion.i used very
high dunlop 6100 jumbo frets and the action is rather high,personally i
love it,and im tempted to scallop some more u think i would get
the same benefits in terms of grip on the strings as i get at the higher
part of the fretboard?I would also like to know your opinion about the
different materials used for frewire,like normal nickel vs stainless
steel and golden mixed composite,thanks,rock on

Author Heath Lane (2 days)
Fuckin' awesome! Love your matter-of-fact-ness. Laughed my ass off. You,
sir, have a new subscriber. :)

Author Gerald West (8 hours)
Hey Scott, does this apply to acoustic guitars bro?

Author xGshikamaru (20 days)
Some people use steel wool to clean their rosewood fingerboard, what do you
think of it ? Of course given the pickups are magnetic you need to
carefully tape the neck pickup or steel wool dust will go there. It seems
like a lot of trouble for little benefit for me. Also, oil is not for
cleaning, but keeping a good level of moisture in the wood, I tend to use
alcohol to clean my fretboard, but as it dries the wood, I apply oil to
keep it healthy.

Author chris tenorio (5 days)
Hey Groovy I'm a heavy metal guitar player and also depends on the type of
tuning try listening to the death punch sound

Author Sakshat Tiwari (29 days)
Had a f*cking good laugh mate! Thanks for the video :D

Great way of teaching and putting some sense into the watchers, really
enjoy such non boring talking. I was one of the dumb motherf*ckers,
although I did not think about it much I assumed that the maple one gives
you a brighter sound. Don't know why lol.

Cheers! Subscribed.

Author True Grit (3 days)
Good scolding here groovydjs. You've come up with a good way of informing
the dumb mothers that fell into the abyss a long time ago. Keep up the good
work brother.

Author Megafan2331 (2 days)
Love this shit mother fucker, right up my alley. Thanks for the
enlightenment right on point. 

Author Sacco Svd (1 month)
Hi Groovy. Two questions.

1) Does lubbing the nut/saddles really makes a difference with a tremolo in
order to maintain tuning? (I have a bridge with rolling saddles anyway so I
guess it doesn't apply to that)...the tremolo I'm using is a LesTrem II so
I don't want it for more than vibrato.

2) Are you hanging/grabbing all those guitars by the neck? doesn't that
fuck the guitars up over time?

Thanks a lot you dumb motherfucker :D

Author Sasquatch Ontario (19 days)
You kill me Scott :) Thanks

Author Rob Maxwell (17 days)
Ok thanks for that, let me re-phrase my question, assuming that I don't
mean the literal definition of 'plywood', which is layers of wood pressed
one on top of another, or two or sometimes three whole blocks of wood glued
side by side and shaped an painted to look like a single piece, or particle
board for that matter and I literally mean a material like balsa wood? I
have heard of guitar bodies being made from foam before, it astounds me
what 'manufactures' can actually craft from various materials other than
what you would normally, I suppose, expect.
Also Les Paul was famed for playing his hand built guitar, which is
literally, as you probably know, a centre block with two plywood ;) wings,
personally from what I've heard of this instrument I think it sounds very
dull, I wonder if it would stand up against your string plucking test or if
it would acoustically sound bright and furthermore more or less bright?
Let me know what you think :)

Author Michael Z Martin (5 months)
The fucking greatest Groovy video of all time ...The Les Paul Dumb
Motherfucker bright vs warm fret board inlay demonstration was the single
most hilarious thing ever uploaded in Youtube's History! 

Author El Lobo (7 days)
Welp...this dumb mother fucker, who only plays guitar for fun and doesn't
care about all this authenticity just learned some new shit...keep putting
these so called master guitarist elitists in their fucking place.

Author Ghandjaloodah (16 hours)
Scott: Okay which one of these has the maple neck and which one has the
rosewood neck.
Me: Right is maple and left is rosewood dickhead -_-
Scott: You're a dumb motherfucker they're both maple necks.
Me: FUCK!!!!

Author lovesgibson (7 days)
I was astonished when I got back into playing the guitar and realized how
much mysticism is involved with this industry. Lol

Author Kendall Handan (7 days)
hey groovy I have a question I mean I love maple fingerboards for what you
just said they don't get full of shit and they just feel nicer to the touch
but I love the look of a rosewood board (never played on ebony) but I
wonder why do they not apply the coating on rosewood as well? from what I
know it wouldn't kill the guitar or any shit should I attempt to apply
myself or have somebody do it?

Author John Rambo (1 day)
hahaha this guy is great 

Author Anthony Scira (22 days)
LOL thanks for the laugh.

Author Robert Pike (2 months)
I took my Strat in for some wiring and the concerned tech took me aside and
told me that my Seymour Duncan vintage alnico 5's needed to be replaced
because my Strat has a maple neck. I was like, "huh, it sounds great?" He
took pity on me and told me to just change em out if I wanted my axe to
sing. The point you make on the mother of pearl puts to rest all the tone
wood assholes making life miserable for so many people. Talk to real
players and they are more often than not NOT fetishists. Thanks Scott, you
crazy groovy mother fucker!

Author Marty Tippens (13 days)
I very much appreciate your maple vs rosewood demonstration debunking the
transference-based notion that the brighter maple fretboard produces a
brighter tone. I'm afraid there is yet another goofball notion that you'll
need to debunk out there stating that early '60's Fender slab-board necks
produce a "thicker" tone! Its actually said in so many words on a youtube
review of an AV '59 rosewood board Stratocaster

Author Xin Tan (7 days)
Is it right that when it comes to acoustic guitars, everything starts to
matter? The wood the shape and etc

Author Zulfikar Irfan (7 days)
Oh maaan, you are something hahaha. I can't hold my laughing since you said
"oh it's bright, no it's warm, bright again and so on"
You really made my day man hahahaha. Actually I "was" the one of dumb
motherfucker too (before I watched your video). Anyway, good job man!

Author ToothyGus (1 month)
scott, why dont rosewood fingerboards get the same finish as maple? wouldnt
it be better if they did?

Author ismelljello (5 months)
My blackmachine B2 has a rosewood neck and an ebony fingerboard. Am I weird
for requesting it like that?

Author Edward Makazich (13 days)
You are one funny lisping professional ty for calling us dumb motherfuckers
We are You are we all are haha

Author timm ward (17 days)
wow those enlay frets are so bright that I think my ears just went blind. I
got a lot from this video

Author Steve Maltez (4 days)
For years I've tried to figure our the difference between a rosewood and
maple fingerboard sounds. I think they do feel very different on the
fingers, but the sound never really changed to me. Always thought it was
just me haha

Author karmabites1 (17 hours)
Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I'm one of the motherfuckers that does
get it!!!!! I'm a fan!!!!

Author Małgorzata Lipczyńska (28 days)
So what makes guitars sound brighter or warmer? Just pickups?

Author Gustavo de la Cruz (1 month)
Ah first I felt really offended by your videos, but I actually do learn a
lot from them, and you are really entertaining, thanks!

Author Kenny Clark (20 days)
Ha! Ha! Ha! I loved "warm/bright" demonstration (with the inlays.) I was
employed as an industrial ultrasonic inspector some years ago (and was top
of my graduating class in the field.) I completely agree with you that the
different inlays or wood have nothing to do with the tone of the guitar.
The difference of the acoustic impedances of the various materials is not
enough for the human ear to tell the difference, therefore the teeny, tiny,
minute, infinitesimal, differences in sound between these materials cannot
be detected by human ears. If this were really a concern then we'd all
have to worry about calluses and fingernail length and a whole lot of other
shit too. You're absolutely's all bullshit! Thanks for the
video. I really enjoyed it! 

Author Walter Rider (4 days)
love the info thanks much and no i don't take a stand i am learning so i
listen to all i have learned to put up with most anything to learn ( 62)
you seem to be worth listening to thanks again 

Author LogicallyInsane1 (16 days)
I agree the woods make no difference. However, I have noticed that the new
guitar strap I bought has made my guitar sound way brighter. I put it in
the dryer for 25 minutes, and pulled it out, and it made my guitar sound
warmer. I'm hoping for a happy medium between the two. Should I go with 12
and a half mins in the dryer? And also, once the strap cooled down, I
noticed my guitar just kept getting brighter.. Is there anyway to avoid

Lol. Subscribed dude. Enjoyed the video and got a good laugh. :)

Author David Horvath (12 days)
LOL Hell it Scott. Im sure those without a sense of humor and
Djent kids flame you but keep up the good work!! So many people need a damn
excuse as to why the guitar doesn't sound "right" when 99.999% of the time
its their motherfucking playing that sucks not what the guitar is made of.
Excuses excuses

Author Chris Moore (3 months)
Nice vid mothafucka lol kidding good stuff. Thanks man.

Author CutePinkFuzzyThings (1 month)
This should be a series, man! 2 Years ago I got my first guitar worth more
than $100; Govt. series LP. All in all I love the guitar, but it's
definitely very gimmicky and I won't be giving a shit about rosewood again
haha. I like that they skipped all the plastic binding on it though; it's a
little lighter than a full on LP. Sounds great through distortion and such,
but having a hard time finding a cleaner tone that works. I'm sure 10% of
that is the gear I'm using and 90% the fact that I've only been playing
about 3 years.

Have you played any Zager guitars? If so, please elaborate or link to
somewhere you've done so already.

Thank for all the free knowledge!

Author jwalker1200 (11 days)
Well i'll be a dumb mother fucker!!! I kooda sworned my rosewood neck was
better than my maple neck! Good to know!

I love this! Watch this with an open mind and take the sarcastic humor as a
"realistic" lesson and nobody will know you're a dumbass but yourself..
LOL. Good job, I enjoy your vids, keep it up!

Author Caged63Man (21 day)
I bought a old Indonesia made Fender Squier Bullet guitar in a pawn shop in
Quebec Canada a few years ago! The shop owner didnt even want to sell it as
he said it was just a window dressing and probably didnt even work. He
ended up selling it to me for $40 ( I offered him $70 bucks) and I
proceeded to plug into a 40 watt Dean Markley chorus amp (Exellent amp in
its own right I discovered) and WOW!! This guitar sounded better than my
91' American made strat, which I held in high esteem. The Squiers'
fretboard seemed very dry, and the guitar with old strings just seemed to
hold its sustain forever! TELL YA THE TRUTH..I FELT LIKE I STOLE IT! Never
been excited about a guitar in a long time, but this super cheap fixed
bridge guitar with staggered pickups, blew away my baby'd up American
strat, and has been my 'go to, 'Get 'er Done' guitar since... Just had to
share that story out, and let people know their are inexpensive treasures
found in every guitar! Dont let $$$ dictate quality tone you seek!

Author Viewing Account (14 days)
I fucking love this guy and I love the "real point of the video" at the
end. So true. Just play the guitar and work on your technique. So many
people think its the fucking gear that makes them sound good but you gotta
know how to play that guitar with your rack of effects not just rely on
your fuckin this or your fuckin that.

Author JP H (1 month)
Scott, I cant stop watching this video!! I love it!! 😂😂😂😂 

Author Sonny Welch (13 days)
Hey Asshole, thanks for the advise. I always wondered why everyone used
special cleaners and polishes for there guitars but just soap and water for
their cars. Just subscribed, looking forward to some more advise because I
truly am a DMF!!

Author bittechslow (13 days)
Damn,all this time I was a dumb mutha fucker and I didn't realize.Thanks
groovydjs now I know I'm a dumb muthafucker maybe I can actually play this
dumb muthafucking guitar like a real muthfucka.HaHa

Author AcceleratingUniverse (26 days)
What would one of those no-neck guitars be called?

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