Guitar Neck Facts For Dumb Mother Fuckers By Scott Grove

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Author groovydjs (2 months)
Chad Stewart, The Dumb Mother Fucker that owns 2 of the EXACT SAME guitar?
That would be EVERY PRO IN THE WORLD dumb ass, it's called a "Backup".

Author ismelljello (2 months)
My blackmachine B2 has a rosewood neck and an ebony fingerboard. Am I weird
for requesting it like that?

Author Joseph Boyer (23 days)
i use holy water to clean my fret boards its a lot cleaner and sounds a
fuck load brighter 

Author Michael Z Martin (2 months)
The fucking greatest Groovy video of all time ...The Les Paul Dumb
Motherfucker bright vs warm fret board inlay demonstration was the single
most hilarious thing ever uploaded in Youtube's History! 

Author spainguit (1 month)
Goddammit!!!! Best fucking advice right there! Just play your fucking

Author ChannelName (1 month)
The green strat clearly sounds more fruity, and the pink one has a much
more floral sound - but it's not the fingerboard, it's the color of the
body. The Les Paul was, perhaps, too astringent for my ear, the first
custom was rather reticent with little nose and the second, I'm sorry to
say, was corked.

Author spywithme (15 days)
Stew Mac pointed out that on the very early Fender's the skunk stripe was
in fact made out of Koa and it was only later that they switched over to
walnut. Rosewood?

Author raedwulfone (1 month)
I am a DMF I thought the skunk stripe was Walnut ....

Author dftfujd dsrjdh (3 months)
Who cares if it makes a difference? Just play guitars that you like the
sound of. You should trust your own ear not what some guitar manufacturer
tells you about it. I don't know what wood my instrument is made of,
because it doesn't matter. I play it because I like how it sounds. Who
cares if it's plywood, or plastic, or maple.

Author Skept3k (4 months)
That is one fugly custom guitar, but why do manufacturers build guitars
with different woods, when the wood make no difference at all.

They should just make all guitars and fingerboards out of plywood. Who
gives a damn, it's all the same, right? 

Author Bruce Morrison (2 months)
Scott, I really like your videos. They're straightforward and factual. I
think all guitar players should be forced to take a Physics class on sound.
Then they'd understand that all these little differences they think they're
making are a bunch of bullshit lol

Author skywalkersworld (2 months)
great vid and I love how you call us dumb motherfuckers. (:

Author beastmandrum (2 months)
If you aren't a dumb mother fucker in one way or another, I'm telling
you... There's A LOT of dumb mother fuckers out there

Author Thomas Heald (2 months)
you can literally hear a difference between the tonewoods through the
camera's mic.

Author KevinMillard68 (15 days)
Awesome video 

Author Brandon Reyes (12 days)
I like your shoes

Author Aldo Raine (4 months)
There are some people who believe wood makes no difference in tone and
there are people who also believe the earth is flat and that the moon
landing was fake. They are the dumb mother fuckers

Author Joseph Boyer (23 days)
oh shit motherfucker that was bright

Author Zach Is Awesome (2 months)
Love this man, watched the first part and I was like, wow. I'm a pretty
dumbass motherfucker. Thanks again for this.

Author supersharpie961 (2 months)
Love these vids haha dumb motherfucker xD

Author Aidan Mc (2 months)

Author Slimtronic5k (2 months)
I seriously cannot watch this enough! Soooooo good!!! hahahaha! Preach the
gospel, brother! Let 'em know what's up! Thanks for the laugh, brother!

Author RetardedPlums (2 months)
now i know, thanks to you scott i am no longer a dumb motherfucker 

Author Phil-76 (2 months)
Your collection is fucking awesome!!!

Author Vinny D (6 days)
Best advice was at the end (to paraphrase): "if you would practice half as
much as do worrying about this, you might be worth a shit." and "Stop
worrying about all this shit because you can't fucking play anyway."

Author Xxwolfspirit7Xx (2 months)
Is there a Ventures "Gerry McGee" model stratocaster from 96-97 in the top

Author KiMBo Scott (2 months)
can you do an internal wiring or the electronics video?

Author mattpunk s. (2 months)
The argument for the hardness of the neck affecting the sound is complete
crap. Do you plug your cable into the neck? No. It's the vibrations from
the bridge that pick up, not the neck. 

Author hecalledtheshitpoo (6 days)
So since my hands are pasty ass white, I much have a brighter tone....I got

Author Patrick Jones (5 days)
sound no, but feel yes. My maple and ebony fingerboards feel faster and
smoother than some,not all, of my rosewood fingerboards(not taking finishes
into account). sometimes rosewood can feel a bit rough when bending and
shit. I suppose fret size would make a difference because it dictates how
much contact your finger really has on the board itself. with jumbos it
probly doesnt matter as much......

Author tfoshohoe (17 days)
Scott,you must be dumb because I know lacquered fretboards have a glassy
tone to it compared to rosewood :D

And my abalone inlays sound like the ocean when I play on them!

Dude I'm just glad you showed me that tone wood BS is BS.

The only reason I would use a specific combo of wood on a guitar is if I
loved the looks of it.
I put some good pickups in a basswood guitar and guess what! It sounds the
same as it did in the mahogany guitar when setup to the same pickup height.
At least it does to me YMMV. PEACE Scott Grove.

Author silver_ surfer14 (11 days)
Loved the Dumb MthrFukin info for the DumbMthrFukr's ….always get to take
away some quality bit and pieces of info from your channel…Thanks again!!!

Author Douglas F (20 days)
Bill Burr is great!

Author Er thomas (23 days)
I have a Chinese Squire, with Seymor Duncans. The pickups cost more than
the guitar. But, after watching these videos, there is no point in
upgrading. I am sure it wont make any difference to sound. Once it wears
out, I will get a Mexican Strat and put the pickups in that. Until then, I
got something I can throw around, and that sounds good too. Ah, those
Chinese pickups sucked though. Yes, replace those in your squire, and you
will have a nice guitar. All that cheap wiring needs to be gone. But, the
guitar (wood parts), is not that badly build now adays. I don't like the
way a fender neck feels though. I think I like most Ibanez necks more. I
had an FGM-100, I really wish I would have kept. :(

Author Joe Forehand (15 days)
Just found your link. Thanks for not making me a dumb mf😀

Author Ken Foland (22 days)
Scott. You obviously are a smart person who has an abundance of experience.
I don't believe any marketing hype from companies that produce audio and
audio-related products. I am a naturally skeptical person about any claim
of audio excellence for just a little more money. And, too many times it's
not just a little extra money. The best I've heard recently is the hype
spouted by companies that manufacture high-end audio grade electrolytic
capacitors. They do nothing more than the standard part; except take more
of your hard-earned cash, that's it. But, some people cannot be educated no
matter how hard you may try. So, if you people out there don't do the
requisite research before you buy into the audiophoolery, then you truly
are a "Dumb Mother-Fucker"! Thanks, Scott!

Author Backtoblack005 (1 month)
Hahahaha respect sir!! 

Author John Mayhew (24 days)
He,s realy into necks ...think maybe he likes running his hands up and down
long hard necks ,bet he uses oil on his head-stock ...and any one who,s
heard him play should realize he needs to shut his mouth and practice
before he realizes he,s an old ass child...grow up ,shut your mouth and
maybe you will learn how to loose your lips without useless bullshit
falling out of that...DUMB MOTHERFUCKING cock hole on your face!!!

Author Snyder- (5 months)
Why do you have to call people dumb motherfuckers?

Author pete bulka (1 month)
Hahahahahaha great video man!!

Author Ben Weightman (1 month)
lol classic video Scott!!! And very imformative no matter what all the dumb
Mother Fuckers say!!!! Hope you're well bro! Ben

Author marshal nault (1 month)
I agree that we should just play the instruments and not over analyze them,
if you don't have an ear for tone. Unfortunately some of us are cursed with
the ability to hear the subtle differences in wood. I'm really surprised
that with all of your experience you can't hear the differences. If it's
all the same then why don't classical guitar builders use maple fretboards,
or why not plastic? It's pretty basic physics here people. Wood with
different density is going to produce a different sound. Tap on a glass,
then tap on plastic cup. Produce the same sound? If it did, then you have
the same ears as this guy who made this video. Your string snapping test is
not sufficient. Why don't you do a blues lick or something and compare
maple and rosewood. I believe you have a lot of knowledge to offer us
fellow guitar players, but in the case, I think you are like a person
that's color blind going around telling people there's is no color in the

Author TheDarthvaderonearth (1 month)
felt so good Im not a dumb motherfucker lel :P

Author wesmatron (1 month)
Five seconds in and I'm already pissing myself laughing :)

Author paperbacknovel (1 month)
Simister Orthodontics -- should change its name to Sinister Orthodontics.
Great video. 

Author jpalberthoward9 (1 month)
Thanks for clearing the air about something that has bugged me no end for
many years!!! Too many people have become obsessed with micro-analyzing all
of this ridiculous minutia when they ought to be practicing their damn
technique and learning to play something. Anybody with the common sense of
a piss-ant ought to understand that if you apply yourself, you can make any
guitar do what you want it to, if it's well built and adjusted properly.
You once said that most music nowadays sucks. I agree with you, and I think
the preoccupation with all of this lame B.S. is one of the reasons why it's
true. Your bluntness and straightforward approach to telling the
unvarnished truth is like a breath of fresh air. I thank you again 1000x! 

Author Paul TheSkeptic (1 month)
LMAO Ha! Scott's a funny mother fucker. I don't know if it makes a
difference or not but I'm an ignorant mother fucker, which is better than
dumb BTW. Will you answer questions Scott? You seem like a knowledgeable
mother fucker. 

Author methebeachbum (1 month)
dude yeah it was awesome video :D

Author James Krys (1 month)
Scott, Got any guitars with Lace Hemi-buckers?

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