Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on TYT University.

Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have taken a course like this in college? Let us know!

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Author Sinisbal (2 months)
Like I am surprised by this? All homo propaganda bullshitters trying to
push the whole world into their own perversion. Of course their main attack
was kids. First the Bibles out of schools so that there is no more moral
compass and then second, all power onto sexual feelings and how mighty they
are- all geared to enslave kids to feelings and never reach their maturity
and self control. That way teens become more prone to go to bed with anyone.
Perverts and bigots, who shout "don't tell us how to live!" yet those same
people push and shove their agenda onto the whole world AND on top of that
they show us their real love by stomping on any opinion that does not hold
the finger in their ass.
Good, good, what goes around comes around.

Author Terri Robison (22 days)
What is TYT University and Mr. Kubistant needs to be fired along with the
When are Americans going to wake up. The Small minority of the RICH are
controlling all the rest of us non-rich with no clout. They see a world
for the rich and another world (being created right now) for the less
educated, i.e., less money in their pockets (minimum wage earners with no
chances for advancement), dumb you down so as to have no intelligent
opinions on subject matter because the schools today are not developing the
curriculums necessary to aid the students in intelligent learning. ..

Author Justin Zhou (3 months)

Author Michael Nguyen (4 days)
u showed the thumbnail to get views bitch, i came here to watch the video
not to hear ur annoying ass talk

Author OfficialVanDyce (7 days)
I remember these kids next to me in class put a slip of paper with my name
down and said i was being forced into sex with a guy for the anonymous box
for questions... then the teacher came up to me asking if there was
anything wrong or what, and i was like the fuck you talkin bout O_o i didnt
put shit in that damn box lol

Author Estevan Martinez (19 days)
damn prudes. lol. what good are those classes if you don't push the
envelope a little. maybe a bit messed up when asking about personal past
sexual experiences and ages of when deflowered. anything else is free game.
u can refuse to participate or answer if u rather not

Author alberto gonzalez (22 days)
A old 60 lady masturbating I would vomit over the class. She would cum dust

Author Christopher Brown (3 months)
Holy Fucking Shit, who ever Sub-Titled this is a 'RETARD', if you
Sub-Titled this, you do 'not' deserve to be around normal people, could you
seriously not write down what was clearly being said, then you really need
to go back to pre-school (you know what, not even that, if your vocabulary
is this bad, you ether are A: a foreigner who does not speak english, or B:
a retarded person)

Author DeAdPo0l (1 month)
HOW DID I GET HE--oh right. i was watching southpark and saw a girl with
her hand in her pants and clicked the thumbnail. 

Author Smither Sink (1 month)
Oh my god! This is so ridiculous, you can just tell that this professor is
a total perv!

Author Ultimate Transformers Fan AOE Vehicon (3 months)
That's so stupid! People shouldn't be forced to jack off!! Their should be
a lawsuit!! Sue them!!

Author JayBirge (1 month)
I don't understand what the guy is guilty of??? It's a human sexuality
college class, what did this student think he was going ask them study??? I
wonder if she would signed up for a figure drawing class, would she freak
out what parts they had draw even though THEY HER BEFORE SIGNING UP!!!

And I know this TYT chick is ditzy and she makes arguments that don't
follow logic, but she is a looker so not many guys are going to call her
out so she is likely never checked on her bullshit. So I
understand.......... Why is some fictional political career a valid reason
not to explore who you might actually be sexually??? Because your
aspirations might need you to be an outright liar one day kids you
shouldn't do anything I would ashamed of even if it actually interest you.

Being shamed for things that don't matter to anyone but you and your spouse
is a terrible addiction of this countries politic, nice to know ditzy is
such a filthy slut she couldn't entertaining being respected if you knew
her history or fantasies.

Author DethOfDrgnz (2 months)
Just taking a course in Human Sexuality sounds like a total waste of money.
Unless your getting into the porn industry which no degree is needed you
just need to be hot, there is no practical use for a Human Sexuality
course. Just something to sucker young people to pay for because they are
all horny when they are young so lets sell them a useless course that will
never get you a job in the real world.

Author XCS (4 months)
Americans will sue you for anything. Dude was just tryna be funny. The 60
years old student is just mad she still dick starved.

Author skillcoiler (2 months)
Why is a 60 year old taking any college class much less a sexuality

Author alan bantu (22 hours)
fuck america you all retards

Author Learner Jr (2 days)
Were the intentions to just find out if some student is abused ? I mean
there can be a good side as well. The only problem is encouraging your
students to do it.. That is wrong.

Author Jaw Tooth (4 days)
Ana Kasparian is an annoying bitch who will never find a real man to marry

Author Facey Neck (3 days)
This is just another example of the level of sexual repression that people
*want* to enforce upon themselves. It's not like the professor was telling
students to go out and rape each other. And no one was forced to take the
class either. I appreciate the two Turks sharing their views on the topic,
but I don't like the tone of their voices. They make it sound like all of
this is so obviously wrong. What is "obviously wrong" to me is that people
need to grow the fuck up!

Author kodi c (7 days)
what the fuck...

Author THESK1TZ (7 days)
Misleading. Thumbnail and title is misleading...

Author isaiahthebudder king (8 days)
bad subtitles.... STOP!

Author Steven Paul (9 days)
I hate these people, how did I get here I was looking fro pranks.

Author bigbangnone (10 days)
My observation has been that school curriculums from grade school on are
designed to provide students with the base knowledge enable a student to
transition to the next phase of learning.
What is lacking is a in-depth understanding of:

- Advanced sexual concepts related to sexual deviancy and sexual abuse. A
non explicit over-view. There are so many children who are abused and
really never recover. Having the basic understanding of why things happen
such that a child can avoid the occurrence or seek help, or simply have a
basis to deal with it would help.

- Basic psychology for kids to explain how kids grow and things like - why
kids act aggressive when attempting to hide their fear...

- Basic gun safety. Currently, schools are setting kids on a path to hurt
other kids.
Kids are told "Do not touch" which is exactly why so many 6yo are blowing
their friend or sibling away. Kids are extremely curious.
I suggest a field-trip to the local gun range. Let them shoot a 22 handgun
and a small shotgun. The target should be chosen to communicate destructive
power. Emphasize that guns should never be pointed at anything unless you
want to kill it. Then tell them to never touch any gun because some
triggers are very sensitive and all guns should be considered to be loaded.

- Kids should be trained to understand "balance in life" and why the body
and mind need a balance. These are not difficult concepts and can add years
to a lifetime.

- And lastly, but not least...More detailed health and nutrition. To
include the dangers of too many video games combined with the wrong foods
and lack of exercise.

Author Nervousstupidman1234 (16 days)
We want the video!

Author Raul Hinojoza (16 days)
This is what happens to this pagan society when the Word of God is removed
and the masses become conformist idiots!

Author ragemanchoo82 (18 days)
Flagged -- Misleading bullshit clickbait

Author T1ger8oi (24 days)
those students wouldn't have complained if the instructor was a priest. 

Author Natalie Cherie (26 days)
Wow...interesting. What's next? 

Author Dougie Ryalls (24 days)
Slam the son bitch jail

Author Steven Wood (25 days)
or drop the class

Author Catrina B (3 months)
who knows when the urge just hits you and you have the urge to slip your
hands into your jeans and between your thighs

Author CptMole (1 month)
I masturbate 24/7 how am I supposed to double that?

Author Daquan Allison (2 months)
I mean from a anthropological view, the teacher didn't actually go that
far. You're supposed to as subjects deep questions that will give some
interesting data to share. So as a professor, it should be fare to ask that
the students get the same treatment. They should understand what feeling
may show when dealing with the public especially when asking sensitive
questions as such. It could help them in the long run. 

Author Norman Trushaev (1 day)
This really doesn't sound that bad. I think it would be an interesting
experience and would probably help a lot of people feel more comfortable
with their sexuality. Personally, I'd definitely be willing to take the

Author CintiRailFan (3 days)
This video is very misleading. I only watched it because the thumbnail has
a hot chick masturbating but she is nowhere in this stupid video!!
Instead, we get stuck with Ana!!

Author MrOramato (5 days)
Young People. You have been conditioned to think there are usually two
legitimate sides. No. Usually there is a right and a wrong and by the time
your get to the left wing college profs you do NOT have to sell out for
grades! Sue the bastards and retire on your winnings at 22.

Author Sandy Mahamed (6 days)
Yes you do make it about your students. Its to bring a realstic study to
the class. Furthermore , he is a professor and is probably gathering this
for his own study. Did you think of that? There is a reason envelopes are
pushed in college. Have you even taken a psychology 101 course before? Even
that has some 'taboo' topics because thats how you learn.

Author thriftylol (6 days)
this is what niggers do

Author John Doe (4 days)
They need these classes. How else will prostitutes and strippers be taught.
At least we have work for sex offenders now. They will be the best
candidates for these classes with their vast knowledge in this field. The
reward for doing good in class is an invite to the after school orgy expo.
Bring a parent day was never so fun.

Author backtorob (3 days)
jeez they are all annoying 

Author Cartney Tan (2 days)

Author Allison Hartmann (11 days)
He kept saying Nevada wrong... XD 

Author Jaime Richards (2 days)

Author Cindervella (5 days)

Author craigslistrr O (13 days)
God, No wonder kids are so fucked up...

Author Anna Stroinski (13 days)
umm..... its a humans sexuality course, what did they expect?

Author David Hereaux (3 months)
I'm not sure anyone noticed but, the sign on the door said, **SEX CLASS**.

Author Alé Filou (7 days)

Author FarRightofLeft (18 days)
Higher education, now teaching people how to be a "good democrat."

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