Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on TYT University.

Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have taken a course like this in college? Let us know!

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Author prufenful (4 days)
I'd get an A in this class dude

Author Richard Vickery (5 days)
I have to completely defend the professor: making the course so intimately
personal is the best way to make students remember the material.

Author Carlos S (9 days)
The video's thumbnail is just for views... right? right?

Author Evol Bob (7 days)
One way to get 22 million hits.

Author Ragging Scorpion (9 days)
I think the priorities of these reporters were a tad skewed. They seemed
more offended about certain things than others which could be seen as
equally offensive. Why, for instance, is it okay to make students talk
about homosexual outings or phases, and not when one lost one's virginity,
or really anything on that list of questions. Some of the things mentioned
in this video were certainly left-field, but I think there's some
arbitration issues here.

Author Dylan Kennedy (12 days)
nice going professor :T

Author Ryan Ferretti (16 days)
I can't stand these effeminate liberal douche bags. Is there a hint of
testosterone in that entire studio? I'm not talking about Hulk Hogan
football player jock mentality. I'm talking about general masculinity. It
seems like every guy on TYT were raised by their mothers and hung out with
girls in high school.

Author mahesh pvk (17 days)
Naughty professor

Author Ayra Khan (17 days)
What the hell is wrong with this girl? She's just messed up

Author moses romo (17 days)
Say Nevada right you dumshit

Author Jody Craig (19 days)
Lol.. TYT propaganda is always such a huge fail. Just look at the down

Author rosemay barcebal (18 days)
O jesus! Evilish -_-

Author Mudoh415 (18 days)
What the hell is wrong with Tim's hair. 

Author Angel fourwings (20 days)
Now everyone as you we approach the bottom of the internet barrel if you
turn to your left you will see the sexual humor and sex news channels. They
actually are still running due to the never ending spawning of pubescent
idiots on the internet.

Author Monster Movie Maniac (28 days)
I honestly didn't see any problem with the class. The teacher was just
having fun with the whole "You're going to need to bring a second pair of
pants" and "I'll increase your sexual urges." If kids can't take a joke,
we're living in a world that's WAY too stern. 

Author OCSleazy (1 month)
The class is about human sexuality. how can you properly teach about
sexuality without talking about sexuality. someone please tell me how to
teach and learn sexuality without researching primary or secondary sources.
Asking the students to masturbate is wrong, but talking about sexual
experiences in a sex class is fair enough. 

Author KRUDDYMUSICIAN (1 month)
Well the girl took the class. She signed up for it. 

Author KingArthur13th (28 days)
13,169 people were expecting an actual video of what was happening in the

Author Matt Wharton (1 month)
Ana is a spitting image of Chanel Preston...

Author Aaron Ernst (1 month)
I thought that they were going to show the girl MASTER BATE what a crime ! 

Author phazon4 (3 hours)
Who the hell takes a college sexuality class and then complains and sues
about the sexual topics 

Author Christian Navarrete (1 day)
The professor is not guilty. I believe the requirements are acceptable.
What is over the line is this debate. I would have taken this course to
learn about my sexuality as well as human sexuality. 

Author alois cail (3 days)
the subtitle of this video is wrong ... the arabic grammar is totally

Author rizal boncel (3 days)

Author Ronaldo Famz (2 days)
Wow, Did your teacher angry ?
Its amazing......

Author Ka mi (4 days)
I don't understand this at all. If you're taking a human sexuality class,
you should be expecting situations like this. If you have a past with
sexual abuse, talk to the professor and tell them that you are not yet
comfortable sharing that experience. No one is forced to masturbate if they
aren't comfortable with it.(in the setting of a class) I think that there
are parts of the story that were left out.

Author James Trotter (5 days)
The problem with all of these course requirements is that you can fabricate
any of them. You don't have to give away any personal information. She
didn't have to masturbate. She only had to pretend that she had. The
students argument is null. Plus, she's taking a human sexuality course.
What the fuck was she expecting to learn about? Celibacy? 

Author caslor26 (4 days)
ohh she's 60? still a little crazy but I've heard this before they just
shouldn't put their name down

Author Chrissy Piercey (4 days)
What a complete and total pervert I feel he should be arrested how

Author Jarred Fleming (6 days)
if you are going to make a sex diary, you may as well make a sex tape

Author TheAJR1990 (5 days)
this is dumb as hell, its a sexual exploration class. i never took a class
like that but i assume that the main topic is sex, masturbation,
promiscuity, etc. now i will say the sexual abuse topic is a little over
edge but come on this is like taking a class in criminal justice and sue
the school for the graphic detail on the crimes you study. other than the
sex abuse thing i saw nothing wrong here with the things he was teaching.

Author Jon Arrington (7 days)
He totally made up the masturbating in call thang. The teacher said to
write about masturbating(never said shit about doing in call. Second they
are in college there is not required assignment drop the class if you have
issue with it

Author TheHoodzOG (7 days)
The fuck is this shit?

Author KingOystar (7 days)
I would not be comfortable with that class either!

Author Ahem. Achem. Ackhem. Ackgh! Cough. (8 days)
Now all they need is a class where they get kids addicted to heroine.

Author Tavia Talton (10 days)
1. its a class about sex...get over it. know the class before you take it!
2. i admit some of that stuff is a little too much
3. if you don't like the class you don't have to take it
4. the women was 60, its not like she has never done anything sexual in her

Author crimson182 (21 day)
You know when that teacher asked the class to masturbate twice as often as
usual there was one guy that came in to class late the next class looking
absolutely saddle sore. 

Author Ashley Dempsey (10 days)

Author TrippinM9 (17 days)

Author john Doe (22 days)
saw the thumbnail, and decided to give this a thumbs down, not even going
to watch the video. you need to take this down now

Author Tara (12 days)
This actually sounds like an interesting class. An application of what
you're learning about human sexuality to your own sexuality. I also think a
lot of this is overblown for the purposes of the lawsuit; they make it
sound like the people were ordered to write about possible sexual abuse,
but more likely it was a topic suggestion, meaning you choose one you are
comfortable writing about or talk to the professor about an alternate
topic. Same with the masturbation; you're an adult, a suggestion to try
something new sexually - but safely since telling them to go have sex with
strangers would be dangerous - and write about how it affected them, if at
all, seems like a practical way to apply lessons to themselves, thus
understand the lesson more fully. 

Author idgonemad (1 month)
Forced? Don't take the class.

Author Styopa Margaryan (23 days)

Author youngncrazy1 (23 days)
To an extent some of this is fine. College students are hopefully mature
enough and they are old enough to know of the human sexual experiences. But
to be forced to self serve and write journals about their personal sexual
experiences is a bit much.

Author HalfRaccoonScientist (27 days)
So all we have to go on are the accusations of a single girl without

Sorry, not significant evidence to go by in a lawsuit.

Author Aaron Chavez (1 month)
how do i sign up?

Author thehouseofblack100 (28 days)
the subtitles are terrible!

Author yourdaddydm (1 month)
Wow these captions are way off.

Author BeWeird BeYourself (6 months)
I'm not sure anyone wants to know..

Author Hoko Le (6 months)
i dont think theres anything wrong with expressing your sexual fantasies

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