Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on TYT University.

Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have taken a course like this in college? Let us know!

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Author Justin Zhou (11 days)

Author Blu Macaw ™ (1 month)
That's so stupid! People shouldn't be forced to jack off!! Their should be
a lawsuit!! Sue them!!

Author XCS (1 month)
Americans will sue you for anything. Dude was just tryna be funny. The 60
years old student is just mad she still dick starved.

Author yynnmmbb (3 months)
god, people are such fucking soft pussies. grow up, realize what you signed
up for.

Author Christopher Brown (9 days)
Holy Fucking Shit, who ever Sub-Titled this is a 'RETARD', if you
Sub-Titled this, you do 'not' deserve to be around normal people, could you
seriously not write down what was clearly being said, then you really need
to go back to pre-school (you know what, not even that, if your vocabulary
is this bad, you ether are A: a foreigner who does not speak english, or B:
a retarded person)

Author David Hereaux (24 days)
I'm not sure anyone noticed but, the sign on the door said, **SEX CLASS**.

Author Catrina Botelho (10 days)
who knows when the urge just hits you and you have the urge to slip your
hands into your jeans and between your thighs

Author PonygamesPinkiepie (4 months)
I do NOT want to explain My sex life to My teacher.... EVER! I don't want
people to know what I do in My bedroom every night! Oh shit did I just give
it away 0_0

Author Carlos S (4 months)
The video's thumbnail is just for views... right? right?

Author xiaospirit (1 month)
if you be in asia schools listening those stuffs is super embarasing which
is one thing i feel like is so common

Author Devondre Cousin (2 months)
thumbnil totally lead me on

Author Monster Movie Maniac (5 months)
I honestly didn't see any problem with the class. The teacher was just
having fun with the whole "You're going to need to bring a second pair of
pants" and "I'll increase your sexual urges." If kids can't take a joke,
we're living in a world that's WAY too stern. 

Author Cowgoesmoo2 (2 months)
Seriously, what the fuck is up with The Young Turks?
This is just a shit channel, and for some reason people can't see past the
fact that this isn't even legitimate news.
Thumbnail videos that show two retards talking to each other really isn't
that great.

Author Christopher Feeney (2 months)
GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!! If you don't like the class get out of it!!! You have
plenty of time to drop a class before it goes on your record!!! What
happened to freedom of speech? The only reason that old bitch is suing is
because she is insecure about herself!!! Quit suing over stupid shit you
dumb ass haters!!! I love you! HAHA :P

Author Megan green (2 months)
What about the school allowing that? Or am I wrong? This is kinda a gray
area idk

Author GamerScienceGeek (2 months)
The fact that anyone in their right mind could consider this a legitimate
higher level education class proves that this country is going to s***.

Author Ryan Ferretti (4 months)
I can't stand these effeminate liberal douche bags. Is there a hint of
testosterone in that entire studio? I'm not talking about Hulk Hogan
football player jock mentality. I'm talking about general masculinity. It
seems like every guy on TYT were raised by their mothers and hung out with
girls in high school.

Author Samvel Khutsiyan (3 months)
People expecting sexual content on youtube are stupid

Author haris tahir (17 hours)
I masturbate every day........i am addicted to it....

Author Norse Man (1 day)
This is empowering the leftist "Free sex" movement. They're really just
perverts who go home and masterbate to what their students write down

Author shwetank sharma (1 day)
great part of life but not there

Author Rake Man (1 day)
I dont want to be a teacher anymore.

Author Fernando Reis (2 days)
I need to go to this college...

Author Harold Steele (2 days)
Everybody knew what the class was about from the beginning, the teacher did
NOTHING wrong!

Author Bushwacker (2 days)
All of those questions were acceptable, except he forgot to ask: "Have you
ever eaten a box of Nerds out of a butthole?"

Author Terriance Wright (3 days)
I dream I could take a class like dat 2 much pu$$y to catch woo 😏

Author BaCrack DrOboma (3 days)
i just got done jacking off , and i decided to type jacking off on youtube.
im 17 and i like to yank my dick atleast every day

Author RobGreenTV (3 days)
dam i wish i was in that class!!! i know i would get a A+

Author robinhood panday (4 days)
thats nyc videos for this site

Author Jhoy Meade (4 days)
This I'm sure was not a required class. I'm sure that there was material
telling you what to expect in this class. It's not the teacher's fault if
you didn't read it. And you can drop the class if you took it in error.

Like someone said before, he didn't come up with this idea that morning. He
had to get permission to have this class with a plan of what he was going
to ask for and teach in it. We have one person complaining about this
class. The other people even said that they knew what the class was about,
which is one of the reasons whey they are there.

As for this showing the depths of which the education system is sinking,
that happened years and years ago when kids were being allowed to graduate
high school not really knowing how to read. Talk about the injustice of
being undereducated, rather than a course that consenting adults choose to
attend, that want to go through this kind of experience.

As for the lady who is the cause of this lawsuit, being embarrassed and
shocked isn't something to sue someone over. We are suppose to learn about
ourselves when we are in college, and if this is one way some of us choose
to do that, it's not your place to tell them that they can't because you
believed the class was too frank about what you would be doing while
attending that class.

I see a misunderstanding, and not a lawsuit here. But then, I wasn't raised
to sue people over something I could change or made a mistake in.

I can understand how privacy is a big question here. Assignments and such
need names on them so that credit and grades go to that person. It is
possible to believe that the standard "writing of your name" was replaced
with a number system, so he could award grades without knowing who
submitted them. Was there any evidence of this? How were assignments
suppose to be handed in? Was this even looked into?

Everyone in the clip seem to have jumped to the idea that everyone walked
up to the desk and handed in papers and the teacher is some old guy jerking
off over them in his house. I can tell you right now, that unless he has
some english majors, most of what he will be reading with be dry, none
story form, quick and to the point facts, and more than likely looked at as
nothing more than his job, and something he has to make time for. I have
tried to get people to tell me about this when they seem interested in me
and it's like pulling teeth to get any real set of details out of them.
Granted, these students took the class, so they might be more forthcoming,
but I can also see them with a Freud book open on their lap as they
themselves try to explain to him why they might be thinking such things.
Like I said. He will see it as a job to be done. Not sexy time in the man
cave or what have you.

Also, what is his title? I would believe that he would have some therapy
background. A doctor with a few years experience in the real world where
he's more than likely heard far more than you would think. Do you think he
got into the field to jerk off over class work, after seeing patients one
on one for who knows how many years?

Author Jacobra Armageddon (4 days)
So what its just sex. And You both are just ashamed of your own sexuality
and body. And you both are pornaphobics. So say something people really
want hear. Because people dont like to hear about other people's excuses.
They just like good action.

Author sevan grigoryan (4 days)
Unless it was a hot ass chick I wouldn't do it 😂

Author jorge munoz (3 months)
Stupid misleading thumbnail, 6:32 min. wasted!!!!!!!

Author DrNicket (7 days)
Here's something that could change the perspective a little: What if the
Professor said that those assignments were not for them to turn in, but for
them to use personally as a tool to help them understand themselves better,
to explorer themselves in more ways than the obvious?

Author FrostDesigns (7 days)
Tony Montana Voice: Fuck that man, Fuck that. 

Author Harry Victor (8 days)
I’m sure I’ve seen a porno just like that...

Author ChickenRotor (3 months)
You're taking a course in Human Sexuality, what the fuck did you expect,
I'm still having trouble comprehending that this is a real course and why a
60 year old woman is taking it.

Author Tom g (8 days)
Americans are so prude I was bondaging my kindergarten teacher she was hot
at the age of four!

Author raveendran parithi (9 days)
So bore

Author criticalthinkersarescarce Smith (9 days)
I much rather preferred my human sexuality course where we looked at how
people in society define sex and how it differs according to age,
race/ethnicity, sex, gender, across cultures, etc. Nothing personally
invasive just looking at the topic of sex and sexuality empirically. 

Author Erika Lash (4 months)
ew...who da fuck wants to masturbate in front of an audience like there no
fucks are given. What a creep. another subtle sick story of a nasty teacher
trying to see children's no no's. Fucking weirdo.... x-x

Author unluckeyman (10 days)
well first of all why the fuck would you wanna go to college at 60 years
old i mean im on the students side but come on your 60 years old and
probably disabled or something so you belong in a retirement home or

Author Alyssa Tenorio (10 days)
My favorite class!

Author Kenny Thompson (10 days)
its a human sexuality course !!!!!! dont study if you arent open to it

Author Danny Ryan (10 days)
She sounds like Layla from Futurama XD

Author yaje sire (11 days)

Author Lunar Case (12 days)
if my professor was a girl and she told me to jack off in her class.... id
cum all over her face and make her suck me.

Author Dian Adams (2 months)
this is for deviants...Why would anyone want to take part in this

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