Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on TYT University.

Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have taken a course like this in college? Let us know!

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Author Sinisbal (4 months)
Like I am surprised by this? All homo propaganda bullshitters trying to
push the whole world into their own perversion. Of course their main attack
was kids. First the Bibles out of schools so that there is no more moral
compass and then second, all power onto sexual feelings and how mighty they
are- all geared to enslave kids to feelings and never reach their maturity
and self control. That way teens become more prone to go to bed with anyone.
Perverts and bigots, who shout "don't tell us how to live!" yet those same
people push and shove their agenda onto the whole world AND on top of that
they show us their real love by stomping on any opinion that does not hold
the finger in their ass.
Good, good, what goes around comes around.

Author Michael Nguyen (2 months)
u showed the thumbnail to get views bitch, i came here to watch the video
not to hear ur annoying ass talk

Author CombatForTheFaith (1 month)
This teacher must be a pedophile.

Author Matthew Davine (1 month)
This is totally ridiculous.
Universities have become bastions of total utter bullshit.
There is no pursuit of knowledge. There is no 'clash of ideas.'
Universities are beholden to the corrupt ideologies of feminism and marxism
and all the bullshit that comes with it.
These kinds of courses are on the same level of classes you would find in a
drug infested hippy commune. 

Author loand Rosso (22 days)
Omfg you ppl are so stupid I fucking hate when ppl walking a place that
saids you will get hit in the face if you enter then go in anyway n try and
sue. How stupid are , is fucking college where you go to explore diffrents
ideals n challenge your own by expressing them. That lady is a fucking
moron for taking a class that clearly every one knows what is about. This
class is not force on you. If you don't want to you don't have to take it n
could go fucking learn French or joga or relegion there are a lot of
different options. Ppl who take this glass want to be more sexual n learn
more about how it affects ppl . That's the Wii point of the glass but they
tell all of this in the descriptions of the glass n other students who took
it before. So y giving take it if know what the fuck Is about n then try
and sue n fuck it up for everyone else who actually want to take the glass
and explore there sexuality is my choice just like is your choice not to
want to explore it n keep it private your not being force. I hate ppl who
just because they don't like something they think no one should have it.

Author Mormon The Prophet (1 month)
Masturbation is a serious sin it is un moral and abomination in the eyes of
the Lord and those who don't stop and repent will one day perish with the
wicked because they are wicked. homosexuality is also the sin of the ages
and many will perish or be put to death.... America society is wicked and
this nation needs to repent and stop living in their sins or else they will
die in their sins and suffer for internality ....

Author rockhaze (1 month)
Humans are sexual creatures, why can't we all just shut up and have sex?

Author Estevan Martinez (2 months)
damn prudes. lol. what good are those classes if you don't push the
envelope a little. maybe a bit messed up when asking about personal past
sexual experiences and ages of when deflowered. anything else is free game.
u can refuse to participate or answer if u rather not

Author Steven Paul (2 months)
I hate these people, how did I get here I was looking fro pranks.

Author Christoph N (12 days)
One question. Did the instructor have them turn in the papers with names on
them or were they anonymous? If they were anonymous I don't see any problem
except maybe the sexual abuse part. Although, even if sexually abused, a
person can lie and say they weren't.

In addition, sounds like the 60 year old shouldn't have taken the class if
she didn't like the subject matter. 

Author Smither Sink (3 months)
Oh my god! This is so ridiculous, you can just tell that this professor is
a total perv!

Author Ilya Khmelchenko (12 days)
why Americans listen to this kind of stupid radio talks?? this is just a

Author Kimmy Kakes (5 days)
the thumbnail is of a girl in high school rubbing her pussy and sniffing
her pussy juices off her fingers, as she was ready to slide hand in pants
again she noticed the cellphone recording her

Author Fat Mann (5 days)
I don't see what's so funny about being forced to do something you don't
want to do. Good for the woman who filed the law suit. The older students
should show the young men and woman not to put up with these Liberal
Professors who think they can make their students believe whatever they

Author aSStronaut111 (6 days)
What is the point of a human sexuality class if they don't have sex in
class? :I

Author SUPR3ME N3WB (24 days)
Don't Christians believe masturbating makes you go blind?
I'm sure I've heard that somewhere on the internet before.
Not sure if it is true or false. Can somebody please tell me?

Author Aaron Johnson (5 days)
Bruh..............................................that guy is trippin'.

Author vileguy (13 days)
The hosts need to take a human sexuality course and not be so closed
minded. The point of the class is to open your mind to the diversity that
is human sexuality, and the idea that sex should be private and censored is
exactly what needs to be done away with. There's nothing stopping the
student from making up a story for their assignment or pretending they
masturbated, and they aren't being forced to do anything. Telling your
students they have to masturbate is on the border, but if he provides an
alternate assignment then that's fine.

Author roos staals (4 days)
3:33 'probably lying', that's really unthoughtful of you, I must say. You
can't just judge people like that. You find it completely normal to do it a
lot, maybe she doesn't. Maybe she doesn't enjoy it, or maybe she just
doesn't care. -.- geez

Author Daniel McIntyre (17 days)
But what was the class supposed to be about? 

Author Julie Turcios-Avila (20 days)
This is perversion at its best, teachers get off giving these classes?? And
is it a way to making people into perverts the legal way??
I'm glad I didnt go to that college oh wait, maybe its a pervert college,
yeah thats it. 

Author charlie alexander (8 days)
It's invasion of privacy. It crossed ethical and moral as well religious
and personal lines. And all that is none of his business, let a girl ask
me, and I'll tell the lady, not a teacher who grades me and determines my
future in college.

Author Jonathan Guy (15 days)
The young tards stroke again

Author simsniper (4 days)
Of corse it's a mans fault. Even if it's the woman doing the action. Women
are never responsible for their actions in the eyes of the law.

Author recniabsal (19 days)
Just flag the video for being misleading and they'll remove it or change
the picture we clicked on. I just flagged them. 

Author Petrov Bullafarht (18 days)

Author Bryan Snyder (6 days)
If you don't want to have to engage in these things, then don't sign up for
the fucking sex course! It's that simple.

Author Logan Behrends (2 days)
thumbnail isnt in the vid, flagged for misleading 

Author Lauren Lucas (9 days)
Ummmmmm juices all in the set but if it's sex ed then ummmm

Author Dodo Reale (25 days)
Is this real? LGBT and their Gender ideology should leave children and kids
out of their agenda. Not to mention an Obama's supporter who's now in
prison, with pedofilia charges. The professor is guilty, the school is
guilty, LGBT people should be ashamed. 

Author Terri Robison (2 months)
What is TYT University and Mr. Kubistant needs to be fired along with the
When are Americans going to wake up. The Small minority of the RICH are
controlling all the rest of us non-rich with no clout. They see a world
for the rich and another world (being created right now) for the less
educated, i.e., less money in their pockets (minimum wage earners with no
chances for advancement), dumb you down so as to have no intelligent
opinions on subject matter because the schools today are not developing the
curriculums necessary to aid the students in intelligent learning. ..

Author Ian Krajewski (9 days)
i feel like i couldnt write 250 words describing my sexual experience other
than " it felt great" followed by the lyrics to "I just had sex" by Lonely
Island Ft Akon hahaaha. but aside from that, it just seems completely wrong
on having students do that.

Author Artemis A (9 days)
That is one sick instructor - using his power to play out his fantasies on
his class. they are being manipulated by this sick idiot. I would just walk
out and file a complaint.

Author Mack Savage (1 day)
It's college, if you don't like the class, don't take it.

Author hino823 (9 days)
B.S!! if i ever saw a woman jerking off in public i would jump her bones
and females know that that is why this is impossible

Author KoivuTheHab (26 days)

So fucking hilarious!

Author Lisa Daly (23 days)
Forced? No one was forced to take this class. They wanted to. It is not a
requirement. Also, as an atheist, I find this crazy too. Don't act like it
is because of atheists or gays. Ask any random atheist or homosexual if
they would take this class I'm sure the answer is no.

Author BTLFAEN (13 days)
Man, Penthouse Magazine now is college credit. These f**king idiots.

Author Gameatronium (25 days)
Today someone were sitting behind me and they were obviously watching porn,
and i suddenly heard a ZIP.
Then one of them said "look how big it is".
I were sitting there and thinking omg how could the teachers not see this.
One of them said " i came really good one time"
I said to myself " shit they are actyally fapping.
I then heard heavy breathing and groaning.
I felt small bumps in the seat i was sitting on.
Then one of them said omg i think im cumming and i thought nooooooo plz
this is weird enough as it is.
Then we moved to another place so my class and me walked out but i saw that
he had a jacket over his (thingy).
So yeah i had a weird school day

Author Joe Namath (8 days)
White people are weird but I'm a superbowl champion so it dosent matter!

Author cat thornberg (9 days)
I'd write a whole essay about banging the professor's mother. 

Author J S R Lasher (9 days)
Is this course for real? Only in bloody, xenophobic, circumcised America. 

Author Moonsrayven Lunerstorm (20 days)
This is a Human Sexuality class that was chosen by this student. There was
a syllabus and no one entered the class by force, she actually paid for the
class and could have left and any time. 

Author Lizbeth Rojas (6 days)
dios mio que orror esa niña se parece a un baron porque eso lo asen los

Author 2112foru (10 days)
This is just sick perversion.... period. Oh wait liberalism at its best, I
am talking about those who post you are anti porn and against sexual
exploration blah blah blah... ...THIS IS SCHOOL YOU DUMB
##$(#$(#($((#$((!!!!!!!!!! .Our society is truly doomed until we get a
grip... oh wait the same people who are saying we are anti porn etc are
supporting those who cut off heads in the name of religion because "That's
their culture".. My god what have we become, yep I said it, my GOD what
have we become.

Author AntiIlluminati489 (1 month)
who really needs a course on human sexuality

Author Thomas Bisset (17 days)
of all the questions posed, the 'describe any sexual abuse' is the only one
that is totally inappropriate.

Author Desiree Longbottom (13 days)
I started of on HowToBasic's rainbow cake video..... I am now here.....

Author Jhonandrew Cenizal (3 days)
Hi. I'm jhon Andrew just watch on the movie ....

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