Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on TYT University.

Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have taken a course like this in college? Let us know!

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Author Battlescar Night Fury (1 day)
That's so stupid! People shouldn't be forced to jack off!! Their should be
a lawsuit!! Sue them!!

Author jhhwild (5 months)
I probably would have liked that course. But I probably wouldn't have had
enough past sexual experiences to write about (zero, foreveralone)...plenty
of fantasies though. Also how the hell would the teacher tell whether or
not the students were telling the truth? I mean what keeps the students
from just making shit up?

I would have signed up for the class in so I could get laid, lol.

Author zweihand (1 month)
Thumbs down for false thumbnail. Will thumbs-up when the source of that
thumbnail has been provided.

Author Carlos S (3 months)
The video's thumbnail is just for views... right? right?

Author EMW Pitt (5 months)
This woman and man are both so childish. You should probably leave the
room so the grown ups can have a conversation. I mean, that's what the
course was about. Why turn a practical study into a freak show? People
are so ignorant sometimes. Just because you're a sick pervert it doesn't
mean everyone else is. And besides, what if the teacher was in fact
asexual? Would that change your idea of him?

Get real. This is beyond heinous. People should be free to take a course
on whatever subject they want to without any objection from
nonparticipants. It's not your study so stfu because YOUR opinion doesn't
matter. Grow up.

Author d0xxi (6 months)
innocent high...

Author duo1666 (7 months)
Its a human sexuality course. It involves sex. It involves exploring sexual
tendencies. You are a human. I say hes innocent.

Author Sweence (6 months)
Masturbation is fine as long as you don't let it get out of hand.

Author XCS (22 days)
Americans will sue you for anything. Dude was just tryna be funny. The 60
years old student is just mad she still dick starved.

Author FightForUtopia (6 months)
Someone who is prudish about sexuality shouldn't be taking a sexuality

Author OCSleazy (4 months)
The class is about human sexuality. how can you properly teach about
sexuality without talking about sexuality. someone please tell me how to
teach and learn sexuality without researching primary or secondary sources.
Asking the students to masturbate is wrong, but talking about sexual
experiences in a sex class is fair enough. 

Author Alex Lesher (6 months)
Sounds like a good class to me! It definitely change the pace up from my
hard engineering classes, haha! I'm sorry that you idiots arent comfortable
with your sexuality.

Author Megan green (1 month)
What about the school allowing that? Or am I wrong? This is kinda a gray
area idk

Author Caldorian (3 months)
Lol.. TYT propaganda is always such a huge fail. Just look at the down

Author prufenful (3 months)
I'd get an A in this class dude

Author Naamtar (6 months)
It's not like the Government forces this on you to garner an education
acceptable of society - every student here could have told the teacher they
are uncomfortable and opted out, then gone to a new class.

I have had a ton of shit that is highly offensive happen in college, as a
Disabled Veteran I watched a Political Science teacher step on, and burn an
American flag - then proceed to tell us how to appropriately kill the
majority of the House and Senate in a singular place.

I didn't go file a law suit because my sensibilities were offended, and I
could have at any time told the teacher to fuck off and walked out of the

That's the beauty of college - you are not FORCED to be there. You are an
ADULT garnering knowledge beyond that of a standard education to better
yourself and open your mind, so that you are deemed dedicated enough to
earn better than minimum wage.

Author DastardlyMuffins (5 months)
What a useless class. What the fuck is the point of all that?

Author yynnmmbb (2 months)
god, people are such fucking soft pussies. grow up, realize what you signed
up for.

Author millionmarch (5 months)
This guy is being promoted by the national teachers association to create
class courses for high school from what the rumor mill has put out. This
means teenagers will soon be doing this in High School. If that proves
successful, then it will go down to grade school. Children will soon be
growing hair on their hands.

Author PonygamesPinkiepie (3 months)
I do NOT want to explain My sex life to My teacher.... EVER! I don't want
people to know what I do in My bedroom every night! Oh shit did I just give
it away 0_0

Author Tammy wade (7 months)
I actually don't believe this story, because I don't think any college
would allow such a thing to go on, on campus.

Author Jessica McCormick (5 months)
OMG, this is ridiculous. This is a "Human SEXuality" Course. Obviously the
Professor is going to want to include personal experiences and fantasies.

One, because it makes the material relatable.

Two, because discussing your kinks in class with a Human Sexuality
Professor can help you feel less weird about your desires.

Three, because pretty much the main place to get new sexual information is
from the minds of regular people. What better place to get new and unheard
of sexual preferences from?

This Professor is 100% NOT GUILTY. If sexual stuff is likely to offend you,
or embarrasses you, then why the *** would you enroll in "Human Sexuality"?
I can't think of a major that would require it except things like "Sex
Therapist", and if you're that prudish, you shouldn't be interested in
becoming one!

You enrolled, knowing you're a prude, in a class ALL ABOUT SEX!!! Your
fault 100% of the time, no exceptions.

Love and light. :)

Author Monster Movie Maniac (4 months)
I honestly didn't see any problem with the class. The teacher was just
having fun with the whole "You're going to need to bring a second pair of
pants" and "I'll increase your sexual urges." If kids can't take a joke,
we're living in a world that's WAY too stern. 

Author Ima Koala-biyaatch (6 months)
What the actual fuck

Author Billy Collins (2 months)
that sucked big time

Author Evol Bob (3 months)
One way to get 22 million hits.

Author fawdown (7 months)
After taking a similarly titled class, and doing some research into other
college's offerings, what this prof is doing is rather creepy. A class
like this is an exploration of the subject in general, from the factual to
the opinion. If it is thorough, it will include cultural items and taboos.
It should be talking about the common and obscure and if a students wants
to add something personal, then they are free to do so. Making a full
disclosure of your sexual activity as mandatory is not appropriate and you
really have to wonder what he is doing with the info when he is sitting at
home all alone.

Author Richard Vickery (3 months)
I have to completely defend the professor: making the course so intimately
personal is the best way to make students remember the material.

Author Ragging Scorpion (3 months)
I think the priorities of these reporters were a tad skewed. They seemed
more offended about certain things than others which could be seen as
equally offensive. Why, for instance, is it okay to make students talk
about homosexual outings or phases, and not when one lost one's virginity,
or really anything on that list of questions. Some of the things mentioned
in this video were certainly left-field, but I think there's some
arbitration issues here.

Author ChickenRotor (1 month)
You're taking a course in Human Sexuality, what the fuck did you expect,
I'm still having trouble comprehending that this is a real course and why a
60 year old woman is taking it.

Author Rev55 (1 month)
This gos inline with everything in common core sex education.

If your okay with any of this than your concious has been seared like with
a hot poker, bro. None of this is okay check out this documentary about sex
ed in comon core from kindergarten to 12th grade. Yes everything they
discussed in this college class to 5 year olds.

YouTube video: satanically sexualized kids 2014
(Dont worry its not a Christian video)

I mean its no wonder kids go on shooting sprees, they get tought from the
age of 5 right and wrong is relative and morality doesnt exist, but instead
of adressing the problem we blame the tools instead of the system that
makes monsters.

God help us.

Author klrdotorg (6 months)
Libtards criticizing academic libtards. Love it.

Author Angel fourwings (4 months)
Now everyone as you we approach the bottom of the internet barrel if you
turn to your left you will see the sexual humor and sex news channels. They
actually are still running due to the never ending spawning of pubescent
idiots on the internet.

Author moses romo (3 months)
Say Nevada right you dumshit

Author Andres Lozano (6 months)
What a bunch of prudes.. It's a college class about human sexuality. This
is the type of setting where this this should be explored. And that guy in
the back commenting about "teacher manual".. Dude! is a university, not
high school! Seriously, what a bunch of immature prudes.

It's very simple: It's an elective college course. If you're a prude and
have hang-ups, then don't enroll in it. And if you do and begin to feel
uncomfortable, then DROP THE CLASS. Jesus, people, grow the f.. up!!

Author Cheshire Kat (6 months)
Oh for the love one "forced" these stupid kids to do any of this.
All that they had to do, was tell the teacher, "Go to hell", walk over to
the Dean's/Chancellor's office, report the pervert, and get him fired.
And if that doesn't work, tell the Dean/Chancellor, that if he/she doesn't
fire the guy, that you will go to the cops and/or the media.
Trust me, it works.

Author KRUDDYMUSICIAN (4 months)
Well the girl took the class. She signed up for it. 

Author Dakota Mehus (3 days)
Ib wanna go here

Author Angela Suschena (3 days)
I don't think this merits a lawsuit, but they should at least let her
withdraw without a black mark on her transcript.

Author keyblader007 (12 days)
I bet if the professor was female they wouldn't be called a pervert.
Probably be call innovative and strong willed...

Sexist BS.

Author Battlescar Night Fury (1 day)
That's so stupid! People shouldn't be forced to jack off!! Their should be
a lawsuit!! Sue them!!

Author Evasius (2 months)
...that poor janitor

Author Cali Gurl (15 days)
I took an human sexuality and there is a reason why the professor wanted
those paticular questions answered. Except we didnot masurbate, though.

Author chris (16 days)
I think there was a logical disconnect. he's not "gathering the sexual
fantasies of his students". He likely doing this in a way that is
evaluative of their understanding of the lessons. BUT, I'm not a college
professor, so I don't have a fucking clue.

Author mike vike (22 days)
TYT is this news? All you guys report is bullshit. You're a wannabe TMZ...

Author Saviyon (25 days)
Hey, he said masturbate twice as much as you would in a week, so just say
you masturbate 0 times a week and you can't get an F on the assignment.

Author XXXGaaraFan2013XXX69 (28 days)
Thumbs down for false thumbnail!

Author DOYLERULES69X (1 month)
I had to masturbate in class once, I don't know that I'd say it was forced
though, I mean it was a pretty boring science class, but forced just seems
like the wrong word.

Author simplethunder (2 months)


I laugh in the face of the people who need someone to TELL them to

Oh how you're missing out son.

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