Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

Masturbation... now on your college syllabus. Students were forced to masturbate, write detailed sexual fantasy journals, and reveal details about their sexual past, homosexual experimentation, and other graphic sexual details for their Human Sexuality course, according to a lawsuit. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian debate whether this lawsuit has merit, on TYT University.

Is this Human Sexuality professor guilty? Or should they let him go? Are any of these requirements acceptable? Are any over the line? Would you have taken a course like this in college? Let us know!

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Author Sinisbal (1 month)
Like I am surprised by this? All homo propaganda bullshitters trying to
push the whole world into their own perversion. Of course their main attack
was kids. First the Bibles out of schools so that there is no more moral
compass and then second, all power onto sexual feelings and how mighty they
are- all geared to enslave kids to feelings and never reach their maturity
and self control. That way teens become more prone to go to bed with anyone.
Perverts and bigots, who shout "don't tell us how to live!" yet those same
people push and shove their agenda onto the whole world AND on top of that
they show us their real love by stomping on any opinion that does not hold
the finger in their ass.
Good, good, what goes around comes around.

Author Justin Zhou (2 months)

Author Christopher Brown (1 month)
Holy Fucking Shit, who ever Sub-Titled this is a 'RETARD', if you
Sub-Titled this, you do 'not' deserve to be around normal people, could you
seriously not write down what was clearly being said, then you really need
to go back to pre-school (you know what, not even that, if your vocabulary
is this bad, you ether are A: a foreigner who does not speak english, or B:
a retarded person)

Author DeAdPo0l (6 days)
HOW DID I GET HE--oh right. i was watching southpark and saw a girl with
her hand in her pants and clicked the thumbnail. 

Author DethOfDrgnz (1 month)
Just taking a course in Human Sexuality sounds like a total waste of money.
Unless your getting into the porn industry which no degree is needed you
just need to be hot, there is no practical use for a Human Sexuality
course. Just something to sucker young people to pay for because they are
all horny when they are young so lets sell them a useless course that will
never get you a job in the real world.

Author Darkstar Wolfe (2 months)
That's so stupid! People shouldn't be forced to jack off!! Their should be
a lawsuit!! Sue them!!

Author XCS (3 months)
Americans will sue you for anything. Dude was just tryna be funny. The 60
years old student is just mad she still dick starved.

Author skillcoiler (28 days)
Why is a 60 year old taking any college class much less a sexuality

Author yynnmmbb (5 months)
god, people are such fucking soft pussies. grow up, realize what you signed
up for.

Author JayBirge (2 days)
I don't understand what the guy is guilty of??? It's a human sexuality
college class, what did this student think he was going ask them study??? I
wonder if she would signed up for a figure drawing class, would she freak
out what parts they had draw even though THEY HER BEFORE SIGNING UP!!!

And I know this TYT chick is ditzy and she makes arguments that don't
follow logic, but she is a looker so not many guys are going to call her
out so she is likely never checked on her bullshit. So I
understand.......... Why is some fictional political career a valid reason
not to explore who you might actually be sexually??? Because your
aspirations might need you to be an outright liar one day kids you
shouldn't do anything I would ashamed of even if it actually interest you.

Being shamed for things that don't matter to anyone but you and your spouse
is a terrible addiction of this countries politic, nice to know ditzy is
such a filthy slut she couldn't entertaining being respected if you knew
her history or fantasies.

Author PonygamesPinkiepie (5 months)
I do NOT want to explain My sex life to My teacher.... EVER! I don't want
people to know what I do in My bedroom every night! Oh shit did I just give
it away 0_0

Author Catrina Botelho (2 months)
who knows when the urge just hits you and you have the urge to slip your
hands into your jeans and between your thighs

Author Smither Sink (2 days)
Oh my god! This is so ridiculous, you can just tell that this professor is
a total perv!

Author Nathan Cox (1 day)
Welcome to the world of academia. If you're not willing to participate in a
class that's fine, but in a college class specifically regarding human
sexuality you have to expect a lot of uncomfortable questions; the field
practically specializes in them. I see no problem with this. 

Author rhonda roo (1 day)
Wrong in so many ways 

Author Wizard ducklett (4 days)

Author CptMole (18 days)
I masturbate 24/7 how am I supposed to double that?

Author zweihand (3 months)
Thumbs down for false thumbnail. Will thumbs-up when the source of that
thumbnail has been provided.

Author Jon Foster (9 days)
"Like"...."totally"...??? Ana, you need to rethink your vocabulary. Count
the "likes"... I stopped at 5. And she doubles them up at 03:50 .

Author Kanji Watada (15 days)
Click bait preview. Thumbs down.

Author rufftuffduff (19 days)

Dere u guys go :D
Teh video thumbnail

Author Euzifyy (21 day)
Lol Calgary Flames hat in the background...

Author Evelyn Soto (24 days)
the professor should be fired . that is personal information. he should be
sued by all of his students.

Author Monster Movie Maniac (6 months)
I honestly didn't see any problem with the class. The teacher was just
having fun with the whole "You're going to need to bring a second pair of
pants" and "I'll increase your sexual urges." If kids can't take a joke,
we're living in a world that's WAY too stern. 

Author Kettz (29 days)
this is probably the dumbest idea I've seen in this current internet
session... moving on...

Author Chaz Z (28 days)
The guy did highjack your segment. Only he did make the best point.

Author StandUp (1 month)
Professor tried to show us a side to reality nothing bad about that. ;)
He wanted a Census and exploration of human nature. :)
Hey if someone told me to write about my sexual experiences and i wouldn't
want too.
Just comment and tell the professor how wrong it is, and the logic behind

No reason to blame an "excited man" to inspire his students with what they
got themselves into.
Damn the world needs to be more flexible to many things. :/
He stayed on topic! :D

Author Megan green (4 months)
What about the school allowing that? Or am I wrong? This is kinda a gray
area idk

Author Daquan Allison (1 month)
I mean from a anthropological view, the teacher didn't actually go that
far. You're supposed to as subjects deep questions that will give some
interesting data to share. So as a professor, it should be fare to ask that
the students get the same treatment. They should understand what feeling
may show when dealing with the public especially when asking sensitive
questions as such. It could help them in the long run. 

Author FoolyLeKooly (1 month)
Nah, there all over 18 and there nt "forced" to they choose to. 

Author Rayvon Guillén (1 month)
Wow, what a fucking dumb bitch. Grandma signs up for a sex course, then
gets mad when she has to talk about sex. Wtf? If it was me I'd be like

Author Cece DeAnn (1 month)
Teacher is out of line

Author David Hereaux (2 months)
I'm not sure anyone noticed but, the sign on the door said, **SEX CLASS**.

Author yoyosdrums (17 hours)
Why didn't they just drop the class if they didn't want to do the shit or
feel uncomfortable this is like a bull shit argument and it sounds more
like a self psychological study as well where students are experimenting
and evaluating themselves instead of the alternative of trying to get
volunteers and getting them to perform these tasks and tell there sexual

Author Patrick Jenkins (2 days)
Dafuq college class ??! Super f**ked up !

Author Ismail Aboufirass (3 days)
I have a question, what the fuck are you going to do with a degree in human
How will you make the world a better place?

Author PrejudicePotatoe (8 days)
Wut the fuk. 

Author Liam MCcoin (4 days)
Whare did the fucking thumbnail

Author dave 101 (23 hours)
why can they make opinion?

Author Sara Hassan (10 days)

Author eyeamcb (1 day)
I only disliked this because I hate deceptive click bait videos. Be
straight up about what your video is, don't throw some stock photo of a
college girl fingering herself and instead the video is two dorky white
kids chatting on Al Gore's set.

Author Lolicon Leftist (9 days)
Its stupid that he was forced to masterbate but i dont see why it was a
big deal and at the same time people take human anotmy way to seriously it
feel so good to cum and releave yourself heck id rather be forced to
masturbate then do boring papper work but production to socity is important
while jacking off is done at your own time. 

Author warren garrison (1 day)
no wonder you fucking little liberals are so screwed up. You sit for long
periods of time under the guidance of these godless sons of bitches, damn!!

Author spaceshi1984 (5 days)
Westerners need to purify their sacral chakras ;]

Author Msanna babyy (5 days)
Did nobody else notice all the mistakes on the subtitles.? Most of it
didn't match up with what the person was actually saying..

Author Robby Potter (4 days)
Where can I join this class? Just kidding. This should be a personal
matter. I would never let anyone coerce me into something that in my mind
would be embarrassing to my character. It might be alright for a few of
the population but I believe for the majority it would be a private matter.
I can see that our society is hesitant in allowing our sexuality to become
public. I wouldn't want my children to think that because its a natural
physical desire that it would be alright to do something like this in

Author captainamerica1965 (4 days)
watching this made me yawn time for some naps not sex

Author Crystal Blue (16 days)
Totally NOT! Ew. I would be so mad if I had to take this class in order to
graduate. Jeez!

Author Shawn Eaton (9 days)
I would have flunked it, I have no sexual past, almost 40, still a virgin,
no contact with anyone what so ever, not even a kiss.

Author David Proctor (8 days)
IMO if you are taking a Human SEXUALITY course it is to specifically learn
about human sexuality. Some may be more progressive then others but i
personally believe that those topics have everything to do with the class
as these are the things studied (sexual abuse, masturbation, etc) in order
for us to learn about human sexuality. if its too much for you then drop
the class.

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