Lao Song, Luang Prabang

Lao Karaoke from my Potau Khamvene

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Author laosguy405 (4 years)
music cut off some time but good song i like it thanks

Author thonglung (4 years)
nej puas nco peb lawm os H M O N G PEB TSEEM NCO NEJ KAWG OS HMOOB MUAS
LOOB AW....!

Author alexmamon100 (2 years)

Author Tomas Gulas (6 years)
OK, This is not song from Sombat, this song is called Luang Prabang. Potau
khoi pen kon Luang Prabang.

Author bounang (4 years)
ຂຽນ ວັດທະນະທຳ ແບບນີ້ແມ່ນບໍ່ຖືກ ທຳອັນນີ້ ແມ່ນ ເຕະ ຢຽບ ເພີນຂຽນແບບນີ້ ວັທນະທັມ
ແມ່ນມາຈາກ ທັມມະ ທັມໂມ. ແມ່ນ ຄວາມດີ ຄວາມຊອບ...

Author apochi4179 (6 years)
Tomasgulas, the song refers about a river named 'NumKarn'. Do you know what
means 'Karn' here? It is referred to the Great Khan of Genghis Khan.

Author Tomas Gulas (6 years)
I really don't know. I'm not very familiar with Lao culture or history, but
thank you! i'm learning

Author apochi4179 (6 years)
He is Koviseth ShumLorng. Not know, is he relative of Koviseth. I have at
least five disks of him. That Tard Mharq Moar is Tard MharqU. It means the
Universe, and according to Pumpkin Legend, citizens of Laos were from the
MharqU:First born, Thai. Brown because God used hot chisel to open a hole
for the Thais. Then God used cool chisel to open new hole for the Pai of
the king family. The Pai are minority in Yunnan. In Laos, their own nation.
Thank you.

Author Kaytee Philly (5 years)
I can read Lao too, but can't speak too much yet. I thought I was the only

Author 7zevra7 (2 years)
Oh my god! I listened this song when I was traveling from Luang Prabang to
Viantiane in a Lao bus! Very good experience there! The landscape was so
beautifull during 10h inside the hills!

Author Thongdee THOR (1 year)
kho siab kawg

Author Long Khang (5 years)
continue from the top if you don't believe me that clearly go look at this
one. she is Lao lady who sings about Luang Prabang too but the writing are
in Thai and the writing are same as the Lao writing too. Here's the title
call in the girl version: Pleng Luang Pra Bang Meung Ngam.

Author Tomas Gulas (6 years)
wow, you are very knowledgable on Laos. I've learned to read lao, but i
cannot speak, yet, i will learn to speak more when I finish college when i
have more time. but i'm really glad that i can read Lao.

Author wanavong (5 years)
i want to go to laungprabang i like laungprabang life culture.every pepoe

Author thonglung (4 years)
Luang Prabang is my home land I have leave my home land almost 33 year from
now. when I listen this song it turn me back to my younger boy. I hope one
day I will be there great song

Author apochi4179 (6 years)
Oh, Tomasgulas, there are so many Lao-related people living abroad as
myself. Every day I open tubes like this and find old and new things about
Laos. Many Lao words relating to English because the Lao came from the
region around Grece in older times. You know Laocoon? In Roma now. This too
is related to Lao-kun in Yunnan. Thank you for telling about Ko-viseth, the
singer of Char-dtree.

Author 駒木利光 (3 months)

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