Van Damme - Kickboxer (2)

An edit I made of Van Dammes movie: Kickboxer

This is the second part of two in my Van Damme Kickboxer edit, if you enjoy the first part stick around for this.

No fancy editing as per usual, just served straight up!

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Author boss66914 (3 years)
@GckVenezuela the movie name kickboxer

Author Elton Novais (1 year)

Author shogun2monkey2 (2 years)
what is this tae kwon do

Author vlatko pavlov (2 years)

Author Arda Tunc (1 year)
yean and wesley snpes,jackie chan,vin diesel,the rock,mark dacascos,michael
jai and tony jaa EXPENDABLES :)

Author Jean Pol Aguilera (1 year)

Author asasaa1120 (1 year)

Author cayu2008 (3 years)

Author AlbostyleG (1 year)
Noksu kao, noksu kao. Epic movie. Love it and Im getting a blu ray version.
They must have released it or they will.

Author Jorge Rodríguez Sánchez (1 year)
Fuck i danced like that once in a party and let me tell ya it works i got a
girl inmediately hahaha

Author shogun2monkey2 (2 years)
what is that mma

Author Simon0 (1 year)
2:06 - 2:10 that bit is the same as the fight with Paco from bloodsport.

Author abonier baran (1 year)
Yuri boyka ist besser

Author Diana L (2 years)
Just love those fast punches at 4:10.

Author Chris (2 years)
@BlitzkriegATX Not really a dick move. Freddy Lee did order the raid on
Xian's place, probably said nothing about Tong-Po raping Mai Lee. That and
he was just a dick in general.

Author MiskoMalaMasina (2 years)
whats the name of the song in the beginning? thanks.

Author ZroDfects (2 years)
You must be faster than any punch or any kick, that way, won't get hit!

Author Richard Stanaway (2 years)

Author fatin chucky (1 year)
last part♥

Author woodavid1 (2 years)
Agree but fuck it he was drunk

Author martialbeast (2 years)
i love this oarthe is super drunk dancing and fighting

Author annemariekerietvelt (1 year)

Author scottbrodiebam (1 year)
Best movie ever JCVD is king!

Author blackjohnny0 (1 year)
I think it was best Van Damme movie.

Author raheelpal (2 years)
Round kick. His famous signature move in all movies. Bloodsport and
Kickboxer. I like this one. Looks like Ryu or Ken Round Kick.

Author gmshadowtraders (1 year)

Author Zed Smith (3 years)
What's the name of this movie?

Author DARKE0111 (2 years)
ارجل واحد فاندام

Author BlitzkriegATX (2 years)
@GckVenezuela 0/10 It's in the title AND the fucking description. Nobody
can be that stupid.

Author Paul Gaviria (1 year)
Fucked his ass up!

Author afetmez42 (2 years)
hahahhahahah !!!

Author Michael Gomez (2 years)
dame his kicks are so nasty!! nd by nasty i mean it in a good way

Author leonardo oliveira (1 year)
Muito fraco esse van damme. se fosse na vida real nunca ganharia de tong

Author pera12316 (2 years)
Oled ti t poya

Author TheGrandPix (2 years)
5:26 <3333333333333

Author aramiskain (3 years)
AHAHAHAAH!!! Baddest JCVD scene ever!!

Author freestep mund (2 years)

Author Jorge Rodríguez Sánchez (2 years)
damn the way he had to train before was awesome, one of my favourite movies
from van damme knock su kao fucking great thanks for upload this movie

Author Jason Candelaria (1 year)
Is this suppose to be kickboxing or tae kwon do? Lol

Author Louisyongcool2328 (2 years)
chun li kick

Author Ricardo Ontiveros (1 year)
8:03 lmao

Author MrPowerKid11 (3 years)
Were is part 3

Author Richard Cerio (1 year)
This whole movie was shot in god mode.

Author Felice Jordan (1 year)
My favorite JCVD movie...

Author RvLClan (2 years)
omg this is pathetic -_- check this out:

Author Steven Victores (1 year)
Come out of the closet Jean.

Author Steven Victores (1 year)

Author shogun2monkey2 (2 years)
3.12 rise from thun gundo

Author antrax51719 (2 years)

Author Alzira Pinto (1 year)
van damme nao e fraco, tu e quem nao manja nada de luta.

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