Julie Andrews as Queen Guinevere in Camelot

Pictures of Julie Andrews and Richard Burton essentially. Photo shoots and on set. (1961)

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Author Araboth Watson (4 years)
Thought marcy wouuld like this.

Author 1Hannah730 (6 years)
oh, ok. That makes much more sense. thanks. =]

Author Schrotter0512 (4 years)
Oh, I really would have liked to see that how! It must have been marvelous!
:-) A real Broadway treasure. In 1:00 Julie looks a bit like the Austrian
actress Romy Schneider in one of the Sissi-Movies...

Author NightBear01 (5 years)
Well, the first part is the song "Camelot" and the second song is called
"How to handle a woman". What is odd is that neither one is sang my
Guinevere, but by Arthur. I'm not sure where they found the recording.

Author stoob48 (4 years)
Julie is a real gift to us. What voice!

Author Corinn Keene (2 years)
There is more to this. Where is it??

Author MANUEL FARINELLI (3 years)
Really beautiful Miss Andrews.. I saw another "Camelot" with Richard
Harris..nothing comparable with this great group of actors "Mr. Burton" and
"Mr. Goulet" always will be remembered as Camelot Stars!

Author 1Hannah730 (6 years)
Im a little confused. this recording sounds like her in her older years,
she was much higher sounding when she was as old as she was in the
show/pictures(when she was younger). Her voice deepened with age to this
sound. Can someone plz explain this to me? Thanks. When was this recording?
This isnt the original cast recording, right?

Author aspottedrabbit (5 years)
But the surgery was in 1997, so when was this song actually recorded? I'm
still kind of confused.

Author Drelnis (5 years)
What is this song called? Is this just titled Camelot? Is there any other
versions out there on Youtube?

Author JudgeJulieLit (3 years)
@MANUELFARINELLI Yes ... and having optimally plaudited Julie and Richard
Burton, any of us who've heard Robert Goulet's superb vocal acting and
singing on the cd soundtrack of this original Broadway show of Camelot can
agree that his "C'est Moi!" and "Cam-e-lot" (song announcing his bold
arrival from France, to answer the Round Table's any challenges) are
definitively the BEST possible renditions ... he OWNS these songs! And from
these YTube photos of him as Lancelot, superbly handsome &French!

Author bethanys93 (6 years)
Love it, thank you!

Author Schrotter0512 (5 years)
Wow, there were many pictures I've never sen before! Nice video :)

Author DarlingJulie10135 (6 years)
so beautiful...sigh great slideshow <3

Author friendswithbenefit22 (3 years)
beautiful! sublime, thank you so much!! there's only one Julie Andrews!! :)

Author J DeJan (3 years)
She never actually sang this as part of the play. She did a number of the
tunes but these are mostly Richard Burton's tunes.

Author cilrogers (3 years)
@mnclmcq This is three years after your comment, but although this song is
from 2001 album it was recorded most likely in 1993 before her throat
surgery. It was definitely one that was recorded after her range changed
and not during the run of this on Broadway. I love to listen to her as her
voice matured and had more warmth. No other voice equalled that of Julie
Andrews! Thanks for posting this beautiful rendition of a lovely song by a
wonderful lady!

Author mnclmcq (6 years)
This song is part of her 2001 album called: classical julie classical
broadway. I hope this had help you.

Author mnclmcq (5 years)
The song is called Camelot and I don't think there's any other version.

Author mpharris88 (5 years)
After all this time of knowing Julie Andrews, I'd still slip her a crippler
without a second's thought. We love you, Julie.

Author mylesag2 (3 years)
God, most of those Tony Duquette costumes of the original Broadway
production look so tacky and bargain-store basement.

Author JudgeJulieLit (3 years)
@Drelnis You can on YouTube see and hear a brief clip (from the 1961 tv Ed
Sullivan Show ) of actor Richard Burton as King Arthur singing "Camelot" to
Julie Andrews as his soon Queen Guinevere. In the musical play, she does
not sing any of Arthur's songs such as "Camelot" and "How To Handle a
Woman." On the clip on this YT page we're now on, we hear Julie (yes,
perhaps much later in life) singing these songs, apparently as she recorded
on a solo album. Is a cd of this Bway Camelot soundtrack.

Author Pikajane (6 years)
Julie Andrews has such a natural beauty and simple elegance to her...

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