CrossFire VN - KAC Chainsaw

Yet another LMG introduced to CF Universe, this time we actually got a good one - KAC Chainsaw is the best among Ultimax 100 and Colt M16A3. While it has a rather unusual design, this gun comes equipped with silencer, good firepower and 100 rounds magazine - you can easily hunt down the Ghost without bothering your teammates. Being a LMG, this gun is lighter than most other MG, and it has surprisingly good accuracy (Slightly higher than M249 Minimi). Even though the reloading is a bit slow, this gun will help you in any situation, be it Ghost, ZM or MM/HM/HMX.

Initially I thought this gun was overpriced again like the Ultimax 100, but after trying it out, I gotta admit that it's worth winning off Black Market due to its superior stats - trust me, if anyone can get this gun, it'll be a disaster for the Ghosts and Mutants. Anyway, thanks to ShirunaiOkami again, I was able to try this gun and make this video (Though, Shirunai himself got to play another account that's entrusted to him for the montage video and I gave him 50 vcoin to stock up the ammo). This run is quite a mess because everyone continuously tries to borrow this gun, plus I didn't get much luck either - but I got a full run at last.

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Author Thi Truong (1 month)
Cay nay minh quay dc khoang 10qua

Author Nghia Minh (1 month)
Minh chi nap co 50 ngan ma quay 2 qua lo trung roi sung nay minh quay trung
te 135 vien lan

Author Thăng Chính Trần (4 months)
trừ bắn snip ra cây này đi chế độ nào cũng ngon :3 

Author hoang dieu (1 month)
Chac fai way thoi chiu het noi roi

Author ai cha cha (1 month)
Sao lại có tiếng nga thế nhỉ

Author Nghia Minh (1 month)
Minh chi nap co 50 ngan ma quay 2 qua lo trung roi sung nay minh quay trung
te 135 vien lan

Author Caio Feliciano Muniz (2 months)
rack da merda

Author long son (2 months)
đã dc tét bắn phê hoả lực mạnh nhung van yếu hon rpk ìn pho no 

Author Chủ Và Voòng (4 months)
khau nay muon nhieu dan lai con phai mua bang dan nua quay het cmn tien roi
con gi

Author Duy Tan (4 months)
Mê cây này lắm mà khổ là nghèo với không có tiền mà quay :D

Author SY XDQK (4 months)
kiểm soát tâm ảo chưa hiệu quả tối đa

Author Hoang GP (4 months)
100/600 với max,anh này còn thiếu băng đạn zombie nua,mới lên đc 600.

Author justin Recortos (4 months)
the hand of the fox is like an sov

Author Đỗ Thành Đạt Đỗ (4 months)
cho em hỏi background sound trong clip là thớt bỏ vào game hay quay clip
xong mới lồng vào vậy, nghe đã quá. À mà cho em hỏi luôn là character sound
là classic hay của nước nào ạ, thank thớt trước :')

Author Morghat (6 months)
Wolfenstein !

Author jun grajo (6 months)
WoW :D

Author Putra Anda (7 months)
Emag yg bikin doank yg punya kac chainsaw gw juga punya kali nick Combosien

Author giang nguyen (7 months)
way hết 500k mới được cây KACrb ^^ vkl

Author le duong (7 months)
đùa đấy a

Author David Dimalanta (7 months)
I'm really get the fucked by those envious CrossFire players and very
annoying tried to borrow my rare guns. It bothers me in HM and HMX montage.

Author alex goh (7 months)
Sung j z

Author phuc bao (9 months)
tuong no noi tieng vietchu
ai ngo no noi bang tiengtrung quoc vkl

Author Tuan Le (8 months)
Cây này tui qay 14 trái ra khoái lém lun :p

Author le hiep (9 months)
zome V4 bảo dj san ngu vl

Author Ghi Dinhcong (6 months)
KAC cua thang nay dan beo wa KAC cua tao 135/810

Author Hùng nguyễn (6 months)

Author Tuyet Doan (10 months)
a Ron quay jup e khau Kac dk hk a

Author Hel lfire Gang (1 year)
có j pm tên nhân vật trong cf là:Di_Tim_Quan

Author duong tran (1 year)
cho xin sound cai nay di, tks

Author Gì Nguyễn (1 year)
nhìn bắn sướng wá

Author trungxxx84 (1 year)
Hai hom truoc mjh mua mot qua quay 75độ trung luon.luc do la 7gio toi.mung
het bjet.hj

Author marocngan (1 year)
Cay nay suog that. Ai pit chi mk quay nha

Author USS*G01D1E (1 year)

Author Tuấn Tú Trần (1 year)
kac quay góc mấy vậy Ron

Author Lê Hữu Nghĩa (1 year)
mua thắt lưng và hộp đạn MG rùi mua băng đạn zombie cây này đạn cũng lên dc
600 viên dự trữ đấy nka

Author nam tran (1 year)
pro vai

Author Trieu Tran (1 year)
đúng rùi sao ko cào

Author xgt69 Official (1 year)
tối ngày bắn zom mà có 1 máp một mới vờ lờ :((

Author Minh Nhat (1 year)
Ron. Why are u always reload when the gun have 50... Sorry, my English is

Author Ba Ngo (1 year)
sung ngon nhi!

Author tuan nguyenanh (1 year)
anh ron co khoang bao nhiu sung

Author Hoai Chung Doan (1 year)
cho choi chung woi

Author anh nguyen hoang (1 year)
ban ga sung ma d di san doc thu ....du ma ban ngu

Author tuan nguyen minh (1 year)
Tao quay 30 qua khau nay toan chuot

Author Master Yi (1 year)
cay do kiem dau ra dzay

Author תפוחי וייטנאם (1 year)

Author toan phamvantoan (1 year)
sung dep vl

Author Yang Monster (11 months)
3:36 ngáo vãi

Author tri nguyen (1 year)
neu dc doi nick mg3 lengend lay kac chainsaw dc ko ban

Author Đăng đũ Mai (1 year)
ngu còn đi sủa, về bú mẹ đj chó

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