Guild Wars 2 Thief D/D Roaming WvW Ownage #1

Showing what roaming D/D crit thieves can do in WvW

Montage #1

Build Here:

Music: Infinite Dimension by Mr: Meizong.

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Runtime: 5:21
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Author Marschmallow929 (3 months)
Just killing newbies, not even a single interesting fight. Booooring!

Author djaoadadjam (4 months)
80% of your Fights are 10sec Clips vs. Uplvld guys.

Author Synn (11 months)
lol why didn't you show the other clips when you got raped? 10,000 hp is
not good at all. if u went against a warrior with atleast rare soldier gear
you would easily be overpowered and your attacks would only tickle them.
That's just talking about armor. Not including weapons or trinkets. This is
by far the worst attempt to thief ownage ever considering u kill a lot of
people that aren't even level 80.

Author Christopher Immanuel (8 months)
What is the name of the music from 0:00 till 0:11

Author thibault jacquemart (1 year)
The fact is that this is a WvsW build, for an infiltration and furtivity
fun gameplay, not a pvp build, so read description before talking. Btw, I'm
r47 pvp.

Author St3althTv (1 year)
you can craft it yourself, or get it crafted, or certain dungeon tokens
reward armor with those stats

Author Folficcifreak (1 year)
Really impressive burst damage for single target. I don't see how you can
stand having less than 11k health most of the time though.

Author CarpeDiemEnigma (1 year)
This is a fun build if you are going solo, otherwise, pick something more
team oriented guys. Have fun!

Author St3althTv (1 year)
its the Order of Whispers gear. i transmuted berserker gear to look like it

Author St3althTv (1 year)
when you steal from warriors, you get whirling axe which i assume is the
spinning thing your talking about

Author just4fun620 (1 year)
So I went to your link posted in the description, but it doesn't tell me
the stats of your armor, trinkets, or weapons. What are they? Thanks.

Author Christopher Dankel (1 year)
Liked the vid man, dont worry about the thief haters they going to hate
when they get the stomp lol. but i was going to ask where did you put your
trait points? im building a thief now for wvw and out of all the videos i
liked yours the best but looked through and didnt see you put that up
anywhere.. well if you could help me out would be thankful, either way sick
vid again and haters hate lol

Author St3althTv (1 year)
im using steal to teleport to them

Author St3althTv (1 year)
i understand what you mean about CnD, but in my experience at least, people
lag A TON in wvw, so often if i pop CnD as i Steal, some people end up out
of range/lag forward. I wait a half a second/second to make sure i can get
another step forward to pop CnD, because usually people cant react in time
anyway. As for mesmers and eles, this build can still hit hard enough that
they will most likely be downed off the burst. D/D eles but, if they are
fast enough can pop static shield, and counter it

Author _Brismo (1 year)
im gonna un subscribe man, your vids are too boring, no voice overs or
anything, the game may be fun to play, but WoW, and GW2 are just ass
twitchingly boring to watch. post something interesting like voice overs,
fun commentaries, or find some more fun to watch games, otherwise, im outta
here.. i used to think that you were pretty good, but, its just to boring

Author Christopher Dankel (1 year)
no shit my bad bro didnt even see the more button!! well thanks ;)

Author St3althTv (1 year)
haha yeah, it was awesome. i have some clips where ive hit as high as 15k

Author FlawlessCamper (1 year)
That first guy must have been like. Alright lets...uhm...WTF!!!

Author Hero (1 year)

Author 9volt65 (1 year)
good video, but one complaint; if you're going to put music in a video,
mute the in-game music. listening to a 50 man orchestra and a techno song
at the same time is slightly offputting.

Author soulgrinder28 (1 year)
I love meeting glass cannon build thieves like these as my thief, Free
kills. They rely too strongly on CDs and burst to kill someone.

Author holztisch011 (1 year)
your norn or human?

Author St3althTv (1 year)
all berserker gear. with scholar runes in armor. sigil of air in 1 dagger.
and sigil of bloodlust (if you can afford it) in the other. if you cant
afford bloodlust, go with sigil of force. build is in the description, and
gear is there too if you need

Author Surendra Ananth (1 year)
hello! awesome build..may I know what armour with rune sets are you using?

Author Dius3Megistos (1 year)

Author FlawlessCamper (1 year)

Author Mechrite Snow (1 year)
+ people who are skilled

Author Luca C. (1 year)
lol just look all the boons he got on himself. it would have be strange if
he didn t drop anything good LOL

Author Westhecman (1 year)
I love your videos. I feel like people with commentaries try to sell you
their build, and convince you they're good. Yours is different, as you just
show the action. You don't show a character panel for 8 minutes, then 2
minutes of selected fighting. Your the real deal. With all the videos you
have, there's no way your fighting was specifically selected! Keep up the
great work. P.S.: Love the music. Much better than this screamo crap in
other videos...

Author Catchdown (1 year)
You could further increase your damage by around 10-20% by adding some
serious food and wrench buffs on top of it, too. This went past character
limit unfortunately.

Author JellyPie (1 year)
Same build as the sPvP?

Author Mechrite Snow (1 year)
these fights are against unsuspecting a low levels. much rather watch u
fighting a tough lvl80 who actually dmges u

Author St3althTv (1 year)
yeah, guess i just got lucky :)

Author St3althTv (1 year)
hard attack by vonikk

Author 5133937 (1 year)
Cool, thx. I just got my thief to 80, debating what first exotic set to
get.  How is this build post-C&D nerf?

Author thibault jacquemart (1 year)
Helllo dude, very nice vids, has the build been nerfed? Ty!

Author St3althTv (1 year)
in the description

Author St3althTv (1 year)
i dont know, ive kind of just grown used to it after a while now, and have
adjusted my playstyle accordingly

Author St3althTv (1 year)
thanks :)

Author R4V3N45 (1 year)
Using Berserker's gear I assume?

Author Tacooo (1 year)
what gear and runes did you use?

Author subzero13temp (1 year)
never mind i found it. but your using the berserker armor. where can i get

Author 5133937 (1 year)
Great vid. It looks like you're casting C&D first at range, immediately
followed by Steal, so you appear at the target right as C&D finishes its
.5s cast. So Mug + C&D + BS all hit within less than 1s of each other. Is
that correct?

Author HotsemotseProduct (1 year)
ohh ok

Author Lost Feelings (1 year)
Which Rune did you use? I think the rune of the Thief or of the eagle. And
a better equipment is the Galrath's armor if i see the the Order of
Whispers gear this is a bit better how i think. And nice Ownage

Author Adrien Filippi (1 year)
do you show in the future roamings with other classes ? ps: gg for your
thief's videos it's a plaisure to watch your games

Author Chimaster345 (1 year)
1:03 you lucky fucker

Author Catchdown (1 year)
60-70% of enemies are underleveled and thus suffer from serious
disadvantages. Rest is 1v1 vs similar glass cannons who do not even bother
to use their downed abilities(eh?) Exception is fight versus a warrior who
tries to melee you with rifle(-_-) What no one happens to realise that the
moment your enemy knows where you are, almost anything is going to lay you
down. 10.8 HP and no armor. Not even stealth will save you because it does
not prevent from almost any kind of attacks in gw2.

Author ZGoten (1 year)
What do you think of Shadowstep in this build, instead of Skale Venom?
Also, I would very much appreciate if you could tell us how much power and
crit damage you have.

Author St3althTv (1 year)
steal teleports you to your enemies, and imo, blowing up a target in a
matter of seconds rather than just perma-stealth trolling for minimal
damage if any is more fun

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